Teach kids to draw Disney style characters using a sketch pad

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Osmo is a company that creates cool gadgets for kids. It’s latest app Or drawings uses physical drawings and an Ipad to get children to draw Disney style characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and many more.

All the drawings revolves around Disney characters which will prompt children to sketch or  color using the drawing pen they provide while being guided by the App.

When you buy the Osmo kit you will get :

  • A marker pen
  • A sketch pad that can be reused
  • Cloth for wiping the pages

You will need the Osmo Ipad base, which looks like the picture below :

Place your Ipad on the base and open the Osmo app. The app will then guide your children through sketch lessons and different activities to encourage them to complete their drawings. Kids can do tracings and add other art work on the page.They can then upload their drawing on the screen which will then be animated on the app. The video below will be better than my explanation :


What I like about drawing Disney characters using Osmo :

Appropriate for age 5 and above
Encourages creativity using technology
Kids can see their drawings appearing on the app as they draw. This looks really fun 
Kids have the freedom to be creative with Disney characters. The limit is their imagination! As said by Osmo. 
The app is available in many languages, English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, and Traditional Chinese. 
If you do not have an Ipad you can buy a base for Iphone which will be cheaper than the Ipad base

Other things to know about the Osmo app :

?This is a physical product and app : it costs $19 in the US and €29 in Europe
?You will need to buy the Osmo base: It costs $29 in the US  or €39  in Europe

Even though the pricing might seem high but I think this is a good investment. There are other apps that can be used with the Osmo base. Your kids can learn geography, writing, spelling, reading and many more. On its website it has stated that more than 3000 schools are using Osmo in their classroom.

I am a fan of Osmo products because I believe in the educational value they provide. Combining physical products with an app is a great way to introduce technology to children. Their products are also very reasonably priced which makes it even better.


Draw disney charactersLooking for other educational apps or toys to evoke creativity in kids?  Check out the following apps :

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Harry potter coding kit enables your child can build their own wand using a connected app on Apple or Android device. Amazing way to teach kids how to code especially if they are already a Harry Potter Fan.

Ps: I am not paid to write this blog post, I am just a fan! 

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