How to make glue dry faster? 7 Quick & easy ways

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When you are doing some arts & craft projects with your children or for yourself you generally want the glue to dry faster. It can be frustrating to wait for hours to get glue to dry. In this blog we look into the different ways on how to make glue dry faster.

Generally, people wait for hours for the glue to dry naturally. A lot of people also leave their projects under the sun so the glue can dry quickly. However, even then this can take hours.

Before looking into different ways on how to make glue dry faster it is important to keep in mind to always keep all surfaces dry and do not use too much glue.

Depending on the DIY project that you are working on, it is not always needed to apply thick layers of glue to stick objects together. Sometimes a thin layer of glue will work and this will also allow the glue to dry faster.

How to make glue to dry faster?

1. Use heater:

how to make glue dry faster

If you are working on a project indoors and there is not much sun outside, for example during the rainy or winter season then make use of the heater at home.

Turn the heater up in the room and keep the room as warm as possible.

When using this technique it is important to keep the heat going in one room, hence closing the door for that room would be a good way to do it.

This is also a good method when you cannot leave things outside in the sun for too long. Especially during the rainy season.

Another way is to use portable heater.

2. Let it dry in the sun

how to make glue dry faster

If you have a back garden then the best thing to do is to pick a spot where the sun is shinning in leave your project outside as long as possible.

This is the best on how to get glue dry faster especially when working on an art projects with your children.

When leaving glue to dry out in the sun it is best to do it when you can keep going outside to monitor it.

The last thing you want happening is you forgetting about the project outdoor and finding it a mess the next morning.

It is also recommended that you can leave the project outdoor overnight as long as you are sure it will not rain that night.

If you do not have an outdoor space or garden then pick a sunny spot inside your house and let the glue dry on that spot.

3. Use a hair dryer

how to make glue dry faster

If you are limited with time and cannot wait hours then it is best to use a hair dryer.

The heat from the hair dryer can make glue to dry much faster than the other two methods mentioned above.

If you are working on activities with glitters or paint then be careful when using a hairdryer. It is possible that with a high speed the hairdryer might smudge the part of the project with paint or glitter.

Also, do not hold the hair dryer too close to your project. Keep it at a good distance when using it.

It is also not recommended to leave young children with a hairdryer. Young children may accidentally move the hairdryer around and keep it very close to their face which can be dangerous for them.

Hence, always be careful when using the hair dryer method.

4. Use an electric blanket

This is quite an unusual method not used by many people.

All you have to do it is keep your project on top of the heated blanket and leave the glue to dry.

However, this method can mess up your blanket especially if you have paint on your project.

When you are working on a lot of projects and want to use a heating blanket then it is best to get a second-hand electric blanket. There is also the possibility of the glue sticking on the blanket.

5. Use a fan

Place the project in front of the fan and let it run for few hours. Ensure that your fan is pointing at the direction of the glue.

6. Accelerator product:

These are specialized products designed to get glue to dry faster especially when working with super glue.

It comes in a spray bottle. You will need to keep the spray bottle about 30 cm away from the project you are trying to make dry.

Then spray it evenly across the glue area. Do not put too much in one area and little in others. Spray it evenly.

The drying process only takes minutes when using an accelerator product. It is a convenient and quick way if you are limited with time and need to get your project completed fast.

When using this keep in mind not to use too much of the spray. It can sometimes make surface you are working on turn white.

7. Use compressed air

how to make glue dry faster

This usually comes in cans. All you need to do is turn the compressed air can upside down.

Then spray it on the glue area. This method is not safe for children to use since it can burn your skin when not used correctly.

Other tips on how to make glue dry faster:

1. Work on a dry surface

Make sure to wipe all surface until it is dry. Remove any water around the area before using glue.

Glue will take hours longer to dry on a wet surface.

2. Work in warm temperature

Glue will dry much faster when it is applied in warm environment.

Try to choose a hot sunny day when working with glue.

Or esle on winter days have the heating in your home switched on before applying glue.

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3. Choose the right type of glue

There are many different kinds of glue in the market. Choosing the right type of glue is important.

If possible always buy a glue that has a quick-dry option.

Glues used in many wooden projects usually dries off very fast.

4. Apply thin layer of glue

The thicker the layer of the glue, the longer is the drying process.

Hence always apply a small amount or just the right amount.

Always read the label of the glue before using it. Some glue will state that only a small amount need to be used.

You can use a chopstick or toothpick to spread the glue evenly.

How to make glitter glue dry faster?

The best way is by using a hairdryer. You can also leave it under the sun but this will take a longer time for it to dry.

Does heat make Elmer’s glue dry faster?

When working with Elmer’s glue it is best to use a hairdryer or blowdryer. This will speed up the drying process. You can also leave it under the sun for quicker dry.

How to make gorilla glue dry faster?

Firstly, ensure that you are working on a dry surface. Also, it is recommended to sandpaper the areas before applying the glue. Keep a heater near the glue area or even using fan can help gorilla glue to dry faster.

How to make fabric glue dry faster?

It is recommended to use use a hairdryer. Allow at least 24 hours drying time. Do not wash the fabric for the next 3 days.

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How to make PVA glue dry faster?

PVA glue will dry faster in a ventilated area. Always apply a small amount of the glue and have a fan pointed to the glue area for a faster drying process.

How to make wood glue dry faster?

There are different types of wood glue but the general rule is to always apply a thin layer of glue for faster drying. When working with wooden projects make sure that the area has enough ventilation. Also, use a room dehumidifier if the room temperature feels humid.


How long does it take for school glue to dry?

These are known as white craft glue. Usually it takes about 24 hours to fully dry.

Can glue dry faster in the freezer?

This will depend on the type of glue. Polyurethane glue dry faster when it is heated. Hot glues tend to dry quicker in the freezer.

Can you dry glue in the microwave?

It has to be the right type of heat being used. Keeping it in the microwave will melt the glue instead of hardening it.

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