4 things parents should know about Instagram Video

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Instagram is ready to compete with YouTube. It has launched a stand alone video app known as IGTV.

So in this app, users can upload videos up to 1 hour long. Pretty much like Youtube.

You can access this videos from Instagram app itself or download IGTV

Just like Youtube everyone can be content creators. If your child is already a Vlogeer this is probably another platform they will want to be in.

4 things parents you want to know about IGTV:

1. For now there are no adverts

2. Your kids can view videos of the people they are following. So its important to talk to them about who they follow on Instagram.

3. Instagram has clearly stated that it prohibits nudity, violent or negative content.

4. Instagram is for 13 years and older. So It is the same with the new IGTV app as well. But again you determine if your 13 year old is ready for a platform like Instagram.

Instagram could very possibly be the new TV for kids. Just like how you do not allow your kids to watch certain channels that is the same rule on Instagram as well. Do take a look at their followers as this may really determine the content they watch.

Don’t forget to stay safe online

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  1. You make some good points. With any technology we need to be careful what our children watch and are in too. Thanks for the heads up.


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