4 Best Instagram username availability generator

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With millions of people using Instagram, it can be tricky to register a good username on this app. In this article, we will be looking at Instagram username availability and some cute Instagram usernames.

Instagram has become one of the most used social media platforms these days, creating trends among youth and a foundation for various small businesses. 

Have you ever tried creating an account on Instagram, and then it displayed “sorry, this username already exists”? This situation happens because the Instagram website does not allow two or more users to have the same name.

There are over 1.3 billion active users of Instagram, which means 1.3 billion unique names on the app. 

If these many people have an account, then it can be difficult for new users to come up with a unique username on Instagram.

Now let’s learn how to generate the best username and methods to find available usernames.

Instagram username availability

How Do I Know If an Instagram Name is Available?

There are various techniques to find Instagram username availability while creating a new account. One of the best methods is to use an Instagram username checker or Instagram username generator. 

These checkers are available online, in which you can find the Instagram username availability after a few verification steps. Below given are the steps to be followed before opening a new account.

  • Go to the google search button and search for an Instagram username checker.
  • Next, open the checker and enter your Instagram username in the box given.
  • Enter the captcha for verification.
  • Then click the submit button, and then you will know whether the entered username is available or not. 

How Can I Get a Username that is Taken on Instagram?

Not all Instagram accounts are active on the app. Most people create an account and deactivate it, or they become inactive. In this case, there are possibilities to get the username of such inactive accounts. 

One way to get the username of any inactive account is to get that name trademarked. If you have a trademarked name, then you can use the name of an already taken username. 

You have to make sure that the trademarked name is not too generic. Now, Instagram will let you take an inactive name trademarked as they do not want their business to be affected. 

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Trademarking a perfect name is very easy by registering the domain name online. You will have to make sure that no one else has marked it already. 

Steps to get a username that is taken on Instagram are listed below:

  • Get a trademarked name.
  • Approach Instagram by using their support page.
  • Notify them that you have a trademark certificate or the trademark right used by someone else as a username.

4 Best Instagram Username Availability Checker

Various free tools provide services to check the Instagram username availability, which will be helpful while creating social media handles. These tools help generate random usernames or get the preferred username for your social networks.

Some free online tools are:

  1. GitHub
  2. Nametool
  3. Instausername
  4. Techno spot

These are some tools that will help you check if the username is already existing or not, and a few also help generate a new set of random names.

Instagram Username Checker GitHub

This tool shows the details regarding Instagram username availability at blazing speed. In addition, this tool helps check whether the HTTP request status code is 404. If the result shows up as the code, it will assume that the username is not taken.

GitHub is an educational tool that is the best option mainly used when people start a new business by creating new social media websites. Below given is the procedure to use this GitHub.

  • To know the shortest usernames, run the un_generator.py file, which will generate possible combinations with some special characters, and then create it as a username.csv file. 
  • While creating this, you will have to give personal information like first name, phone number, and mail id.
  • Later, if you want to check the availability status of other usernames, replace the data in any CSV files with those usernames.

How to get 3 letter username on Instagram?

Instagram requires each username to be between 1 to 30 characters. You can add a combination of numbers, symbols and capital letters.

However, if you are looking for strictly just 3 letters, it can be almost impossible. Instagram is quite an old app with millions of users.

Chances are 3 any 3 letter combination may have already been taken.

You can try to combine any 3 letters and use one of the Instagram name checker tools and see if any username is available.

Another thing you can do is contact the current user and send them a DM enquiring if you can buy their username.

Some users do sell their inactive accounts and username. You may just be in luck if someone if willing to give their username to you.

Instagram Username Ideas for Girls

Below is the list of usernames that might help you create a desired username for the female Instagram page.

  1. @PetiteBeauty
  2. @Dreamy_Eyes
  3. @BeingMusical
  4. @Classy_Yet_Sassy
  5. @DelicateDoll
  6. @Foxy_Queen
  7. @Out_Of_Your_League
  8. @EnigmaticLady
  9. @Athena_Still
  10. @Am_Flawless

11. @Versereads

12. @Angelsbasket

13. @Rubysun

14. @Randomactsofpastel

15. @Blousesandhouses

16. @Kissesandmartini

17. @Forgoodluck

18. @Vanillattack

19. @Girlganggoodies

20. @Flowerbean

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22. @Moonstrucktraveller

23. @Sunshinegyspy

24. @Saltsandsmoothies

25. @Booksandpeonies

26. @Margoandme

27. mysticfallstimberwolves

28. @Harrystyleslover

29. @Jobrofan

30. @Selena.Fandom

31. @Teamedwardforever

32. @Endoftheline

33. @Waywardsisters

34. @Caosfan

35. @Nickbrinashipper

36. @Justonemoreepisode

37. @Leftshark

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Cute Instagram Usernames Ideas

Finding a good username is a real struggle, and if you want it to be cute, you will have to put in the extra effort. Here are a few Instagram username ideas to create a unique username for your social media profile.

  1. @Bubblegum
  2. @BubblyGirl
  3. @Blossom
  4. @Candycane
  5. @KittyGirl
  6. @Kissesandmartini
  7. @Paperinashes
  8. @Pretty_pink
  9. @nugglekitty
  10. @Sweet_whimsy

11. @AngelWonderland 

12. @CuddleBear

13. @BunnyPassion

14. @CrazyCatLady

15. @Cuddly-Wuddly

16. @CuteAsDucks

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17. @FantasticFun

18. @Friedchocolate

19. @Kitty Bloom

20. @LaughingBird

21. @Santas Number1Elf

22. @SnuggleKitty

23. @SquigglyMunchkin

24. @SugarBabies

25. @BlueCobras

26. @SugarMomma

27. @Supermagnificentextreme

28. @SweetQuail

29. @SweetWhimsy

30. @Teenhug

31. @TheFamilyKnot

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32. @TinyHeart

33. @UfoBeliever

34. Butterfly Girl

35. Pretty Lil Princess

36. Golden Sunshine

37. Pink Loveheart

Many generators generate cute usernames according to your actual name. Fill in your name and tap the Generate link to prepare your results.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the above article helped you understand how to check if a username is taken or not and how to use Instagram username availability generators. I also hope you got a good idea of creating usernames for your social profiles using the free websites we mentioned in this article. 

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