Digital Parenting News 18 Nov 2019

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Transcription :

First up, is  Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a video game released this month with an age rating of 18+. So be aware if your kids are not 18 they should not be playing this game due to some violent content. Such as child soldiers in the middle east, shotting in Picadilly circus and so on.

Check your kid’s game settings so they cant download such games without your permission.

Next up is research conducted by Ditch the Label found that 24% of young people are actually worried about online abuse. The good news is 34% would turn to the internet for support. So always check in with your kids on what’s going on in their lives including their online world.

Youtube updated its Term & Condition, one of it is that if a video is for children then it has to be marked so Youtube won’t be collecting data. But this has left a lot of confusion by YouTube creators. Because what is classed as children’s content? Because there are plenty of videos made NOT for children but yet children are watching them. What are your thoughts?

It seems like YouTube is getting stricter in making its platform safer for kids though we have a long way to go for that.


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