Digital Parenting Run Down November 2019

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Transcript :

#podcast among kids are gaining in popularity as there are growing concerns about #screentime.

Spotify juped into that opportunity and introduced spotify for kids so you children listen to audiobooks and music.

Would you replace screen time with podcast?


Guardian reported about fake online influencers.

They look real, the post photos of themselves with celebrities but in reality, they are created by the ad industry.

They have been used to promote brands like Spotify, Fendi and so on.

So ask your kids are the people they are following actually real?



New research by common sense media found that

Teens spend up to 7 hours a day on screen excluding homework

Video games n watching youtube are the 2 favorite activities.

Before taking all the screen away following this research why don’t you ask your teens what they are actually up to online and you never know it could be something very positive.

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