97 High School Writing Prompts: Fun & Creative

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The high school writing prompts here are aimed to help children tap into their imagination and encourage creative thinking.
It is suitable for children aged 13 to 17 years old who are struggling to find something to write about.

Before we dive straight to the high school writing prompts, let’s first understand why writing prompts are important for this age group.

The importance of writing prompts for high school students:

Children in this age group have the ability to understand difficult situations.

They have a better understanding of how the world works and what is expected for them.

However, when it comes to writing many struggles with inspiration or even to articulate their thoughts.

Hence, high school writing prompts can help them express their feelings and tap into their imagination

It is also a good way to help children to start journaling their thoughts.

Journaling is a positive way to reflect on their emotions.

There is plenty of evidence explaining the advantages of journaling including improving writing and reading skills.

Now, let’s tap into high schoolers imagination using fun writing prompts to get them to enjoy writing.

Personal high school writing prompts:

  1. Write about the things you love most about high school.
  2. Write about your closest friends in high school
  3. What subjects did you enjoy the most?
  4. Which teacher inspired you?
  5. What was the best memory of high school?
  6. If you can change one thing about high school what would it be?
  7. Describe a time you struggled in school? Who helped you overcome that struggle?
  8. What are some of the things you hate most about high school?
  9. Write a short story about your classroom.
  10. Write about some of the mischievous things you did in high school?
  11. What do you enjoy most about graduation?
  12. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
  13. Write about a time where you stood up for someone in school?
  14. Did your friends experience bullying? Did you help them?
  15. What is the most difficult part about growing up with smartphones?
  16. Write about your most important values in life.
  17. What is the one thing high school taught you?
  18. Write a letter to your future self.
  19. What is your biggest accomplishment in high school?
  20. What is your proudest moment in high school?
  21. Write about the best party you have ever attended.
  22. What are the things in common you have with your friends?
  23. What do you love most about graduation ceremonies?

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School, Career, and edtech writing prompt:


  1. Would you prefer online learning or going to school?
  2. Do you think your teachers and parents expect too much from you?
  3. What is the ideal number of school holidays in a year?
  4. Do you think the education system is not keeping with changes in the world?
  5. Which subject do you think is irrelevant in today’s world?
  6. If you become the education minister and have to redo the education system, how would you do it?
  7. Why do you think maths is an important subject despite having calculators?
  8. Write about your favorite field trip.
  9. Do you think your school is updated with technological changes?
  10. Write about what it means to be a good digital citizen.
  11. Write about what you like best about online learning.
  12. Do you think you are able to keep yourself safe on the internet and not be scammed?
  13. Is your school equipping students with the digital skills that they need?
  14. Is your school addressing cyberbullying appropriately?
  15. What form of punishment should be introduced in school?
  16. Do you think it is important to go to college?
  17. Do employers care about college ranking?
  18. If you can take a gap year in college, where would you go?What would you do there?
  19. What is your ideal dream job?
  20. Would you ever want to be a teacher?


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Social media writing prompts for high school students

  1. What do you like most about social media?
  2. What is the worst thing about social media?
  3. Open one of your social media apps and write about the first thing that comes on your feed.
  4. If you could reinvent Google, how would it look like?
  5. Is social media keeping people disconnected or connected?
  6. Does social media ever make you feel bad?
  7. Have you used social media to learn a new skill?
  8. Have you ever created a viral video?
  9. Write about a video you watched on YouTube that inspired you.
  10. How real are you on social media?
  11. Do you want to be an online influencer?
  12. What will your ideal Instagram feed look like?
  13. Do you think 13 is appropriate to be on social media? What age should be allowed on social media?
  14. Have you ever deleted a photo just because no one liked it?
  15. Write about the concerns people should have about privacy and data?
  16. Do you think social media is really free?
  17. If you can create an online educational series, what would you teach?
  18. Do you ever worry you are spending too much time on social media that you are missing out in real life?
  19. Is it ok to say anything that is on your mind on social media?
  20. How would you feel if you are suddenly banned from using social media

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High school writing prompts about tech and smartphones:

  1. Do you feel smartphones are controlling you?
  2. What is the one thing you dislike the most about smartphones?
  3. Write about a world without smartphones.
  4. Do you feel addicted to your phone?
  5. What is an appropriate age to give a child a smartphone?
  6. Do you think your parents spend too much time on their own smartphone?
  7. Why do you think emojis are a better form of expression than words?
  8. Do you think smartphones are a waste of time?
  9. Write about the apps you think you should delete from your phone.
  10. What is your biggest fear about internet scam?
  11. What do you think is the scariest thing about the internet?
  12. Write about your most admired tech entrepreneur.
  13. Do you feel that the internet needs better policing?
  14. Have you ever chated to as a stranger online? What scared you the most about chatting to strangers online?
  15. Write about the importance of protecting your personal information online.
  16. Why do you think it is important to think before you post.

High school wring prompts about arts, music, and entertainment:

  1. How much is your taste of music influenced by your friends?
  2. What kind of movies do you enjoy?
  3. Which artist has a big influence on your life?
  4. Which artist do you think will survive 10 years from now?
  5. What are your favorite TV shows?
  6. What do you like the most about reality TV shows?
  7. Do you think actors/actresses have a good life?
  8. What are the difficulties of being famous?
  9. Write about an artist that struggle to achieve stardom
  10. Is there an artist you wish to meet? Why is this person important to you?
  11. Do you think video games should be banned?
  12. Are esports real sports?
  13. Can playing violent video games make people have violent behavior?
  14. What are your favorite video games?
  15. Are video games very addictive?
  16. Should small children be allowed to play multiplayer online games?
  17. Write a review of your favorite video game.
  18. If you can invent your own video game, what would it be about?

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