Is Bluestacks safe for your computer? [2020 update]

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Bluestacks app essentially allows you to open Android apps on your computer. It is one of the most popular Android emulater. However, there are many concerns regarding their safety and usability. In this blog we will explore is Bluestacks safe for your PC and how to use it.

What is Bluestacks?

Bluestacks was founded in 2011. Essentially it is designed to allow Android applications to run on a computer.

Since then it has gained popularity with the ability to run any apps on a computer.

It is particularly popular among gamers.

Using Bluestacks you can download any Android apps through it. It is like having a playstore on your PC.

Using it’s application you can play Android games on your PC without any lags or delays.

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Is Bluestacks free to use?

Yes, it is free to download and it is available on Windows and Mac.

Benefits of using Bluestack:

1. Easy to install app

Besides being easy to install the app on your application, it is also easy to download any apps using Bluestacks.

2. Updated software

Bluestacks is always updating its software to give users the best experience when opening applications on their PC.

3. Looks like Android

When you open Bluestacks you will find that it resembles your Android home screen.

This makes it easy to navigate through the app if you are familiar with Android features.

4. Device integration

You can integrate your microphone, camera and mouse on Bluestacks.

This makes it particularly useful when playing Android games on PC.

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Is Bluestacks safe?

Let’s explore some safety issues and allegations surrounding Bluestacks

1. Is Bluestack a malware?

If you run Windows 7 and above and have anti-virus software installed, it may detect Bluestack as a malware.

However, this turns out to be wrong. There is no evidence to prove that Bluestacks is harmful for your PC.

The other concern with this app is that when you run first download the app, it will ask you to switch off your anti-virus software.

The reason for this is to ensure that the software is downloaded correctly.

Because of the number of files that Bluestacks have, some files will not be downloaded properly if anti-virus software is running in the background.

2. Does it make your computer slower?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this. This is one of the biggest concern many people have when running this app on their PC.

It is true that the app requires alot of CPU power to function well. Also, Android app are not designed to run on PC, hence they can take up a lot of computer power.

Also, if you have a PC with medium specs, it can cause the software to crash.

This can result in slowing down of PC or even having the games not to run as smoothly as it would on their mobile phones.

However, if you have a good computer with a high range processing power then it Bluestacks should not slow down your PC.

2. What type of computer is needed to run Bluestacks?

Here are some minimum requirements needed to run it smoothly on your PC:

  1. 2GB RAM
  2. 5GB HDD Space
  3. Intel processor
  4. Windows 7 or above operating systems
  5. Good internet connection.

3. Is Bluestacks a spyware?

If you Google ‘is Bluestacks safe?’ you will find plenty of articles claiming that it is an unsafe application.

However, if Bluestacks is downloaded from the official website then it is deemed to be safe and not a spywarre.

It does not have anti-spyware protection in it, so this means that you will need to download a 3rd party anti-spyware app into your computer.

Use anti-virus softwares to keep checking your PC for any malicious activities.

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4. Does Bluestack mine for cryptocurrency?

Bluestacks have suffered from a bad reputation of slowing down PC.

However, now many have claimed that it is used to mine cryptocurrency to make the app owners rich.

While there is no way to guarantee this claims there are things you can do to check the performance of your computer.

Click ‘Alt + Ctrl + Del’ to see how your computer is performing while running this application.

To mine cryptocurrency you will need a PC tha has high GPU performance. You can check for this by clicking on the Tabs Manager.

5. Is Bluestacks a Chinese owned company?

The rising tension between the US and China has raised eye browse on the safety of Chinese applications.

However, Bluestacks is not a Chinese based application.

It is an American organisation that is based in San Francisco.

The company has no links to China.

Is Bluestacks legal?

Many people question if this app is legal.

Emulators like this are known to violate some policies.

However, Android is an open-source which means that you should be able to modify the operation system.

Also, you can access Google Play account using Bluestacks.

Hence, the legality of Bluestacks will depend on how much are your modifying and how you are using the app.

How to download Bluestacks safely?

One of the most important thing before using Bluestacks is to download it from the origin websites.

You might get many ulterior websites when typing ‘Bluestacks’ on Google.

Make sure to check the authenticity of the site before going ahead to download it on your PC.

How to install Bluestacks safely on Windows?

1. Download Bluestacks

Go to and select the installer that you want.

If you are not sure which one to download then let Bluestack detect the right one for your computer.

2. Install

Once you have downloaded it, then open the file to install it into your PC.

Click on the “Intall Now” button.

Click on “Customised Installation” if you would like to change the location of the intall.

Wait for Bluestacks to extract all the files and download it to your PC.

This would take a few minutes depending on how fast your computer is.

Click “Open” once it is completed.

Now complete a one-off initial setup process.

3. Create an account

Create an account if you do not have one, or sign in to your existing account.

Now you are ready to start running Android apps on your PC.

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How to install Bluestacks safely on Mac?

1. Download Bluestacks

Go to and select the installer that you want.

In this case choose MAC.

2. Install

Once it has been downloaded, process with the intallation.

Click on “Intall Now” button.

Click on ‘System Extension Blocked’ and click on ‘Open Security Privacy’ and choose ‘Allow’

Once you have done this, the installation process will start.

It will take a few minutes for it to complete.

Once done, the software will open. You will need to complete the one-off setup process.

3. Create an account

Create an account if you do not have one, or sign in to your existing account.

Now you are ready to start running Android apps on your Mac.

Is Bluestacks safe for you to use?

We have addressed some of the safety issues surrounding Bluestacks.

Here is a summary of it :

  • It is not a cryptocurrency mining company
  • It is not a Spyware
  • It is not a chinese owned organisation
  • It does not slow down your PC as long as you have high performing computer.

Despite of debunking some of the safety concerns of Bluestacks, we recommend you to download it on your computer only if you really need it.

Occasionally, it can slower the performance of your PC and if not downloaded from an authentic site you can run the risk of downloading viruses to your computer.

Double-check the site you are downloading from and keep running anti-virus checks on your PC.

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