Is & scam or legit site?

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Roblox is one of the most played games during the lockdown.

It is a multiplayer game where kids play games created by other users. Some have even managed to monetised their creativity by creating their own mini-games in Roblox.

If you are new to Roblox, you may not be aware that the game has its own currency known as Robux.

Robux is used for buying in-game items and it can also be exchanged for real money. However, there are increasing number of scams claiming to provide Robux for free.

The most recent one is from a site known as Many people are wondering what is going on with and whether their claims are real.

In this blog we will go through what is and whether it is a scam or not.

What is

It is basically a site that claims to give Robux for free. All it needs is for users to complete surveys.

In case you are not aware there are many scams surveys online. Only a limited number of sites actually compensate users for completing a survey.

As the name suggests it is essentially a phishing site that aims to steal your personal data and can even take over your Robux account.

What is going on with or

Many Roblox players have flocked on forums like Reddit and asked the same question on what is happening with and whether it’s claims are real.

The problem is the site looks real and legitimate, hence people can fall for its scam. in fact is a scam site. The aim of the site is to gather as much information as it can from users filling in the survey on it’s sit.

How does scam users?

When first opening the site you will be notified that all you need to do is fill in a survey and your Robux account will be rewarded.

However, once you complete the survery the site will show you an error. It will ask users to restart the process.

When you fill in the survey few times you will notice that the error will keep showing up. There are no rewards at the end of it.

What the site essentially does is gather your personal information and then send you ads based on the information you fill in the survey.

It’s aim is to identify your interest then bombard you with relevant ads.

While sending you relevant ads might seem harmless, the bigger danger is selling your information to third parties that can then use your personal information for more dangerous scams.

Do check out the list below will now redirect you to another page called Since has been identified as a spam by few search engines, it is now redirecting users to a second site like which has the same purpose.

There is also a third site used by the same scammers which redirects users to Basically they all have the same goal of collecting your personal information.

Hence, be aware on where you click and always check the URL before opening a site.

Why are users promoting

There is a huge number of Roblox players who are currently promoting on its multiplayer channels.

Many believe this is happening because the scammers may have identified an issue with the Roblox Captcha security system.

This has resulted in a number of bots account promoting

While it may seem like users are promoting it is actually bots. One way to identify bots is by looking when the account is being created.

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Many of the bots are new accounts and have not spent much time playing the game.

The messages being spread are also very similar. Hence indicating that it is not human promoting this, rather bots taking advance of a weak Captcha system.

Identifying scams with and sites:

When you open site on a Google Chrome or Safari browser you will notice that there is a warning that says that the site is not secured.

This should be the first warning that this is a scam and not legitimate website.

Most safe browsers will be secured. However, when you type you will be redirected to which shows that it is a secured site.

This does not mean that the site is legitimate. While it is still important to stay away from unsecured site, you will still to be wary of sites with secured certificated.

If you do end up getting some rewards from do not get excited as this may just be an attempt to lure you more into giving your personal information.

More dangerous is that when trying to claim your reward you need to give your Roblox account details. If you are not careful you might be giving too much information which can be harmful and result in loss of data and access to payment method.

We hope that we have answered your question on whether and is a legitimate website.

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