30 best anime waifu you can’t get over

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In this article, we are looking at the best anime waifu. But before we dive right in, what is anime waifu exactly?

Simply put, anime waifu is a term used to refer to Anime characters that people find attractive. People can be both physically or mentally attached to that character.  

The whole idea is that any anime character you will die to have as your wife can be referred to as an Anime Waifu. 

best anime waifu

Which anime has the best Waifu?

Anime waifu – the word was first coined back in the year 2002. We first heard the word in episode 15 of the series Azumanga Daioh. And since then, it has become an integral part of the anime culture. 

Without any further delay, let us get started with today’s article, where we are taking a look at the best anime Waifu.

1. Belldandy

Belldandy belongs to the anime series Oh! My Goddess. 

We first get to see Belldandy when the main character from the series dials the number of “Goddess Relief Agency.” 

He intended to place a food order, but he misdials the number. However, this particular mistake changes his life for good. 

To grant Keiichi his wish, Belldandy visits Earth. Despite being an older woman, Belldandy is pretty and attractive. 

One of her strengths is that she can sense how others feel around her. She is also very sympathetic to others. 

She can cast spells using the power of the wind. If you check anime-Planet Popularity, you will see Belldandy comes with a ranking of #1314. 

2. Tatsumaki

best anime waifu

Tatsumaki belongs to the anime series One Punch Man. 

Just a glance at her is enough to tell you that she is the type of person who loses her temper pretty quickly.

 Due to her skinny and petite look, she is often mistaken for a young girl. 

She is part of the Hero Association. 

Tatsumaki is very protective of her little sister. However, she can become a control freak at times, which annoys her little sister a lot. 

She is prettier and much wiser than Misa Amane. 

3. Miku Nakano

Miku Nakano belongs to the anime series, The Quintessential Quintuplets. 

This series tells the story of five sisters. Not one of them is good in studies, but they are beasts when it comes to adventures. She is a kind-hearted girl. 

Miku Nakano ranks third in five sisters. Among all the five, she is the most patient and timid. 

However, do not go for her poker face. She is very confident with her abilities. 

She has a massive crush on Army Generals from the Sengoku Period. 

She is so fascinated by them that she tries to pick up their small traits and imitate their mannerisms. 

Among all the five sisters, Sengoku is the smartest one. She is an introvert by heart. 

4. Shinobu Kocho

best anime waifu

Shinobu Kocho is from the popular anime series Demon Slayer/Demon Slayer. 

When she was just a little girl, her parents, including her, were attacked by a group of demons. 

Luckily, that same day, a group of Demon Slayers were traveling through that path and saw the demons attacking Kocho’s parents. The Demon Slayers saved her and her parents. 

That same day, Kocho promised the Demon Slayers that she would join them when the time was right. 

She is usually loveable and very gentle. But she has a rude and lethal side that you do not want to see. 

She likes to fight those who once almost took her parents away from her. 

She is excellent with a sword. She knows many complicated moves, such as the Butterfly Dance: Caprice and the Dragonfly Dance: Compound Eye Hexagon. 

5. Rei Hino

Rei Hino is from the popular anime series Sailor Moon. 

Rei Hino is also known as Sailor Mars. According to some, she is the best anime waifu. She has a kind heart, but she can quickly lose her temper at minor things. 

If you compare the Rei Hino, we see in the Manga with the one we see in the anime. You will immediately notice the difference in the character. She is known for her strong personality. 

Rei Hino is an aspiring young girl. At times, she wants to pursue a career in music. And on other days, she wants to become a successful businessman.

6. Alice Nakiri

best anime waifu

Alice Nakiri is from the popular anime series Food Wars. 

She cooks the best dishes in all of anime. Despite being highly talented, she is just a young girl. 

We see her doing great in Molecular Gastronomy, even doing far better than all her classmates in the series. 

She is mainly remembered for her noticeable irises and her big round eyes. 

