10 Free 8bit Music Maker Apps to Create Great Tracks

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Are you fond of 8bit music? Although this type of music was not taken very seriously in the past, it is now making a comeback.

The 8bit music maker apps are reminiscent of the great era of video games that even now take us to a nostalgic mood.

People search for free 8bit music maker app as they are becoming increasingly popular.

Video game developers’ use 8bit music to make games more innovative.

We play games on our smart phones with 8-bit music. There are even tutorials on how to convert mp3 to 8bit music.

The mobile game creators use 8bit to embrace the impression of a classical video game.

There are a few free apps that can help you create 8bit music. We may recreate classical songs with 8-bit music apps. This blog will review ten best free 8bit music maker app.

10 Best free 8bit music maker apps:

1. 8bit Music Maker

Anyone who grew up playing retro games will recognize 8bit music.

Even today developers use it in smart phone games, 8-bit music is still growing in popularity.

 It eliminates interruptions and you can save your work if there is an issue. This app allows you to save unlimited projects.

Technically this app has two octaves with unlimited facts. It also supports notes of different sizes.

2. TonePad

8bit music maker app

Here is another top-performing 8bit music maker app.

It will take you to the world of magic and you will feel something extraordinary inside you.

The fun bit about this app is that notes light up when you click on the screen. It is a very intuitive app.

TonePad comes with an easy and simple interface with an engaging theme. It is best to use this app using a headphone to enable you to really enjoy listening to the beats.

This app also does not limit the number of songs you can create.  It comes with an auto save feature to ensure you do not lose any of your creations.

3. Medly

Do you want a free music maker for your Smartphone? You should install a medly.

It comes with extra features to unleash your creativity. No music expertise is required to create songs on this app.

By choosing an instrument of your liking you can start creating a track. It has easy drag and drop feature which makes this app suitable even for beginners.

You can edit your music while you are in the process of creation. You may break your music into different parts and then copy, move, and paste it to create loops.

Choose from up to 16 free instruments under the free version. You can also upload your track on Soundtrack to share it with other people.      

There are plenty of filters and sound effects to get your creative juices flowing when creating your music.

4. Retroboy_ Audacity

Are you using audacity and other top-quality tools to remodel and remix your 8-bit song?  If you are a newbie in the music world this is the best app for you.

You need minimum prior knowledge of music to use this app. It is a plugin that facilitates you in creating an 8bit music track in the existing setup that you may have.

The app also comes with tutorials and instructions to help you create your music.

regularly updates it with new features to keep it fun and engaging.

5. Nanoloop

It is like a tiny orchestra app that stays with you wherever you go.

You may use it on your Smartphone and it can be used as a sequencer and synthesizer. 

You may run it on different platforms and even on older devices. The interface of Nanoloop is fit for any type of device and you may enjoy music on any screen.

You can customize it and may change font and icons according to your requirements.

This app is suitable for those who work on a project with other creators. You can send tracks via email and export in Wav or other formats.

Nanoloop can also be used when you are offline.

6. Piconica

This is one of the most popular free 8bit music maker app that you can use for your tracks.

It is recommended that you have a keyboard when using this app. However, you may still play notes and record them easily within the app if you do not own a keyboard.

You may get extra precision with Piconica.  This app offers you everything that you need as a musician. You may set the 96 key keyboards in 1 or 2 rows. You can save your songs in a WAV format while creating a new music track.

Controlling is made easy on this app. A simple swipe will give you a different music tone.

7. Music Maker JAM

It is another free music maker app for creative minds who want to know how to convert Mp3 to 8bit.

Millions of music lovers around the globe love this app and use it for conversing music to 8bit songs. Currently, it has over 2 million tracks on its app.

You may create music genres such as EDM, trap, and much more. You have access to loops and samples to utilize them for your music.

The app also comes with thousands of loops that you can use for your track. Under the free version you get up to 10 music to choose from.

You also get up to 200 sounds effects like drums, bass, techno, etc. The app will make you feel like a professional music maker. The creativity limits are endless using Music Maker Jam.

It also comes with an “Easy Control” function to help you regulate rhythm and sound.

You can even record your own song using your mobile device and upload it into the app.

Upload the finished track on YouTube or share it on WhatsApp and other social media platforms directly from the app.

8. Garage band

Garage band is an app that is available for apple users.

The app is suitable for beginners and makes music making relatively easy.

It has many features that enables you to record a song, add filters to your track and edit clip tracks.

You can even learn to play the guitar, keyboard and other instruments using this app.

There are over 32 tracks you can choose from in Garaga band.

If you are new to music making you can use the available templates of tracks and edit it to your liking.

There are many variations under Garage band that will allow you to create 8-bit tracks easily.

The polyphonic function makes it easy to create keyboard sounds using this app.

If you would like to take your music making to a more professional level then use the mixing effects and export your track in a 24-bit resolution.

9. Auxy

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This app is suitable for beginners who are creating their first track. It has simple and basic functions that can be used by anyone that is new to music making.

The app focuses on making things as simple as possible for its users. Despite its simplicity your tracks will still sound professional with the features offered by the app.

You can mix loops into scenes and create a track very fast using Auxy.

You can shape the ideas you have in your mind into 8bit music in the real world and become a professional musician.

The app is regularly updated and is bug free. You can also share projects from the app itself with  friends or other creators.

Once you have completed your track you can export in different formats. For example, to SoundCloud.

You can even work on the same track at the same time with another creator as long as connected to the same WiFi.

The app has a great community support which will encourage you to enhance your creativity and collaborate with others.

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10. KORG Gadget 2 Le

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This app is also called a mini studio that you can carry with you in your pocket.

It is one of the best apps to create 8bit music tracks.

It has an original and lite version. The lite version is the free one that enables you to explore music production and other aspects of music.

It has an intuitive interface which you may customize according to your requirements and needs.

There are over 40 synthesizers and drum machines known as “Gadgets” that can be used to create music. The possibilities of creating 8-bit tracks using this app is endless.

The app also allows you to track the current state of your music you can easily change tempo as you are working on it.

There are plenty of music filters to choose from when using this app.

We hope you have enjoy the blog on the best free 8bit music maker apps. Let us know if there are other apps that you would like to see featured here.

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