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Is Sarahah a good app for kids?

Has anyone heard of the app Sarahah that kids are going crazy about? It is an application that can be download from the apple store or play store. Sarahah means ‘honesty’ in Arabic.

Why has the app gone viral ? 3 simple reasons:

  1. Easy to use. Just sign up and share your ID with friends
  2. Chat bubbles pop up and you can start sending messages to other people anonymously
  3. Posting a message is very simple and receiving them even easier

Initially it is designed to get anonymous feedback in the work place. But now it is popular for its anonymous controversial comments.

This is how it works :

  • Users search for profiles to provide feedback
  • Or share a link of your Sarahah account to your social media network

BUT, this workplace tool has now been used for cyberbullying. Teens and kids gets hateful messages, insults and are bullied through this app.

Its anonymous comments makes it almost impossible to identify who the offenders are. Your child may be subjected to profane messages.

There are privacy setting in place where you can disable your profile from appearing in the search box and block users from posting.

Anyone ever tried this app? Or knows if their kids uses it? What are your thoughts on this app?


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