Gardening for kids : Tools to get them started

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Gardening for kids can be a super fun activity as long as they are given the right tools. 

The head of  Garden Organic(, which is a charity for organic gardening, revealed some basic tools that would get kids into gardening.

In this blog post, we will look into gardening for kids’ activities, tools they will need, and how to keep them interested in gardening.

So let’s take a look at each one of them.

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How do I get my kids interested in gardening?

I remember growing up my mum would spend hours in the garden. But she actually never invited me to join her because she was afraid that I would just make a mess.

I wish she hadn’t done that! At least I might grow an interest in gardening and pass that on to my kids.

Now, I am determined to teach my kids gardening. I believe that gardening for kids can be a therapeutic activity.

The process of just playing with soil, learning about different plants, and just being outdoors can be very calming.

At least they would spend less time on their devices.

Now, before I get into the details of how my kids will love to garden, here are a few things you need to know about why gardening is good for children.

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Why gardening is good for kids?

Let’ take a look at the importance of gardening for kids. Here are some skills your kids will immediately learn from gardening:

  • Responsibility – from taking care of a plant
  • Self-confidence- from being able to watch their plant grow
  • Creativity- finding new plants to grow or recycling old pots
  • Love for nature- The ability to learn about animals, weather and plants.
  • Screen-free activity-Be away from their devices and do something fun outdoors
  • Family bonding- Spend some time in the garden together as a family. Take this time to disconnect from your phones and be present in the moment with your kids

Gardening for kids: Tools your children will need

1. Tamper and sieve

Your kids will love using a tamper to stamp on the soil to make it firm. It will get their hands dirty from sieving the soil.
The tamper is needed to prepare the soil and help in sowing the seed.

Some seeds your kids can sow:
Runner beans
Sweet Peas

2. Trowel & Fork

Prepare a good quality fork and trowel for your kids.
This is needed to prepare beds for sowing, removing weeds and transplant seedlings.
Younger kids will just love the act of digging and exploring the soil to look for insects and worms.
Colorful tools like the one in the picture above make the whole process even more fun.

3. Watering can

Now, this is the best part of gardening for kids – they get to play with water!
This is especially fun during the summer weather. A watering can is a must-have to get your kids to go out and do some gardening.
Buy a can with a rose to allow for gentle watering. Also, do not get a very big one for your child so they can carry it around and is not too heavy.


4. Compost bin

You can turn this bin into a fun activity by getting your kids to decorate and paint the bing.
This is also a great chance to talk about recycling and what happens to waste when it is sent to recycling centres.

5. Wildlife feeder

My toddler is obsessed with watching birds. How awesome is to get a regular bird feeder and let your child watch bird feasting on seeds.There are plenty of kits on Amazon to get a bird feeder. Or you can also use some other things from your home to create a fun activity of creating a habitat for wildlife.For example, leaving some water in a container for the cats, etc. They will feel more connected to the garden and learn about different creatures that needs caring and nurturing.


6. Finally, Gardening Gloves For Kids

You do not need to invest in something expensive for your kids. Basic gardening gloves or even old clothes can be used as gloves.
They will end up getting their hands dirty anyway. But if you are planning to buy a set of special gardening gloves for your kids then get it in the color that they like
Finally, don’t forget to wear a hat on a sunny day.

How to keep kids interested in gardening?

We all know how easily kids can get bored. But here are some suggestion to get children involved in gardening:

  • Keep it simple and easy
  • Give them their own space ( Not necessarily something big, few pots or a small patch of land)
  • If you have older kids then get them involved in the planning of the garden
  • Use easy and light-weight tools
  • Encourage them to get their hands dirty
  • Plant flowers that would attract butterflies or ladybugs,
  • Visit the local botanical gardens for ideas then get your kids to choose what they would like to plant.


Gardening for kids activities:

Select an activity that age-appropriate for your child. Here are some of my favorite gardening for kids activities:

  • Watering the plant
  • Picking flowers ( my toddler favorite thing to do )
  • Digging
  • Planing vegetables
  • Recycling
  • Weeding ( for older kids)
  • Picking vegetables or fruits
  • Re-potting
  • Gathering dried leaves or flowers


To remember:

As your kids start back to school and its the end of the summer, it is very easy for them to get caught up in school activities.

Even more so they may go back to wanting to be on their devices all evening.

Do spend some time outdoors with your children even for a few minutes a day.

Gardening is a healthy, fun activity for children. They can learn many new skills and develop an interest in science and healthy eating.

Make sure your garden is safe for your kids with suitable tools.


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