Cheeky Beasts App : Teaching Children Poems & Rhymes

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Poetry and rhymes are something that I never got the chance to appreciate. My parents and school hardly read it to me when I was growing up. I always thought of poetry as something for old people.

However, now that I have a daughter I would really like her to appreciate this form of art and be able to see how exciting and creative it can be.

I was introduced to Cheeky Beasts and immediately got hooked on it.

What is Cheeky Beasts App

Cheeky Beasts is an app that can be downloaded on Google Play Store & Apple that helps children learn to rhyme using wacky poems in a fun and animated manner.

It’s developers Joy Interactive are a small app publishing company that focuses on developing educational apps for kids.

Celeste, a graphic designer, and illustrator based in the UK designed all the funky characters and also wrote the poems herself. She was inspired to write these poems for her own children. Her son was a reluctant reader and she felt the need to create something that is engaging and interactive for him.

Age Group Cheeky Beasts App :

The app is targeted towards beginner reader in mind. Suitable for children aged 3-8 years old

Look Inside the Cheeky Beasts App:

Why I like This Children Poem App:

✅I have seen many apps that focus on teaching kids nursery rhymes and alphabets but there are not many apps that teach rhyming using funny poems. Thus, making the Cheeky Beast a unique app.

✅There are around 16 wacky poems to read-out-loud with your kids.

✅Parents can choose from 3 reading options : 

  • Let the narrator read out the poems
  • Read-out-loud yourself
  • Automatically play each poem

✅An educational pop-up is also available on all the pages where your kids can try out what they have learned from the poem. What is even more exciting is that educational every pop-up is different for each page.

For instance, on one page it asks your kids to match rhyming words while on another page it asks them to draw lines for matching sounds.

✅Using the educational pop-up kids get to learn about phonics, rhyming, and words.

✅There are even music and sounds that go along with the poems. Thus making it more fun for the children!

✅ Each poem is relatively short which does not overwhelm kids with a lot of words on one page.

✅ The voice of the “Read To Me” option is very soothing and calm. It gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling of a lady reading to you.

✅ There are many new words children can learn from each poem. Besides learning new rhyming words they get to practice their comprehension and explore new vocabulary.

✅I really love the idea that they have used animated animal characters to bring the story to life. Not to forget how funny the characters can be 🙂

✅The app is ad-free and does not have any other in-app purchases which make it safe to let your child wander around it.


The app is priced at £1.99. The price point for this app is very cheap considering the amount of educational resource it provides.

How to use Cheeky Beast with your toddler :

I would select one poem a day and read it with my kids. It is good then to breakdown the words and understands the meaning of it.

You can also play a game with your child where you can ask them if they can think of any other word to be replaced at the end of each sentence.

Challenge your kids to find a rhyming word to the one in the poem and practice the educational pop-up.

Oh yes, don’t forget the cute animals where you can then discuss with them about the animal. For instance, the name of the animal, what it eats, how much it weights, etc. It can be a fun discussion. You can even follow it up by showing them some National Graphic for Kids channel about the animal.

Hence, one poem brings out a lot of learning points 🙂


I am not a very poetic person, hence using an app like this I can introduce the idea of rhyming and poems to my kids from a young age.

With Cheeky Beasts parents and kids can enjoy screen time in an educational way and yet have fun together as a family.


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