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Hi There! In this post, I will explain to you what a bullet journal is and how it can benefit your kids. But I will also explain to you why a bullet journal might NOT be the right thing for your kids

But first, let me explain what a bullet journal is.


It is a system that can help your kids keep track of the past, plan for the future and think about the present.

A bullet journal is a system for your kids to record everything from their day, their feelings and emotions and school assignments. It also includes a sketchbook and an idea generation space.

It is like a notebook that tracks things in an orderly manner.


Before creating a journal for your kid you need to determine if a bullet journal would be beneficial for your child.

A bullet journal is good for …..

  • Kids who have many things on their mind
  • Kids who need direction with goal setting
  • Kids who need help with planning
  • Kids who want to be more organized
  • Kids that are looking for a place to put down their thoughts
  • Kids who would really like to keep a journal

How your kids can benefit from writing down their thoughts :


The bullet journal consists of some complicated language which makes it difficult to understand.

Here are the 4 basic things that go into a bullet journal :

Index: a table of contents at the start of your journal and you keep it updated

Daily Log: Things you did during the day

Monthly Log: traditional calendar + things you need to do in the future

Rapid Logging: symbols that help you get those things done ( more like + means things to do, etc)

Future Log: Things you plan for the future, your goals, aspirations, etc.


On top of extra-curricular activities, homework, socializing and many more, a child may not have the time to maintain a bullet journal.

In fact, it can just get too complicated for them and they may lose interest in journaling early on itself.

If your kids are between the age of 7 – 18 years old, you want to develop the habit of writing and journaling but it needs to be made simple, engaging and creative for them.

Journaling gives your child a place to reflect on their emotions and think about their goals, journaling can also help a child practice mindfulness.

More importantly, it is a moment in their day where they can be screen-free and be left alone with their thoughts.

You can read more about the benefits of journaling for kids here. 

To encourage journaling to young kids you need to provide them with the right tools.  Before buying your kids a journal, I will show you some things you need to look out for in a journal


  • Prompts that help kids breakdown their emotions. For instance, things they loved about their day, if anything made them upset, and if they were kind to anyone, etc. 
  • Motivational cues – Includes positive quotes and help kids to love themselves
  • Space for them to doodle or draw ( not all kids can express their feelings in writing )
  • Goal setting activities – breaking down their goal into smaller daily challenges
  • Coloring pages – to keep their journal colorful and exciting
  • Space for kids to be creative
  • Rather than a book, I prefer creating an A5 folder where pages can be added and plans can be divided into different sections. 
  • For kids, I would emphasize on a journal where the family can also be involved in it. For instance, if it asks kids fun things they did with the family during the week, fun family holiday, etc. 
  • Prompts that would help kids express their anxiety and how to manage their worries.

6 other reasons why your students & kids should use the Happy Printable Journal

1. Prepare kids to log their goals

The printable journal is a great place to help kids decide what they want to accomplish in the school year. Setting goals at the beginning of the year can help students set an intention for themselves.

When things get tough, they have a reminder and something to hold on to during the difficult times. The journal is a great place to log those goals.

2. Exploring creativity as a source of motivation

Journaling requires coloring and stationery. Imagine having a place to color those thoughts and doodle their imagination down with a glittery pen. And if your kids get bored in the evening they can open up your journal and color on some inspirational quotes.

3. Family, teachers, and classmates will be very impressed

Dedication to journaling, goal setting and time management will help your kids stand out in a positive way.

Teachers love students who are proactive and always thinking ahead. The good thing about journaling is teaching kids from a young age the skills to do exactly that.

By giving your kids the right journaling tool kit https://kidsnclicks.com/the-happy-journal-printableyou are helping them structure their day and possibly their future. This will be a positive habit they will always have in them even as adults.

4. A backup place for kids emotions and memories

Not everything can be captured with a selfie.

Writing down memories can bring back many emotions that a picture cannot describe.

By writing down their holiday, time spent with family or how their day went , your child can reflect on those moments.

5. A place to take notes for meetings with teachers and extracurricular activities

Keeping notes is a great way to write down important information. Kids will always have things on their mind that needs a reminder. A journal can help put all their thoughts organisation.

The best thing is that they will have access to the information wherever they go.

6. Way to take care of yourself

Finally, this is my favorite reason for The Happy Printable Journal. It has over 139 pages of activities that help students stay mindful and develop a growth mindset.

The journal is made with the intention of focusing on children and how to help them reflect on their emotions, overcome and anxiety and love themselves just the way they are.

Inside The Happy Printable Journal :

  • Daily journaling pages (52 pages)
  • Learn to love yourself worksheets (6 pages)
  • Learn to be thankful and give back to others worksheets (3 pages)
  • Inspirational Quotes (20 pages)
  • Inspirational failure stories (6 pages)
  • Inspirational coloring pages (10 pages)
  • Dealing with anxiety activities and worksheets (9 pages)
  • Goal setting and being productive worksheets (7 pages)
  • Being mindful, content and discovering gratitude activities (10 pages)
  • Travel bucket list and travel journal pages(4 pages)
  • Family activities pages (3 pages)
  • Encouraging kids to review books activities (5 pages)
  • Monthly review activites (4 pages)

A quick peek into one of the pages inside The Happy Printable Journal Made Just For Kids Age 7 – 18 Years old

Before you go don’t forget to get the Happy Printable Journal. 

139 pages of fun, positive and growth mindset activities

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