How to mute yourself or someone else in Clubhouse?

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Clubhouse is an audio-only social media platform that is increasing in popularity. It is like a podcast but people can converse with speakers in real-time. However, when listeners keep interrupting a speaker it can be very disturbing to others. Clubhouse mute option will prevent this from happening.

To make conversations engaging, yet, not disruptive, Clubhouse encourages speakers to use the mute button.

The Clubhouse mute button allows you to mute yourself or someone else during a live chat. In this blog post we will go through how to mute people in rooms and also the different mute options you can use in the app.

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Clubhouse mute options:

When you use Clubhouse, you will be able to join any rooms depending on your area of interest. You can join a room either as a speaker, moderator or listener.

Depending on which role you join as you will get different mute options.


The speaker is the person that is leading the conversation in the room. Speakers have the ability to unmute their microphone and start talking.

They can also mute back their microphone when they want to allow others to speak. However, Clubhouse mute option does not allow speakers to mute others in a room.

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Moderator :

A moderator is someone who controls how the conversation takes place in a room. They have all the right to block, report and mute speakers and listeners.

They basically make sure that the conversation that goes on is according to the rules of the app. Think of them as the admin of the room.

Moderators can use the Clubhouse mute button to mute speakers and listeners.

They also have the right to block or remove people from a room if they think they are being abusive.

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Listeners can only listen to the conversation that takes place in a room.

As a listener, you do not have the right to mute others. Also, you will stay muted throughout the entire conversation if a moderator does not unmute your microphone.

In case you are unmuted you do have the option to mute yourself again.

Are you automatically muted on Clubhouse?

Yes, as a listener you will be automatically muted when you join a room.

This means that no one can listen to your voice.

If you have a question to ask or want to raise a point then you should click on the raise hand option.

This will inform the moderator that you are willing to speak.

The moderator can then unmute you if they think it is time for you to speak.

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How to mute myself on Clubhouse?

The only way to mute yourself on Clubhouse is if you are the speaker or moderator in a room.

As a listener you do not have the option to mute or unmute yourself. In fact, by default your microphone setting will be on mute as a listener.

As a listener if by any chance a moderator has unmuted you then you can easily mute yourself.

All you need to do is to click at the bottom right of the screen with the microphone icon.

Mute clubhouse

If there is no red diagonal line on that icon it means that your micrphone is on. When you click on the microphone you will notice that a red diagonal line appears. This means that you have unmuted yourself.

Keep in mind that by muting yourself others will not be able to hear you. Hence, if you have asked a question and is called by the moderator to speak up, it is important to have the microphone unmuted and do not mute it back until you are done raising your point.

Mute clubhouse

How to mute others on Clubhouse?

When a listener joins a room, they are automatically muted.

As a speaker it is also to follow good digital etiquette. This means that you need to always mute your microphone whenever you are doing speaking.

However, sometimes it can be possible where you forget to mute yourself. Using the Clubhouse mute button a moderator can always mute a speaker when they are done talking.

The moderator can mute someone else by following the steps below:

  1. Click on the speakers profile picture
  2. Click on the microphone icon that is next to the profile picture
  3. This will automatically mute the speaker
Mute clubhouse

How to permanently mute someone in Clubhouse?

This can be done easily by changing the role of a speaker to a listener.

Only a moderator has the right to change someone’s role in a room.

To do this the moderator will have to click on the profile of the speaker. Then chose the option that says ‘Move to audience’.

Mute clubhouse

Now the speaker has been permanently muted in the room and cannot unmute themselves unless it is done by the moderator.

How to unmute on Clubhouse?

You will be muted when you come into a Clubhouse room.

In or order to unmute yourself you first need to seek the permission of a moderator.

To do this you can click on the “raise hand” button.

This will let the moderator know that you would like to ask a question.

The moderator will then unmute you and you can just go right in and speak.

When you are done talking you can mute yourself by clicking on the microphone icon at the bottom right of the screen.

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What does ‘leave quietly’ mean on Clubhouse?

Leave quite enables a speaker or listener to leave a room without disrupting others.

It is different that the mute button. With mute all you do is carry on listening to the conversation without interupting it.

But when you click on ‘leave quitely’ it means that you no longer want to listen to the conversation that is happening in the room.

In other words you are quietly slipping out of the room without causing a noise. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Leave Quietly’ button.

Leave quietly Clubhouse

How to mute Clubhouse app?

When using Clubhouse on your mobile phone, you will sometimes notice that even though the app does not seem like it is active, you can still hear conversations from the app going on.

This could be because you have joined a room and never exit. Hence, even though you may have closed the app, the chats will stay play on your phone.

This can be very annoying. You can prevent this from happening by force-closing the app.

All you need to do is open App Switcher on your iPhone by swiping down from the home screen of your phone.

Or not tap the home button twice.

This will show you all the active apps on your iPhone.

All you need to do now is look for Clubhouse app and close it by swiping up.

This will stop any audio sound that is coming from the app.

Force-closing will also result in you leaving any rooms you were active in.

Microphone not working on Clubhouse

Before joining rooms, check that the microphone on your phone is not restricted to only certain apps.

To do this follow the steps below :

  1. Open Settings
  2. Click Privacy
  3. Click Microphone and enable the toggle for Clubhouse app


Hope this blog has cleared the Clubhouse mute options that is available to you and how you can use the button.

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