Home activities for toddlers : Stacking Macaroni

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My toddler does not seem to understand colors just yet. Everything is RED for her. So I started looking for home activities for toddlers that can help with fine motor skills and learn colors.

This idea was first inspired by a Pinterest post that I saw. However, the one that was posted used play dough as the base of the stacks. I had some cardboards lying around so I used that instead.

But, using play dough might be another good idea to make the base more stable. Here is an easy way you can make home play dough. 

Now let me show you how to make this macaroni stacks.


Things you will need:



Paint Brush ( not necessarily, I used my hands)

Sticks ( You can use some tree branches)


How to make :

  1. Soak the macaroni in paint and wait for it to dry
  2. Make holes in the cardboard but too big that the stick can come out easily
  3. Place the sticks in the hole and stack the macaroni on it.

Here is a video showing how you can do this in less than 30 seconds.

How this stacking activity teaches fine motor skills for toddler :

The macaroni I chose is rather small so it was a challenge for my toddler to put it in. She got frustrated initially but with patience, she could finally do it. This activity is great to practice her motor skills.

You can always go for a bigger macaroni if your toddler is still struggling with smaller objects. Otherwise, teach them stacking other bigger household things first. 

How this stacking activity teaches toddlers patience:

My toddler is sometimes very impatient and wants an immediate result or attention. I find that very frustrating.

What I like about this activity is that it teaches my little one to be patient while building on her self-confident. It takes a while for them to get the hang of the game. And also a lot of practice to be able to sort the colors and stack them.

Every now and then she gets irritated when she cannot do it and would throw all the sticks and macaroni. But I just allow her to vent for a while and I notice how she goes back to it and try to do it again.

And whenever she succeeds she claps with a lot confidence.

How this stacking activity teaches toddlers about different colors & counting:

Also, stacking macaroni is a great way to teach them about colors. In this I only used red and yellow. But you can choose different colors.

Get your toddler to even pick the macaroni apart and put each color together. You can even use this exercise to teach them counting. Each time she puts a macaroni in I will count with her.

Now is your turn, have you tried this at home? Did your toddler enjoy it as much as mine?


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