Best Arena 5 Deck Clash Royale

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Of the twenty-one playing arenas in Clash Royale, Arena 5, also known as the Builder’s Workshop, can prove to be quite a challenge. To get through it easily, you’d be better off using one of the best decks the game has to offer. But what exactly are the best Clash Royale decks and how do you build them? Keep reading to find out the best arena 5 deck Clash Royale.

Best Arena 5 Deck Clash Royale

Best arena 5 deck clash royale

With over a hundred cards in the game, there are many different decks you can build while playing through Arena 5. However, most of these decks are suboptimal, keeping you trapped in one of Clash Royale’s best arenas. If you want to breeze through the Builder’s workshop, then you are better off using the following deck:

  • Spear Goblins
  • Zap
  • Knight
  • Mega Minion
  • Fireball
  • Musketeer
  • Battle Ram
  • Hog Rider

See, when you look at Clash Royale tier lists, the two most popular decks are the Giant-Wiz-Zap deck and the Gob-Hog Cycle deck. While those decks have their strengths and weaknesses, the above deck transcends those two by combining the best of both worlds. 

This deck has so many good options. It suits both offensive and defensive playstyles perfectly. Cards like Hog Rider and Battle Ram allow you to do a lot of damage.

Your Mega Minions and Spear Goblins also beef up the defensive capabilities of this deck. To top it all off, the deck has a very low average elixir cost.

All these things combine to make it a truly powerful deck. 

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Best deck for Arena 5 without legendary

If you are a long-time Clash Royale player, then you know the inclusion of legendary cards in the game was a controversial one.

On one hand, they were cool cards with very powerful effects. But on the other hand, they added power creep to the game and strengthened “pay-to-win” elements. 

Well, what you need to understand is, it’s still possible to clear Arena 5 without using legendary cards. Not convinced? Well then just try using the following deck. You’ll be surprised at the win condition.

  • Arrows
  • Minions
  • Barbarian Barrel
  • Goblin Barrel
  • Skeleton Army
  • Witch
  • Pekka
  • Flying Machine

If you are an experienced player, you may recognize this deck as a variant of the Pekka Witch Bait deck. Here, the legendary card Princess has been replaced by the Flying Machine. Princess is a rather hard card to replace. However, Flying Machine long-range support. You can also use Archers as a cheaper-cost replacement that helps you deal with swarm units. 

Sure, the lack of synergy in this deck is a drawback. However, with decent offensive and defensive options, this proves to be quite a good deck. Especially for Arena 5. It’s a versatile deck that is hard to match provided you know how to use the key cards and support units. Also, keep in mind that you do not always need heavy damage to win games. 

Best arena 5 deck Rush Royale

Rush Royale is a very similar game to Clash Royale. However, in Rush Royale, towers are replaced with Wizards. Exciting, right? 

Well, just like Clash Royale Arenas, Rush Royale has its own Arenas. And each Arena comes with a new set of playable cards. Once you reach Arena 5, known as Brawler, in Rush Royale, you for sure need to level up your deck. Here’s what you should be using if you want to advance to the next arena:

  • Engineer 
  • Chemist OR Alchemist 
  • Bombardier 
  • Vampire
  • Cold Mage

Once you reach Arena 5 in Rush Royale, you unlock the Vampire. This is a key mana card that should replace your Priestess card if you want to win. Vampire bites a target, replenishing your mana over time. This allows you to cast more spells more often. 

Alchemist is also a great option as it traps enemy monsters and periodically does damage to them. As an AOE spell, its efficiency is too much to pass up. 

If you want to modify this deck, then you can replace your Engineer with a Boreas. Sure, you might lose some synergies, but the crit chance might be well worth the trade. 

Best deck for Arena 5 Builder’s Workshop

Back to Clash Royale, what are some popular decks with which you can clear the Builder’s Workshop? Well, we mentioned a couple of them above. But now, let’s break them down and show you why exactly these decks are excellent. 

First, we have the Giant-Wiz-Zap deck. This deck contains the following character cards:

  • Fire Spirit
  • Zap
  • Archers
  • Knight
  • Minions
  • Giant
  • Wizard
  • Rocket

Sure, at higher Arenas, this deck is decimated defensively. However, in Arena 5 and other lower arenas, your opponent’s win conditions are very limited. That Giant And Knight combination is a bit much to penetrate. Additionally, the Minions and Archers may barely seem like threats. However, they can chip down important cards over time. 

The one drawback of this deck is that it is weak in the early game. However, making use of your elixir boost period will make it more viable and allow you to destroy an enemy tower in no time. 

Another great deck for the builder’s workshop is the Gob-Hog Cycle deck. The deck build is as follows:

  • Fire Spirit
  • Goblins
  • Zap
  • Archers
  • Knight
  • Canon
  • Wizard
  • Hog Rider

This deck has a decent number of spell cards that allow you to overwhelm your opponent before they can muster any sort of strategy. If the opponent wants to cheese you with a minion horde, your Wizard will have no trouble dealing with that. 

One of the stronger cards in this deck is the Canon, which allows you to stop your opponent from doing massive damage to your towers. On the other hand, your Hog Riders also threaten to decimate enemy towers at every turn. 

What makes this deck great for Arena 5 is its low elixir cost. While playing it, you should take full advantage of your elixir boost period to overwhelm your opponent’s towers in the early game. 

How to beat Clash Royale Arena 5?

Having a good deck is a huge boon towards beating the Builder’s Workshop. However, what’s the use of a good deck if you don’t play it right? Obviously, every deck has its own nuances and needs to be played a certain way. However, if you keep to the following principles, you should vastly improve your chances of winning. 

First off, stick to low-elixir cards. Sure, high elixir cards are very flashy and powerful. But what is the use of keeping them in your deck if you lose before you can even cast them?

At lower arenas like Arena 5, it is way better to come out of the gate swinging than wait for late game. If you seek to overwhelm your opponent in the early stages of the game, you will win way more than you lose. 

Also, try to master one strategy instead of multiple. This is one of the biggest mistakes that new players make. They always try to master multiple decks and strategies when it is better to stick to one strategy. Especially at lower arenas.

If you do this, you will find yourself advancing to a new arena in no time. Once you reach legendary arenas, you can then expand your strategies and attempt to build a giant deck. 


Clash Royale is a very fun game. However, you can get very frustrated when you feel you are making no progress. Well, with the above d strategies, you should be able to advance through Arena 5 in no time. These decks are also great for clan battles. Just make sure to be diligent and strategic with your gameplay. 

Which is your favorite arena 5 deck Clash Royale? Share in the comment below.

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