Everything to know about Jelly Bean Minecraft

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Most serious gamers dream of getting many YouTube views and followers because of their gaming prowess. Jelly Bean Minecraft is living that dream. 

The American citizen has millions of YouTube subscribers following their Minecraft videos and has been called the Jelly Bean Minecraft expert dream.

This success has made them among top earning gamers on YouTube, with their net worth said to be in millions of dollars. 

Jelly Bean has earned respect from gamers of all ages and is a household name in the gaming community, particularly in the Jelly Bean community. 

They are also popular in other video game communities, like the Call of Duty and GTA online communities. Also, they are active in the chat service Discord, with a Discord server for their fans.

Jelly bean minecraft

Who is jelly bean Minecraft?

Jelly Bean Minecraft is a popular American YouTuber known for their amazing gaming videos.

Besides their Youtube channel, they have a Twitch channel, TikTok account, and social media accounts where they show their gaming skills.  

Jelly Bean Minecraft’s popularity began to rise since they uploaded their first Minecraft video on YouTube around February 2021. Later in October of that year, their first YouTube Short, “Mexican Dream in Minecraft,” debuted and gained thousands of views, earning them approval in the gaming community.

How old is jelly bean Minecraft?

Jelly Bean Minecraft’s real name and true age have remained mysterious for quite a while. Fans have been speculating he was a man in his mid-20s. These rumors and speculations were fuelled when he uploaded a picture of his bare neck.

However, it has since been established that Bean was born on November 23, 2004 in the United States and is of Mexican descent.

Is jelly bean Minecraft a boy or a girl?

Another question on everyone’s lips in the gaming community has been Jelly Bean’s gender. 

Since they posted their first video, their profile avatar has been a cartoon face. And with their meteoric climb in popularity, the fans have eagerly waited to see their real face—and know their gender.

In Dec 2021, the popular YouTuber promised to reveal their real identity. A photo of Jelly Bean’s face has since been shown; she is a girl. She is Hispanic, non-binary, and identifies as they/them.

The photo was first shared on Discord before going viral on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. 

In March 2022, they shared a picture on their official Twitter handle BeanNotHere, but Bean Minecraft’s face was slightly distorted in purple coloring.

With Jelly Bean’s face revealed, some fans have gone as far as creating spam comments about her chest-waist-hip measurements – 32-24-32 inches.

Jelly bean Minecraft skin

Minecraft is among the most popular games. A Minecraft skin is an image that shows your game character’s appearance. 

Due to Jelly Bean Minecraft’s popularity, many online gamers have created Minecraft skins based on their OC from YouTube.   

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What was the jelly bean controversy?

Despite their popularity and fans who adore them, the YouTuber Jelly Bean has not been short of controversy. They have been associated with comment spamming, saying slurs, and a pedophile joke.

In 2021, Jelly Bean started a trend where fans would comment, “It’s not a mistake, It’s a masterpiece” on every YouTube short and TikTok they came across.

Soon after, the trend spread like wildfire, and the comment sections of YouTube videos by popular YouTubers, streamers, and TikTokers became spammy with that particular comment. 

This caused them to apologize for the spam comments and request their fans not to spam other YouTuber’s comments.

However, Jelly Bean is still disliked for having a ‘toxic fanbase’ as their fans still attack various YouTubers who speak against the comment trend. In fact, their TikTok account was banned, and speculations are that it might have something to do with the comment spamming.

In February 2021, JellyBean was caught in a drama where screenshots of them saying slurs spread on social media sites. However, they claimed the screenshots were fake as they had their name mispronounced and an incorrect profile avatar.

Another controversy happened during the streaming of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. Jelly Bean called the daycare attendants’ pedophiles’ on several occasions. This did not go down well with many users of TikTok and YouTube, who said the joke was in bad taste and harmful.

Love or hate them, Jelly Bean is living every gamer’s dream.

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