Her eyes resemble that of another popular anime character Yuno Gasai. 

Despite being a great cook, she tries to keep herself grounded no matter what. 

7. Sheele

We get to see Sheele in the anime series Akame Ga Kill! She is part of the Night Raid group. 

She is an assassin. Among everything that goes on in her life, she frequently forgets about her glasses.

But when we place Sheele in a ring, she unleashes her lethal bad side. 

She has access to Teigu, which she can tap into whenever she wants. 

She is close friends with Mine. However, she often gets involved in fights with her. It doesn’t take long before they patch things up. 

8. Teletha ‘Tessa’ Testarossa

best anime waifu

Teletha ‘Tessa’ Testarossa is from the anime series Full Metal Panic. 

Another name for this anime is Furumetaru Panikku.

 Unlike other anime waifus on the list, Teletha grew up in submarines and warships. 

She found passion in battle tactics and the sea from a young age.

 Due to her sheer passion, she quickly rose to Captain only at the age of Sixteen.

She is excellent at strategic planning. When the time requires, she can display excellent tactical acumen. 

The ship she is in charge of is the Tuatha de Danaan. She actively helped with designing the ship. 

She also created the AI onboard the ship. The name of her AI friend is Dana. 

9. Ram

Ram is from the anime series Zero Series. She is from Lugnica. 

There are multiple Oni’s in Lugnica, but no one is just like the twin sisters Rem & Ram. 

Rem & Ram love each other. Both of the twin sisters come with horns. The horn helps them tap into their Oni form. 

But there is a catch. Deep inside, both of them have a strong urge to be better than each other. 

They are sent to a Mage’s home to enhance their abilities further and work as maids. 

Among the two sisters, Ram is stronger and wiser than Rem. 

Ram can absorb mana around her. Even though she is an evil maid, she is a powerful magician. She looks very similar to Erza Scarlet. 

10. Bulma

Bulma belongs to the anime series Dragon Ball Z. 

Bulma is the longest-running female fictional character in the Dragon Ball Z Universe. 

According to some DBZ lovers, Bulma is the second most popular character. 

Bulma’s father is Dr. Brief. Among all the characters in the series, Bulma was given the greatest number of hairstyles, 18 different hairstyles, to be precise. 

Bulma can be both – a tomboy and a lady. To make up for her arrogant attitude, she uses her good looks. 

Despite acting out on her whims, Bulma is also regarded as a great strategist. According to many anime lovers, Bulma is the best anime waifu.

11. Lenalee Lee

Lenalee Lee is from the popular anime series D. Gray-Man

Lenalee Lee is an exorcist who hunts down Akumas and kills them. 

She joined the group for killing Akumas because her parents were killed by them when she was just a little kid. 

She struggles to come out of the trauma of her parent’s death. 

She once even tried to commit suicide. However, she realizes that this life is about giving at one point in her life. 

At that point, she starts loving her life more than anything else on this Earth.


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Best Waifu of all time

In this list, we look at some of the best anime waifu. 

12. Megumi Tadokoro

Megumi Tadokoro is from the popular anime series Food Wars.

 If you want an anime waifu who can cook, Megumi is the right pick for you. She is the best girl you will find. 

Megumi works as a chef at the Totsuki Generation Alumnus restaurant. Despite being very skilled, she quickly gives in to frustration when under a lot of pressure. 

She is always very calculative about what she says and how she reacts in front of people. However, this often leads to embarrassing situations. 

She has many similar traits to Mikasa Ackerman. She was unaware of her god mode. But with time and some assistance from her friends, she realized that she has this Sports Shojo Manga Mode. 

13. Kyoko Mogami

Kyoko Mogami is from the anime series Skip Beat! This anime tells a convincing revenge story. It was launched back in the year 2000. 

A big blow came when her childhood crush, Sho Fuwa, asked her to work for her as a maid. 

At first, she thought that Sho had asked her to move in with her. But when she realized he never had a crush on her as she did, it broke her from inside. 

