Card Slot Drop : Simple & Easy Toddler Activity

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I woke up this morning feeling inspired to do some sensory activities with my toddler. However, the rain outside limited me on some DIY things I needed to get.

I looked around the kitchen and saw an empty container I no longer needed. And of course, there was some deck of cards the previous tenants have left behind.

The light bulb moment went off when I remember seeing some homemade card slots activities for toddlers on Pinterest. So I decided to give it a go and try making it myself.

It literally took me seconds to make this DIY card slot drop

Here are the materials you would need:

  • An empty container with the lid
  • Deck of cards. In my case, my toddler used some ABC wooden toys
  • Kitchen knife

Cut a hole at the top of the container, just enough to fit cards through. I must confess I am not good with cutting things so it went a little bigger and messier than I expected.

But it’s ok my toddler did not mind it.

My toddler literally spent a good 20 minutes on this. At first, she did not understand what she is supposed to do so I held her hand and put in the cards with her.

She wasn’t so keen initially, so I opened the lid and she got excited throwing things into the container. But after a while, I closed the lid and she understood how to slot the cards through.

It’s been so nice to see her figure it out herself after a while.

As simple as this activity looks for us, it is actually a lot of learning and hard work for toddlers.

Here are the learning points:

  • Motor skills exercise
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Concentration

What I love about this activity is that it does not cost a dime! Now your turn to give it a go with your toddler.

Oh yes, the little one got a bit more creative and started filling in the container with whatever could slight through that narrow hole. Fun!

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