Digital Parenting News (25 May 2019)

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Digital Parenting News :

Every week we pick 3 top stories in the online parenting world.

Gabb Wireless

So first up is Gabb Wireless, a mobile phone which is being dedicated especially for children.

What makes this phone different is it is essentially like a smartphone without all the smartphone features:

  • No social media
  • No browser
  • No app store
  • No games
  • No arguments with your kids

But your kids can still take photos, make phone calls and text message. I think they are adding a GPS service to it so you can track their location.

And it looks exactly like a smartphone

You can check out their campaign on Indegogo


LSE Classroom Observation Study

A study conducted in a classroom observation showed that very young children can, given the right stimulus, make sensible and adequate use of technology.

For instance, In one of the observation, they found that children are able to reflect on what they are actually playing on their tablet and able to share ideas with friends to solve a problem.


You can read more about the study at the LSE Digital Parenting Blog


With more studies like this coming out we can hopefully stop worrying so much about screen time along and maybe start looking into how we can make technology work for our kids given the right environment and stimulus

’13 Reasons Why’ linked to Increasing Teen Suicide Rate

On another study,  published the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry found that one month after the release of the show there was a rise in teen suicide rates compared to that same period 5 years ago.

The show was criticized during its release by mental health campaigners for romanticising the idea of suicide.

Sadly, Netflix responded to this study by saying that “no one is being forced to tune in to the show.”

Parents, if your kids want to watch this show, then watch it first before them to know if they are ready for such mature content.

Also, don’t forget to speak to your child about mental health struggles. You can learn more about this show and the issues on our blog.

Before you leave don’t forget to check out our summer screen time check list

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