How to ‘Raise Hand’ in Zoom: A complete guide

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Zoom teleconferencing has become popular since the start of lockdown. With many turning to online meetings and classes, people are starting to learn how to make the most out of their zoom calls. One of the most common questions asked when doing a video call is how to raise hand in zoom.

It is not an uncommon question, in the physical world, we can easily raise our hand to ask a question. But when it comes to online etiquette this becomes tricky.

We do not want to offend the person speaking by interrupting the call but at the same time, we need to ask a question or provide a feedback.

The ability to raise hand in zoom call is even more important during online classes. It is an important way to get students engaged in online learning.

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In this blog, we will look into what is raise hand in zoom call and how to raise hand in zoom.

What is a ‘Raised Hand’ in Zoom?

Zoom enables users to interact with the host of the meeting by allowing them to give nonverbal feedback.

One of the most great feature it has is enabling users to raise hand during an online class. This will then send an alert to the meeting host.

The best way to use the raise hand feature is to give feedback or input to the host with regards to the meeting.

Users can request to speak up or send a message to the host if they are being muted during the call.

The feature of raising in hand in online meetings was first introduced by Microsoft Teams. But Zoom soon catches up on this feature after realizing the importance of it.

Google is also expected to roll out this feature soon to allow participants to ask questions during a meeting without interrupting the call.

Now let’s look into how to raise hand in zoom meetings or online classes.

How to ‘Raise a Hand’ in Zoom using desktop, computer or laptop?

Follow the steps below if you are launching zoom from a laptop or desktop.

Here is how you raise hand in zoom using a desktop :

  1. Launch Zoom and join as a participant
  2. Click on the participants button at the bottom of the screen
  3. You will notice a list of participants shows up on the screen. At the bottom right hand side of the screen you have the option to click on Raise Hand

There is also a keyboard shortcut that will enable you to raise hand in zoom much faster.

Press the Alt + Y key on either of the systems to switch on the Raise Hand option on or Off

Do note that the raise hand in zoom will only be viewable as long as you are not the host of the meeting.

If you leave an online class or meeting and the host did not reassign you as a host then you can view the raise hand option by following the steps above.

How to raise hand when using a mobile phone?

If you are launching zoom from your phone, then follow the steps below on how raise hand in zoom using a mobile device.

  1. Open zoom app as a participant
  2. Click on More button at the bottom right-hand size of the screen ( 3 dots)
  3. Click on Raise Hand

The host will get a notification if you click on the Raise Hand option.

How to raise a hand on Zoom when dialing in using a phone number?

Zoom allows users to join a meeting without the need to launch an app. Users can join by dialing in the telephone number of the meeting.

When using a phone call, participants can raise their hand by clicking on *9 on the keypad.

This will then notify the host that a user has raised their hand.

Once a participant had their query answered they then have to click *9 to lower their hand.

Can a host raise hand?

No, a host cannot raise a hand during a zoom call. Only participants are given the option to raise their hand.

When a participant has raise their hand in a meeting, a small blue hand icon will show next to their name.

When viewing the participants lists, the host will be able to view when a hand is being raised. Usually they will appear at the top of the participants lists.

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How to check if a participant has raised their hand?

  1. Click on the list of participants
  2. Those that have raised hands will have a small blue hand icon next to their name.

The same feature is available for hosts to see via their mobile phone.

Click on the Participants lists from the bottom of the screen. Then look for a blue hand icon next to the person’s name.

If you can see a blue icon next to the name means someone has raised their hand.

Zoom ‘Raise Hand’ option is missing:

There are usually two main reason when a user cannot view the raise hand option in Zoom.

  1. The bottom toolbar is not showing due to viewing Zoom in fullscreen mode. Here is what you can do if your bottom toolbar is missing:
    1. When using a mobile phone, Tap on Zoom meetings and the toolbar will appear. Then click on Participants and select Raise Hand.
    2. When using a laptop, hover your mouse on the Zoom meeting screen to show the toolbar. Then click on participants and then click on Raise Hand.

2. The raise hand feature can be missing if the host has disabled feedback or questions for the meeting. Hence, participants will not be able to view this option.

How to enable the ‘Raise Hand’ feature?

Zoom enables participants to provide feedback or ask questions without interrupting an online class through the Raise Hand feature.

Here is how a host can enable this feature :

  1. Launch Zoom
  2. Click on ‘My Account” on the top right hand corner
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Then in the Meetings tab scroll down to “Nonverbal Feedback”
  5. Click on the on button to enable participants to provide nonverbal feedback (Raise Hand)

How to lower Hand on zoom call using laptop?

Here is an easy way to lower participant’s hand during a zoom call :

  1. Click on the Participants tab
  2. Find the name of the participant that has raised their hand.
  3. Next to the name you will see the option Lower Hand

How to ‘lower’ participant’s hand using a mobile phone?

  1. Click on Participants
  2. Click on the name of the participant that raised their hand
  3. Click on ‘Lower Hand’ option from the menu that pops up.

We hope you have enjoyed this guide on how to raise hand in zoom. Let us know how you got on with this feature in the comment below.

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  1. They moved it to a different spot in the late versions of Zoom. on the Black Zoom Screen, scan across the bottom toolbar. There should be a button (usually at the end) called Reactions. Raise hand is in there. It’s a button at the bottom of the reactions dialog box which says “Raise Hand.”


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