101 Journal Topics : Funny & Inspiring Journal Ideas

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We have created a list of 101 journal topics that would inspire you to keep writing. Journaling is a powerful way to express your thoughts and feelings.

The journal topics are suitable for anyone above 13 years old. It can also be used by adults.

We cover a range of topics from friendship, love, honesty, fear, and many more.

You can also use these journal topics for classroom discussions and ice breaker sessions.

These journal topics are a great way to help children or even adults to reflect on their feelings and express them through journaling.

Here are 101 fun journal topics :

We have broken down the journal topics into different sections. There are journal topics about love, friendship, honesty, fear, deep thoughts, funny journal topics, and more.

Journal Topics about love:

  1. What do you think is the meaning of love?
  2. How can you express your love to someone you care about?
  3. Is it normal to love someone yet no see them often?
  4. Do you think people often hurt the person they love?
  5. What are the three things you love most about your life?
  6. The one person you love the most and would give up anything in the world for that person.
  7. Is love at first sight real?
  8. Do people just fall in love? Or does it take effort?
  9. How do you think people just fall OUT of love?
  10. Do you think love is overrated?

Journal topics about fear:

11. What is the one thing you fear most in life?

12. What do you hate doing? How does that make you feel?

13. Is there anything you really want to do, but just too scared to do it?

14.  List down 3 things that make you feel uncomfortable

15. Was there a truth that you ever feared hearing?

16. How do you feel being surrounded by people more superior than you?

17. Does change scare you?

18. Have you ever been in a vulnerable situation? How did it make you feel?

19. Do you ever fear about what others think about you?

20. Have you been in a situation that made you feel scared? What did you do at that moment?

Journal ideas about friendship:

21. Describe your best friend

22. 3 qualities that makes a good friend

23. Do you think you are a good friend?

24. Do you think famous people have good friends?

25. Have you ever betrayed your friend?

26. Do you think it is easy to make new friends?

27. What do you think causes friendship to fall apart?

28. Do you think you are closer to your friends or family?

29. Do you think parents can be best friends with their children?

30. What do you do when you have a misunderstanding with your best friend?

Journal ideas about honesty :

31. Are white lies acceptable?

32. When do you think is ok to lie?

33. Why is honesty important?

34. Can you tell when someone is not being honest with you?

35.  What do you think misleading truth means?

36. Is it ok to lie to someone to protect their feelings?

37. Would you rather be lied to or hear the painful truth?

38. Are you always truthful?

39. How do you know you can trust someone?

40. Is there someone in your life that you do not trust?

Journal topics about celebrity:

41. If you can have a date with a celebrity who would you choose?

42. Do you think celebrities have a perfect life?

43. Would you like to be a celebrity?

44. What’s the worst thing about being a celebrity?

45. Your biggest celebrity crush?

46. What do you think celebrities do when they are bored?

47. Name a celebrity you absolutely dislike.

Journal ideas about yourself:

48. The person you admire most in your life? Why?

49. If you can be an inventor, what would you invent?

50. Your biggest fear about the coronavirus?

51. The greatest lesson you learned in your life

52. The one thing you regret most in your life

53. If you can turn back time, to which moment would you like to go back to?

54. Your biggest achievement so far?

55. List 3 things you like most about yourself.

56. Describe the best day of your life.

57. Describe the worst moment of your life.

58. The one person you would like to say ‘sorry’ to ?

59. Would you rather have unlimited money or time?

60. The best thing about your childhood?

Funny journal ideas:

61. What do you think will destroy Google?

62. If you could reinvent Facebook how will you do it?

63. If you can be Mark Zuckerberg, how will you change Facebook?

64. Where is the word’s smelliest place?

65. What is the silliest talent you have?

66. The dumbest way you have injured yourself.

67. What is the worst compliment you ever got?

68.  What is the craziest thing you have ever done with your friends?

69. Would you rather be an alien or a robot?

70. If animals can suddenly start talking, what would they say?

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Journal ideas about parents:

71. Do you think you would enjoy being a parent?

72. Biggest parenting mistake made by your parents?

73. If you can be a parent for 1 day, what will you do that day?

74. Do you think parents know all the answer to your doubts?

75. Do you trust your parents more or Google?

76. What is the most difficult thing about being a parent?

77. How would you do things differently if you are a parent?

78. What is the most rewarding thing about being a parent?

Deep and thoughtful journal ideas :

79. What are your biggest goals in life?

80. What is the most peaceful way to die?

81. Who are you exactly? Are you hiding behind a mark?

82. Do you think human beings destroy everything that is good in the world?

83. Are people just full of greed?

84. What is the scariest fact of life?

85. Do you think a miracle happens?

86. What would happen if people can choose how long they want to live for?

87. Do you think there is life outside earth?

88. What is the purpose of human life?

89. Would you sacrifice your life to save a stranger?

90. Do you think emotions are important for the survival of human beings?

91. What does an ideal life look like?

92. If you died today, what would people remember about you?

93. If you have 1 week left to live, what would you do in that week?

94. Will robots take over humans?

95. Do you think the future looks better than the present?

96. Can there ever be an end to war?

97. Does history repeat itself?

98. What is the biggest obstacle faced by people in achieving their dreams?

99. Will social distancing bring people closer to one another?

100. How has the coronavirus changed people’s lives?

101. What are the biggest lies people themselves?

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