Digital detox routine for children

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With kids spending more time on-screen during the day, a digital detox routine is now a necessity. 

Managing screen time is a problem for many parents. Getting rid of technology is not the solution either. 

So I am sharing with you 4 ways we digital detox kids at home that might work for your family. 

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Things to consider before starting a digital detox routine with your kids

1. Before limiting screen time, ensure that you have an alternative for your kids to do. I suggest getting more books, puzzles and games so you have options at home. 

2. Be prepared for more mess at home. In our home when we reduce tech use, this translate to more mess since kids have more time to be creative with paint, games, and other things. 

3. There could be more arguments at home. Spending less time with tech means more time together as a family which may also mean more fights.

Especially if you have two kids. 

So be prepared for some bickering and arguments. This can be annoying and frustrating. But if you want to change your kid’s routine, you will have to stick with the plan. 

4. Don’t have the goal in mind to completely ban technology. This can be rather impossible in the world we are living in today.

If you feel your child is getting plenty of sleep, exercise, and outdoor play then technology is another aspect of their day. 

The purpose of this blog is to change their bedtime routine so we can give them a good detox before bedtime. 


4 digital detox routine for your kids

  1. Limit screen time

An effective digital detox routine starts from you, the parent. The first thing you need to do is limit YOUR OWN screen use. 

Reduce the screen you use when your kids are home with you.

I would switch off my phone one hour before putting my kids to bed. This means that I spend that hour with my children without interruption. 

This set a clear example with my children. 

You might find this more challenging with teens or tweens who use their phones to keep in touch with their friends. However, you can set clear rules by allowing them to phone during the day but not at night.

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2. Dumb down devices

Sometimes due to work pressure, it might be impossible to completely switch off your phone.

What you can do instead is to limit the apps that are functioning on your phone.

For instance, I allow Whatsapp and Phone to keep working but switch off all other notifications. 

The other thing you can do is to turn your phone to grayscale so you don’t feel like checking your phone very often.

You can do the same with your kid’s devices. 


3. Create tech-free space

We like the idea of a tech-free zone in our home. This is usually at the dinner table and our bedroom. 

As a family, we all agree to charge our phones outside the bedroom. For those that need the alarm clock, you can still buy a manual alarm clock.

This would give our kids uninterrupted sleep.

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4. Create a structure

Make this a routine in your home so your kids know what to expect. 

Children work well with boundaries; if you create rules, it is easier to follow them. 

You can tell your kids when screen time is allowed and when it is not allowed. 

Whatever rules you set, make sure it is clear for you and your children. 

We believe the best way to get kids to follow rules is to make them part of creating the rules. 

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