Harry Potter Coding Kit – Teach kids how to code

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Your child a Harry Potter fan? And you want them to learn coding? Then check out Harry Potter coding kit by Kano. Your child can build their own wand using a connected app on Apple or Android device.

The wand itself looks really nice, it has lights, sensors, and magnometers to track the movement of your hands and shows its effects on your screen. When your child points on the screen using the wand it will mimic the graphics of it. 

Kano will actually show your kids how to code, as they flick through 70 different challenges from the Wizard world. The game will show your kids the fundamentals of coding and provide them with a step by step guide to coding. Kano claims that they game is appropriate for all ages.

The issue I have with this is its price point. Currently it is sold for USD99. A rather steep price to teach kids to code. But no doubt a cool gadget to have and a great way to introduce the concepts of coding in a fun manner.

To know more :Kano Coding Kit 

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