57 Journaling ideas for self-awareness

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The best way to start writing is to have some journaling ideas in place. This will help to get the creative juices flowing,

Without journaling ideas and prompts, it can be extremely difficult to start writing especially for children.

Very often children need inspiration and journaling ideas can help tap into their imagination.

Journaling is a great way to find solace. It helps children and even adults to become more self-aware.

Setting time aside to journal is a way of mindfulness and mediation for many people and can be very empowering.

However, some people can find it hard to know what to write about or how to start journaling. The journaling ideas outlined below can be used in classrooms and at home.

They are suitable for children who feel like they have nothing to write about or their day was not very exciting. Sometimes children need to be reminded of the good things that happen in school or at home.

Using journaling ideas like the one listed below will help children express their thoughts creatively.

Here are some journaling ideas:

1. Journal your goals

The most important thing for me to wake up early every day is to have a goal for that day. It is an important part of my routine.

Without a goal, I find it difficult to wake up and start my day. I find the same goes for children.

Every evening before bedtime, children should be encouraged to write down their goals for the next day.

Why is it important for children to write their goals?

  1. Journaling goals will help them focus on what is important for that moment. It helps them focus on things that matter. This can be academic or even social.
  2. Writing down your goals regularly helps as a reminder to keep working towards them. This even wors best when the goal is kept somewhere at home that they can see every day. It urges children to complete the goal.
  3. Writing goals is the best way to convert them into reality.

Best way to get children to journal their daily goals:

  • Before bedtime ask them to write just 3 goals for the next day
  • Stick this somewhere in their room
  • In the morning remind them of the goals. Before bedtime review what has been achieved. If something is not achieved then discuss what can be done to achieve their goal.

Journaling Ideas2. Journal things that make you happy:

Sometimes it is normal for human beings to focus on the bad and forget the good things they have in life.

This is common among children as well, especially those they may have faced some problems in school at home.

Reminding children of the good things in their life is a positive way to help them grounded and to stay positive despite difficult circumstances.

We can remind children there is magic in the everyday, and using the right journaling prompts this can be easily done.

This kind of journaling can be done at any time. I like to do it best at night before bedtime.

This helps my children reflect on the good things about their day. Sometimes they may not even realize that something good has happened until it is pointed to them.

below are some daily journaling ideas and prompts you can use with your children.

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JOURNAL TOPICSDaily Journaling ideas & Prompts:

  1. Who was kind to you today?
  2. 3 things you loved about today
  3. Who smiled at you today?
  4. What made you laugh today?
  5. What made you sad today?
  6. Did you see something that upset you today?
  7. Who/what inspired you today?
  8. The most challenging thing you did today?
  9. Something new you tried today?
  10. The worst thing about today?
  11. How did you show kindness today?
  12. Did you help someone today? What did you do? How did it made you feel?
  13. Is there a person you would like to thank today?
  14. Is there someone you would like to apologise to today?
  15. Is there someone you are happy to meet or see today?
  16. What was your favorite part about today?
  17. Did you make a mistake today? Great, now what can you do to be better next time?
  18. The music you listened to today?
  19. What is your quote for the day?
  20. Was there something that made you happy today?
  21. How would you describe the weather today?
  22. What are your goals for today?
  23. Did you accomplish everything you wanted to do today?
  24. If you can restart today how will you do it differently?
  25. Write down things you grateful for today


3. Journal your worries

It is common for children as young as 5 years old to feel anxious or worried.

Children can feel anxious before exams or due to some other problems.

Sometimes what they worry about may not even be true and it could be something that is playing in their head.

Journaling their worries can be a good way to reflect on those feelings. It can help put things into perspective.

How to journal about anxiety with children?

I use the Growth Mindset Kit and print out the anxiety worksheets. 

However, if you do not want to use that, you can use the prompts below to get children talking about their worries.

For younger children after writing down their worries, you can tear them away together and as a reinforcement that the worry is gone.

For older children you can use growth mindset statements to ensure them that they can overcome anything in life.

It is also good practice to not just write about the worry but to look into the reality of it. You can divide the paper into 2 sections. One is for what worries them and the other is to write the reality of things.

Writing down their worries can help children put things into perspective.

Journaling ideas &  prompts for anxious children:

  1. What keeps you up at night?
  2. What made you upset today?
  3. Is there something about today that you would like to change?
  4. What is your biggest fear?
  5. Write down things you would like to do in your life? What is stopping you from achieving them?
  6. When do you feel sad the most?
  7. What worries you the most?
  8. Have you ever felt alone?’
  9. Have you ever felt like giving up?
  10. Is there anyone that can help you go through the difficulty you are facing now?
  11. What can you say to yourself to stop worrying?
  12. What can you do today so you can feel less anxious?
  13. Write a letter to yourself future self.
  14. Write a letter to someone and don’t send the letter
  15. Imagine your anxiety is a big giant, write a story about it
  16. Draw your emotions right now
  17. Draw how you feel right now.
  18. What do you think is your worry or anxiety trying to tell you?
  19. Write down phrases you can use to get rid of your anxiety. For example, ‘you don’t exist’, ‘go away’.
  20. Write down things you can do to make yourself feel better
  21. Write down things that trigger your anxiety
  22. Visualize yourself being free from your anxiety. How do you feel? Now write down things you can do to always feel that way.

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Other journaling ideas and prompts. :

  1. Journal about the people in your life that inspires you
  2. Write about the difficulties you face as a child
  3. Take your journal to a park, and describe what you see
  4. If you could have 1 superpower, what would it be? How can you use this superpower to change the world?
  5. Write about a song that inspires you
  6. Write about your unhealthy habits
  7. Write about the things you are excited about in your life
  8. Write about a secret you will carry to your grave
  9. Journal about what a perfect day looks like to you
  10. Take a blank piece of paper and write about things you love about in your life.

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