Best fish trivia questions and answers for kids and adults

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So, do you know fish well? This ultimate fish quiz will put all your knowledge right to the test. This fish trivia tests you on both freshwater fish and saltwater fish. This fun fish trivia will allow you to learn so many interesting facts about fish even if you don’t know all the right answers. 

Do you love sharks? How about carp? Well, no matter what type of fish you are enamored with, there are many fish quiz questions to keep you satisfied no matter what. Use this fish trivia to prove yourself against your friends and family at home or school. 

fish trivia

Freshwater fish trivia questions 

  1. Do rainbowfish eggs hatch externally or inside the mother’s body? Inside the mother’s body
  2. What known species of fish is elongated and generate electric currents to hunt and ward off predators? Electric eels. 
  3. What species of freshwater fish are small, highly carnivorous, and can clean out the body of a large creature in moments? Piranha
  4. What very intelligent fish, of pink variety, are found in the Amazon River? Pink Dolphins
  5. This fish shares a name with the lowest adult male singing voice. Bass fish. 
  6. This fish has a name that alludes to the largest terrestrial creatures. Elephantnose fish
  7. This fish has a large bump on its head similar to a horn from which it gets its name. Flowerhorn Cichlid
  8. Is it possible to find freshwater fish at a reef? No
  9. This freshwater fish is a mouthbrooder with feeler-like rays at the bottom of its pelvic fin. Gourami

Easy fish trivia questions with answers

  1. What name is given to a group of fish of different species? A shoal
  2. The movie poster for “Jaws (1975)” features what fish? A Great White Shark
  3. The main characters of the theatrical feature films Finding Nemo and Finding Dory are what kind of fish? Clownfish
  4. What types of fish can survive on both land and water? Amphibious fish
  5. What is the world’s largest fish ever caught? The Great White Shark at 2,664 pounds
  6. In movies, what fish is known to have a triangular dorsal fin that pokes out of the water when it is hunting for prey? Sharks
  7. What are fish-eating aquatic animals commonly mistaken as mermaids? Manatees
  8. What group of vertebrates have skeletons that are made mostly of cartilage? Sharks
  9. What are fish eggs known as? Roe
  10. What is a person who studies fish called? An ichthyologist

Saltwater fishing trivia questions

  1. Are pufferfish poisonous or venomous? They are poisonous
  2. What types of fish are the biggest fish in the world? Whale sharks
  3. What is the fastest fish in the world? The Indo-Pacific Sailfish.
  4. What type of fish can change its body temperature above the water temperature? The Bluefin Tuna
  5. What is unique about male sea horses compared to the males of most other species? They can give birth
  6. What is the main reason why the Beluga Sturgeon is excessively hunted down? Its caviar, which is a delicacy worldwide
  7. Which large bony fish resembles a fish head without a tail? The ocean sunfish
  8. Why is the halibut sometimes called the holy flatfish? Due to its popularity on catholic holy days
  9. Young pilchards are more commonly known as…? Sardines
  10. Of the saltwater fishes known as Snappers, which type is the largest? The Red Snapper
fish trivia

Guess the fish quiz

  1. What described species of fish uses a light at the end of an appendage on its head to hunt? Angler fish
  2. What type of fish blows up in size to ward off predators? Pufferfish
  3. What type of fish shocks its enemies with a self-generated electric current? Eels
  4. What type of Japanese fish is kept in ponds and water gardens for decorator purposes? Koi fish
  5. This is an ethereal creature with tentacles and a stinger that is often regarded as a fish though it is in fact not. Jellyfish
  6. This mollusk or slug, which is highly venomous and in fact looks like a winged, blue creature, is…? The Blue Dragon Fish
  7. The opaque variety of this fish, which can be found in Australia, was featured in the Finding Nemo series of movies. The transparent juvenile surgeonfish
  8. This fish is the most consumed fish in the world. Tuna
  9. This fish, which has whiskers, shares a name with a popular feline terrestrial creature. Catfish
  10. This fish lives and thrives in mud. Mudfish

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Fun facts about fish

  1. According to fossil records, what was the oldest fish species ever recorded and when did it live? Fangjinshania, 436 million years ago
  2. One of the smallest fish in the world is the stout infantfish, which lives off the coast of Australia. How large is this fish? 7.7 millimeters
  3. What are cleaner fish? These are known fish that service other species by removing dirt, dead skin, and parasites from them
  4. When fish exchange gases during respiration, they take in oxygen and give out…? Carbon Dioxide
  5. Why is global warming a threat to fish? If the surrounding water gets too hot or acidic, they will die. 
  6. What type of sea fish is responsible for the death of Steve Irwin? A stingray
  7. What is the most unhealthy type of fish to eat? Wild caviar
  8. Are whales fish? No, they are warm-blooded mammals
  9. Do sharks have scales like most other fish? No, their skin is covered in dermal denticles or “skin teeth”
  10. What are the whiskers on a catfish and other bottom-dwellers called? Barbels
  11. This type of fish likes to form gangs and terrorize other types of fish for pleasure. Dolphins
  12. This type of fish has a very advanced immune system. Sharks
  13. This type of fish changes color depending on its age, sex or the mating season. The corkwing wrasse, or gilt-head.
  14. What type of poison do barracudas commonly carry? Ciguatera poison

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