How to save Gifs on phone from Twitter & Google?

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Gifs are fun multimedia, and they are suitable for being used in a text message and even emails. You can also use Gifs to help you communicate an emotion that is hard to articulate using just words. In today’s article, we are looking at how to Save Gif on both laptops and smartphones so you can share them with your friends and family.

When you know where to source Gifs from, it is only a matter of seconds before you can start including them in emails and online messages.

How to save gifs on Mac?

What is Gif?

Contrary to popular belief, Gif is not an abbreviation, and some would not even consider it as a word.

Gifs have been around since the birth of the internet, and some would argue that they have gained much more prominence in recent times.

A gif image is a type of image file. We have all heard of Jpeg and png file formats for images, and Gif is similar to these image file formats.

Unlike the other two image formats mentioned above, only the Gif format is used for animated images, and Gif is not an MP4 Video.

It is important to note that Gifs are not videos and they are hugely used by people on social media to express a feeling or opinion.

As the images loaded into a Gif file can be displayed in a sequence, some would argue that a Gif file is a digital flipbook of some sort or a short video clip with no sound.

Here is a fun fact for you. Did you know the Gif file format was first introduced back in the year 1987? Gif is older than the World Wide Web (founded in 1989) by two years if you think about it.

How to save Gif on iPhone?

How to save Gifs on iPhone?

When you open the Messages option in your iPhone, you will find all the trending animated Gifs under the #images section.

The #images feature is currently only available in the following countries – United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, India, Singapore, Philippines, and Japan.

If you do not have the #images feature in your country, you can download free Gifs from the internet directly to your iPhone and use them in conversation with your friends.

·     Tap and hold (Deep Touch/3D Touch) the Gif that you want to save.

·     From the drop-down menu, select “Save” Dialogue Box.

The Deep or the 3D Touch is available on iPhone 6 and every other version that came after it.

How to Save Gifs on the computer?

How to Save Gifs on the computer?

Follow the below easy steps to save Gifs on your computer.

·     Launch your Web browser. You can save Gifs using almost all the popular Web Browsers out there, starting from Safari, Edge, Firefox, and Chrome.

·     Now open the Gif you want to save. If you do not know where to find beautiful Gifs, you can conduct simple searches on Google or Bing.

·     Now, using your mouse, right-click on the Gif.

·     Select the option “Save Image As.”

·     Now select the folder directory where you want the Gif to be saved on your laptop.

·     And Finally, click Save.

It is an easy Step by step guide on how to save Gifs on your Microsoft Computer.

How to Save Gifs from Twitter?

How to Save Gifs from Twitter?

Here is how to save Gifs from Twitter.

·     From your device, open the Tweet that contains the Gif that you want to save.

·     Tap on the Gif and select the option “Copy Gif Address.”

·     Open a new tab from your device and paste the following URL in the Address bar

·     Once you are on the website, paste the Gif link inside the box labeled “video URL box.”

·     Click on the Download button.

The steps mentioned above are suitable for both the Twitter app and the web version.

How to Save Gifs from Google?

Here is how to save Gifs from Google.

·     Go to the Google Search Bar and search for some images

·     Do not forget to add the prefix “.gif”

·     Now navigate to the image tab of Google

·     Now select your Gif image and right-click on it and open it in a new tab.

·     Now right-click on your Gif and click on download or save the image.

·     You will find the downloaded animated Gif file in the “Downloads” folder on your device.

How to save Gif on an Android phone?

How to save Gifs on an Android phone?

Here is how to save Gifs on Android Phones.

·     From your Android phone find the Gif that you want to download.

·     You can directly download from sites such as the Giphy app, or Tumblr. Or conduct a simple Google Search.

·     Once you find the Gif, tap and hold on to the gif.

·     You will see an option titled “Download Image”

·     And that’s it. The new Gif will be downloaded on your Android mobile phone.

·     You can access the downloaded Gif from your phone’s Camera Roll.

In the next part we will see how to save Gifs from Discord.

How to save gifs from Discord?

Saving Gif from Discord is a common problem.

·     Open Discord.

·     Press the following keys at the same time CTRL, SHIFT, and “I” on your keyboard.

·     In the new window, navigate to the”>>” button, and then click on “Application”.

·     From the Application tab click on the “Local Storage”

·     From there select the option

·     Inside the box labeled type in the word “gif”.

·     Now copy the value of the Gif animation.

·     Now you can paste this value in any Gif downloader, or third-party apps such as the or the Gifwrapped app, tweet2gif app.

How to save gif on Mac?

How to save gif on Mac?

·     Select the “Preview” icon on a Gif that you want to save.

·     Now navigate to the File menu.

·     From there select “Open”.

·     Select “Open” for the file that you want to save.

·     Now scroll back, and tap “Save As”.

It is the easiest way to save Gif on Mac.

How to make a computer view Gif images correctly?

When you have the Gif file downloaded on your device, follow the below steps to make your computer view Gif images correctly.

·     Select the “Open With” option.

·     From the bottom of the screen, press the “Choose Program” button.

It is advised that you pick Photo App to view Gifs on your device.

How to insert Gif into an email?

Here is how you can insert Gif into an Email.

·     Open your email account.

·     Maneuver to the “Insert Photo” section.

·     Paste the image address.

·     Click “Insert”


So, there you go, we have reached the end of this article. We looked at how to save Gif on various devices starting from iPhone, Android device, Mac, and Microsoft PCs.

Leave a comment below if you did not understand any specific point. We will be delighted to assist you.

Please let us know if you want us to cover an article on making your own Gifs. Or maybe how to use Gif converters, and we can also teach you how to create Gifs using Photoshop. Let us know in the comments section below.

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