Kyoko pledges to become a successful actress, crossing him in fame and success. And she does. 

When she becomes a successful actress, Sho realizes his mistake. But by then, it was too late. 

Kyoko Mogami is considered one of the best anime waifu in the anime world. Throughout the series, we see her in a wide variety of dresses. She changes her hairstyle a lot too. 

She believed that she could love. But her aspiration for success as an actress killed that side of her. She didn’t realize it until it was too late. 

She became a heartless person who only prioritized her work over other things with time. 

When it comes to working, she is a workaholic like Hitagi Senjougahara. 

14. Eru Chitanda

Eru Chitanda is from the anime series Hyouka and Classic Literature Club Series. She always keeps a calm and reserved demeanor. 

She belongs to a family of wealthy farmers. The Chitanda family is widely known in the entire country for their sheer influence. 

Eru tries to keep a positive outlook towards everything. She seldom lets negativity get the best of her. She has great physical strength. She has a pretty face. 

She is very protective of her hobbies and interests. She loves to cook. She also goes out for regular workouts. 

However, at times she can get a bit annoying. She does not know when to stop. She might end up taking too much space and overwhelming others with her witty remarks. 

15. Shinoa Hiiragi

Shinoa Hiiragi is part of the anime series Owari No Seraph / Vampire Reign. 

She has a dry sense of humor. She belongs to the affluent Hiiragi family. 

She was stripped of her human side by the Japanese Imperial Demon Army itself. Shikama Doji later possesses her. She is prettier than Erina Nakiri. 

16. Raphtalia

Raphtalia is from the anime series The Rising Shield Hero. 

This fictional female character was introduced as a slave to the group by her master Naofumi. 

She underwent a horrifying trauma when she was just a child. 

She can transform into her hero form – Katana no Yuusha – at her will. After overpowering her emperor, she took over the spot of her predecessor.

17. Mai Sakurajima

Mai Sakurajima is from the anime series Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume Wo Minai. She is the lead protagonist of the series. She has a superpower – she can turn invisible at any time. 

As a person, she is very gentle and polite. Her mother was the owner of a photography agency. 

Later in her life, she realized that her mother exploited her to earn more money. She is undoubtedly one of the most favorite female anime characters out there. 

From a young age, she attended photoshoots for famous brands.

 But when she reaches her teens, she finally joins the high school. She soon falls in love with Sakuta Azusagawa. Mai Sakurajima is the best anime waifu. 

18. Nao Tomori

Nao Tomori belongs to the anime series Charlotte. 

She plays the lead protagonist of the series. She is just a freshman, however somehow, she manages to get elected as the president of the Student Council. 

She goes to the Hoshinoumi Academy. Her peers adore her due to her hard-working nature. 

She is known for her violent outbursts. Also, she is regarded as the smartest girl among the bunch. However, she also has a reputation for losing her temper now and then. 

She is great with kids. One of her superpowers is to go invisible at her will. She can go invisible to everyone in the room or only to a handful. 

On the website MyWaifyList.moe, she is currently ranked at #90, which only shows how popular she is with anime fans. 

Throughout the series, she is usually seen in a school uniform. Other times, she wears a bunny costume. She is a gorgeous girl. 

19. Kurumi Tokisaki

Kurumi Tokisaki belongs to the anime series Date a Live.

 According to many anime lovers, she is the most brutal and lethal spirit in the anime industry. She is a popular waifu. 

When writing this article, she had killed over 10,000 individuals and consumed their mana. 

She also has the power of shapeshifting. She would do that often to get near Shido Itsuka’s school. She does so to get his mana. 

She falls in love with Shido. No matter how cold she truly is, she tries to be at her best when around him.

 She is known for her ivory skin and dark black hair. Her eyes have different colors, and her right eye is red-tinted. On the other hand, her left eye has a golden hue. 

20. Emilia

Emilia belongs to the anime series ZERO kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Series. 

