Educational toy that is screen free & keep kids active

Are you looking for an educational toy where kids get to learn, be outdoors and at the same time evoking their creativity? Check out Storyball.

It is an interactive smart ball where kids get to complete a number of activities such as quizzes, challenges and many more. It is like being inside a video game except for they are not. Instead of kids siting in front of the screen and pressing button they get to perform the acts themselves. For instance, hop, run, swim and many more with their friends.

About this toy :

This toy is aimed at 4–10 year-olds

Kids can complete cool challenges, take fun quizzes, and go on adventures. All without a screen.

Encourages children to play outdoors

Ball does not break easily despite being dropped many  times

Parents use an app to monitor child’s progress

Some issue I have with the toy is its price point. It is rather an expensive toy to encourage kids to spend some time outdoors.

Price start at $59 for a single ball.

$155 for the Family Fun Pack an extra storyball.

About story ball :

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Harry potter coding kit enables your child can build their own wand using a connected app on Apple or Android device. Amazing way to teach kids how to code especially if they are already a Harry Potter Fan.

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