121 funny bark puns

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Besides dogs being cute and friendly, they can be fun and funny too. If you are a dog lover you would enjoy the bark puns below.

The bark puns in this article will amuse all dog lovers. The secret to enjoying the bark puns is to have some knowledge about dogs.

Even if you know nothing about dogs, the bark puns below will definitely get you laughing.

bark puns

Bark Puns

1.    You can leave your car when you have a barking lot.

2.    Little people love a dog magician.

3.    What is bark- tastic ? Your dog’s favorite pink Floyd album.

4.    There is a competition called spelling bee.

5.    She already pawsession of a new dog

6.    What did people say to Luke Skywalker’s dog? Luke Skybarker !

7.    She is doing some kind of dog chases. She must really want him.

8.    He bought everything for his dog. Like the dog is cover of vanity fur.

9.    Can I have a pupkin latte with cinnamon please ?

10. He is a perfect student. Always has a pawfect attendance.

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11. What is the name Titanic full of dogs ? A pug boat !

12. He is very sad. He already have a ruff day.

13. Like the songs says, I like big mutts and i cannot lie.

14. I went to go give some blood. Now I’m waiting for my lab reports.

15. He has a lot of fans online. He is a pup-ular dog.

16. My dog never bites. She is such a cute dog.

17. My friend came helped me. Because I’m in a pup-ternity leave.

18. What is the dog favourite writer ? William Shakes-paw !

19. What is the dog’s favourite band ? Bones !!

20. He is always punctual and diciplined. He is like a german sheperd.

21. Bark bark ! Who is there ? Not your dog.

22. I got an puppy. He is a little husky.

23. I love the puppies. They had the cutest little ruff.

24. I had a very ruff ruff day.

25. What is the dog’s breakfast called ? Big round of ap-paws.

26. Cats have the hilarious hatred of bananas.

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27. What do you call a dog that gets its nails done? A fancy dog.

28. I love the dog jokes. I have the pawsome dog puns of all time.

29. Which dog always go to the gym ? a pound dog.

30. Dogs chase after their tall tails. That is called dog catcher.

31. The dog version of Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakes-paw.

32. This golden boy is my furst dog.

33. She has a very good school life. She has a very pawfect attendance.

34. There is a dog in Star wars. It’s called BB-woff

35. My dog is so beautiful, she can be de next cover of vanity fur.

36. I love a good coffee. I always drink pugkin frappucino.

37. In my opinion every house is a fur house.

38. My dog is about to pop. So she is in a pup-ternity leave.

39. He is so in love with her. He has her in a short leash.

40. What is the dog called in Frozen ? A frozen dog !

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41. I’m so tough. I’m like a big bad woof.

42. The lab reports shows that she is living her best pug life.

43. I absolutely adore dogs. I think i have a pawsession of a new dog.

44. It has been a very rough day.

45. What is men’s best friend ? A hot dog

46. These puppies also called little ruff.

47. There is a new dog movie called Life of a Woof

48. She always bring puppies with her. She has a doggie bag.

49. There is a flea circus on the street dogs. I feel so bad for them.

50. I love this song called As Long As You Woof Me.

51. Everyday i listened the this music group called 30 seconds to Bark.

52. Their relationship is ina very bad place. It’s kind of a dog chase now.

Woof Puns

1.    Every story has a big bad woof.

2.    I always look for a dog lover man.

3.    What is the dogs favourite tree ? A christmas tree that can be chewed on.

4.    What is the name of place where dog lives many years ago ? Jurassic bark !

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5.    Please don’t look for the bark side of the moon.

6.    She’s got her licence. She is using a training cur.

7.    What is the dogs favourite film ? The woof of Wall Street.

8.    This huskey is my fur-st dog.

9.    Oh my god this dog has a flea circus on him.

10. This dog is so white. She is like a collie flour.

11. She is always has a sad look. She is like a mellon collie.

12. Did you heard about the new dog movie ? It’s called Mr. And Mrs. Woof

13. My dog is the cutest ! I want to eat him like a hot dog !!

14. My best friend is my dog. He is such a talking dog.

15. We went to the tail store and look for our tails.

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16. I always wanted a very noble dog. You can call us the great dane lovers.

17. She is a really mean person. She is like a cold dog.

18. He is living his pug life.

19. I’m like a sad puppy. I always need an attention.

20. She never leaves her dog at home. She carries her dog in a doggie bag.

21. What is dog’s favourite movie ? Eat, Pray, Woof !

22. Thanks fur everything !

23. I have three dog best friends. They are always there fur me.

24. I bought a bow tie for my dog. He is such a polite dog.

25. There is many doggie paddles for you to jump in.

26. Best type of home has a dogs in it.

27. What is the husky cold ? A frozen dog.

28. What is the name of darth wader’s dog ? Woof Skywalker

29. Which dog is a star wars fan ? Dark retriever

30. This dog gets invites to a every party. I think he is a very pup-ular dog.

31. She is our familys furst dog.

32. There is boat filled with dogs. I think they should call it a pug boat.

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33. What is the dogs favourite toy ? A funny bone

34. She is coming from the wrong pedigree. She should be a dog.

35. What is dogs favourite breakfast ? A bowl of paw-cake

36. This dog should be cover of woof-boy.

37. I always do my dog’s nails.

38. This puppy is the cutest dog in the woff planet.

39. I like the dogs with the big muffs.

40. He is like a pound dog, always ready to fight.

41. I’ll probably eat big round of ap-paws.

42. There is a bark side of the moon today.

43. I love my barking spot.

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44. What is the dog owners dream ? Became best friends with the little husky.

45. My dog is like a spelling bee. She knows every woff about words.

46. Her dog always bring the slippers when somebody arrives. Seh is a very polite dog.

47. The cook needs more collie flour to make a dog cake.

48. I feel so bad for sick puppy. She has the best smile.

49. I think Luke skybarker is a golden retreiver.

50. Which dog has more dicipline ? A german sheperd.

51. Their love is in a great danger. The relationship is kind of dog chase.

52. People’s favorite funny stories has dogs in them. I love when people use best dog puns.

53. My dad has a very ruff day. He quit his job today.

54. Can you fur-give me ?

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55. My ex wife constantly hounding me. I’m very afraid.

56. It’s very hard the spot the Dalmatians. Because they always blend in.

57. It’s very hard to be so pup-ular.

58. There is a pup-arazzi everywhere in Holywood.

59. Her family and their dog went on a camping trip. They buys some pup tent for their dog.

60. This song is ter-ruff-ic.

61. Don’t give him so much food. He is gonna be a wide retreiver.

62. What is the name of the dogs ice cream ? A pup-sicle.

63. What is the mighty dog god who comes from the thunder ? a LabraThor

64. This dog family loves going to the Bark B Q

65. I love a good pup-corn.

66. This is too cute. It beagles me.

67. I need an in-fur-mation about my fur family.

68. This place is fur-bidden for us.

69. There is a better oppawtunity for you.

We hope you have enjoyed the bark puns above. Which bark pun is your favorite? Comment below.

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