She is the main lead of the series but sits at the center of the series. She is waifu material. 

She has a kind heart. One of her favorite hobbies is cooking. 

She will spend hours cooking her favorite dishes and feeding guests every day. 

Despite being only a youngster, she often uses archaic words that only elders use. 

While living in the woods, she was very polite. However, things took a turn when she moved out of the woods. 

She has purple, blue eyes and silver hair. #The color of her signature outfit is purple and white

Top Waifu anime girls

In this section of the article, we look at the best anime waifu girls. 

21. Onodera Kosaki

Onodera Kosaki belongs to the anime series False Love Series. 

She comes from a family of pastry makers and bakers. She lives in Japan with her family and is the favorite character of many anime lovers. 

Her family wanted her to join the family business. However, she did not listen to what her parents had aspired for her.

 When she reached her teens, she grew into an introvert who would not speak unless spoken to. 

Unlike the other family members, she suffers from low self-esteem. 

To complete the simplest tasks, she asks for help from her peers. 

She hates boys but has a soft spot for Raku Ichijo.

 She finds true love with him. When he gets into an accident, she takes good care of her. Also, she eventually makes good friends with the rest of her classroom.

22. Kyoka Jiro

Kyoka Jiro is part of the anime series Boku no Hiro Akademia. She is a true child prodigy.

She is a great swordsman. Not only a great fighter, but she is also a great student.

She always gets top scores in all her school exams. She is an attractive girl. 

If we told you, would you believe she is also part of a high school band? 

She plays both the acoustic and the bass guitar. 

She is very polite and will go with the flow. However, if someone gets on her nerves, she will not take even a second to show her true colors. 

Do you want to know what her deadliest weapon is? Her heartbeat itself. Yes!

She usually carries a piece of headphones around her neck. 

The earphones usually hang around her neck. 

When this earphone is brought in contact with a surface, it can create a strong vibration and take out her enemies. 

That is not it. She also has many other superpowers. 

Her acrobatic moves include – Heartbeat Distortion, Heartbeat Surround, and Counter Balance. 

Her hair takes the form of heartbeats on both sides of her head. She usually wears a leather jacket, tight black pants, and long t-shirts. 

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23. Mine

Mine is from another popular anime series Akame Ga Kill! 

She is a member of the popular group Night Raid. She mostly wears a pink outfit with a high collar.

Mine has a reputation for losing her temper quickly. It is effortless to push her buttons. 

When Tatsumi first joined their group, she was very cold towards him. However, with time the ice melted. 

Apart from her hot-headed side, she also has a kind-hearted side. But she only shows that side to those with whom she is really close. 

While growing up, she had to tolerate many racial slurs. When she grows up, she is seen having an active voice against all forms of racial discrimination. She ranked #6 in the CBR 2019 list of the most appealing anime waifus.

Best Waifu characters

24. Megumin

Megumin belongs to the anime series Kono Subarashi Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 

She is part of the Crimson Demon Clan. Unlike other anime waifu on this list, she can be a bit too loud at times. 

She embodies all the traits and qualities that the Demon Clan demands from all its members. 

We see her flaunting her powers throughout the series, which is sometimes too much to handle.

Kazuma knows she is a bit childish, but he tries to tolerate her as much as possible. #

We see him intervening in heated arguments and accompanying her in fights if necessary. 

Her biggest power is the Explosion. She likes using it even though it uses up most of her energy with one blow. She is considered one of the best anime waifu out there.

25. Minori Kushieda

Minori Kushieda belongs to the anime series Toradoa. 

She is undoubtedly one of the most appealing anime waifus out there. 

She is the Captain of the softball team of her high school. She also has a part-time job. 

She dreams of playing for the national team one day. 

The reason she has a part-time job is to support herself. 

The last thing she wants to be is a burden on others. She has a strong mind and can manipulate the narrative that fits her reality. 

This way, she is able to remain positive on every occasion. 

Despite claiming that she is on a diet, she is not. She is always seen eating something. She is highly observant of the environment around her. She can read other people’s minds. 

She is so good at helping others because she is great at concealing the sadness and depression she once had to go through alone.

She is a beautiful woman with amaranth hair. She usually wears a school uniform. 

26.Ino Yamanaka

Ino Yamanaka belongs to the anime series Naruto Shippuden. She is the only daughter of Inoichi Yamanaka. 

She is very confident and outspoken. 

Ino is adored for her loving, caring, and tsundere nature. She would go out of her way to help others. She is a strong character. Her love interest is Sasuke. 

One of her weirdest fantasies is to see multiple muscular men fighting for her. However, she does not need a husband. She is well off on her own. 

Ino Yamanaka possesses many superpowers such as Chakra Control, Ninjutsu, etc. 

She has platinum blonde hair and fair skin. She usually wears bangs on the right side of her head. She has a close resemblance to Rias Gremory.

The color of her eyes is stark blue. She usually wears a purple dress and an apron skirt. 

27. Kagami Hiiragi

Kagami Hiiragi is from the anime series Lucky Star. 

This series was first launched back in the year 2007. She has an older young sister by the name of Tsukasa Hiiragi. 

She has two sides. She can be the sweetest girl ever. She will do anything for those she loves. 

On the other hand, she has this lethal side, which can unleash corrupt and unfair wrath. 

Hiiragi always wears a school uniform. She has bright purple hair. She ties her hair in twin tails. She has many similar traits to Kurisu Makise. 

28.Zero Two

Zero Two is from the famous anime series Darling in the Franxx. 

She is a hybrid of human and klaxo sapiens. She plays the role of a deuteragonist of the series Darling in Franxx.

 Deuteragonist refers to a character that is second in importance to the series’s main protagonist. 

Due to her hybrid build, she was often thought of as a rude and dangerous person to be around. However, she is a real person.

Her peers used to avoid her hands down. However, people who knew her in person know she is just like any other teenager.  

However, this does not mean that Zero Two does not possess real powers. She does! She knows when to unleash her powers. 

She is a very cheerful girl who likes to hang out with friends in her natural form. 

When she loses her temper, her eyes turn dark red. There are two horns on top of her head. 

She wears boots, a red military uniform, and a headband. 

If you go on MyWaifuList.moe, you will see her ranked at #5. 

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29. Uryuu Minene

Uryuu Minene is from the anime series Future Diary. 

She found the Ninth Diary, also referred to as the Escape Diary by others. 

The main reason for her huge follower base is that she is witty and very knowledgeable. 

She can quickly make deductions in her head and solve problems that others would take hours to solve. 

She is a true loner and in a good way. She intentionally avoids human interactions because she knows that only leads to disappointment. 

However, this habit of staying alone leaves her with a strong sense of self-loathing. 

Uryuu is highly skilled at making and exploding C4 bombs. She is great at pulling off camouflage. She can also produce other explosives with regular items. 

She will hide and perform stealth attacks when she needs to. 

This helps her attract unnecessary attention and get the job done in the shortest time possible. 

She is easily noticeable for her purple eyes. This purple patch goes away when she gets into a fight. She always wears a sleeveless jacket. 

30. Rem

Rem is from the anime series Zero. According to die-hard Anime lovers, Rem is probably one of the best anime waifus out there. 

Unlike other suitable anime waifus out there, Rem is very impulsive. She often does not think through before acting out. 

She has a sister by the name of Ram. After Ram defeated her and proved that Rem was the weaker one of the two, she started suffering from severe low self-esteem. However, she had no other option but to accept her faith. 

She has a soft spot for Sabura. He saved her from a near-death experience. 

Rem has several healing abilities. Her most powerful state is Oni. She can take on anyone when this state is reached. 

To help her fight the strongest enemies, she wields the Morningstar. 

This indeed makes her one of the best anime waifu in the anime world. People often confuse her with Hiyori Iki. 

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