30 life songs lists that will inspire your family

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Listening to inspiring life songs can help instill growth mindset in your children.

Playing lyrics that are motivational can uplift your family’s mood and bring more positive energy at home.

If you need some music to inspire your child during their growth mindset activity then you will enjoy the life songs list below.

We have a compiled a list of 80 songs of life that will uplift your mood.

The songs can also be played in the classroom. There are no fault languages in the lyrics.

80 Life songs to inspire children to never give up

1. Pompeii

Pompeii” is a song by British band Bastille. The song is about fear of stasis and boredom. The lead singer wrote that in 2020 after reading about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius

2. Save the World – Swedish House Mafia

“Who’s gonna save the world tonight? Who’s gonna bring you back to life?”. It encourages children to have self- motivation

3. Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head

This is a sweet, positive song about being positive towards life. “Raindrops keep falling” The sentence keeps repeating at the song. The lyric goes on saying ” I’m never gonna stop the rain by complaining”. Esentially the song encourages you to free your mind and not take everything in life too seriously.


4. What a wonderful world

One of my favourite all time life songs. The song first came out in 1967 but has always been a hit even up to now.

The song reminds everyone to appreciate the beauty of life. According to Wikipedia the song was “intended as an antidote for the increasingly racially and politically charged climate of everyday life in the United States.”[2]

The song is about gratitude and to show and to appreciate that in your daily life. It is the perfect growth mindset song for kids.


5. It’s a beautiful day by U2

You can never go wrong with this song about life. It is truly inspirational with an amazing tune. The songs reminds you that everyday can be a beautiful day.

It is a song that everyone should listen before they start their day.


6. Walking on Sunshine

If you are looking for a happy song then this is the perfect song. It is an upbeat song that will bring a smile to anyone who is listening to it. The song became a hit in 1997. Though it is a rather old song it still has that same happy feel whenever you listen to it.


7. Somewhere over the rainbow

This is a classic song that speaks of a magical place where things will get better.

This song is perfect for anyone who is feeling down or sad. It will lift your spirit up by remembering that there is a beautiful place waiting for you.

The song first came out in 1939 when sang by Judy Garland and since then it has many versions of it.

This song is a perfect song when your child is completing the anxiety worksheets when doing their growth mindset activity.

It is a reminder to them that things will get better.


8. Look on the bright side of life

This is one of those songs that always get played during funerals. It encourages people to look at the bright side of life because no matter what happens it is certain that death will all happen to all os us.

So why not enjoy the time that we have now while we are alive?

When using this caution do it with caution because some children might not fully understand the meaning of the song and might imply it being all about death.


9. Let it go- Frozen

Any child who would have seen Frozen would know about this song.

The tune is so catchy and up lifting.

The song even achieved huge international recognition and won both the Academy Award for Best Original song in 2014 and Grammy Award in 2015.

“Let it go, let it go. Can’t hold it back anymore…” This song is about being true to yourself even others do not understand you.

It encourages children to love themselves and not just change who they are to fit in with the crowd.

It is the perfect song for any child to listen too.


Life songs to remind children to be true to themselves:

10. Born this way

This is a song by Lady GaGa to raise awareness on ethnic minorities and LGBT community. It tells people that everyone is born different and we do not need to conform to society’s expectations on how we should be.

Since it is a Lady Gaga song, the video clip might not be suitable for younger children. The song also starts off in a rather strange way.

However, it is a good song when explaining to children about race, color, ethnicity and the issues of LGBT.


11. Born Free

This song was released in 1996. It is a reminder to everyone that you are born free despire society’s expecations and restrictions.

It encourages people to be true to themselves.

The song also emphasis the importance of having a free mind and not be trapped by other people’s desires.


12. It’s my life

This is another favourite all time life songs that I listen to whenever I feel like I need some inspiration.

The song inspires me to live life the way I want it. The song encourages you to take control of your life and to become the person that you want to be.

It also reminds people to live their life now or will be gone forever.

It is a good reminder for those who are living the life of other people and to stop waiting for something to happen tomorrow.

Everything starts today and you only have one life to get what you want.


13. Girl on fire

This song is about female empowerment. Whether you are a girl or not this song applies to everyone. It tells all girls to not let others dim their light.

14. Perfect by Pink

Every teenager or child will be challenged with wanting to be accepted by society and be seen as perfect. This song reminds every child that they are perfect the way they are.

This song conveys messages against self-harm and suicide. It is more suitable for teenager.


15. You get what you give

This song is again being true to yourself and to never give up on your dreams. It reminds everyone that they have the ability to achieve whatever they want in life.


Life song about beauty :

16. Beautiful

This is a powerful song by Christina Aguilera and she won a Grammy Award in 2004. The song reminds everyone they are beautfiul just the way they are.

Even though there will always be people that pulls you down, you are still beautiful in every single way. It is a good song for girls and boys who feel inferior about the way they look.

The lyrics remind everyone that beauty comes in many forms. It is a song that encourages self-empowerment and inner beauty.


17. Just the way you are by Bruno Mars

This song first came out in 2014 and loved by everyone. The song implies that you are beautiful “just the way you are”. It has a very catchy tune and the lyrics can just bring in a ray of sunshine no matter how bad your day is going.

The song reminds people to never change the way they look because they are perfect as it is.


Inspiring life songs about appreciating people in your life:

18. I turn to you

This song is sung by Mel-C and it is a tribute to all the people that we love in our life. To those that kept us safe and warm no matter how challenging we can be. It is about appreciating the people in our lives and recognizing the care they provide us with.


19. Ain’t no mountain high enough – Diana Ross

Whoever listens to this song will be reminded of love or falling in love. “Ain’t no mountain high enough… Ain’t no valley low enough… Ain’t no river wild enough… To keep me from you~”

This powerful life song is about kinship, about being a true friend, and to never hurt the people you love. It is about letting people know that you will be there for them.


20. You’ll be in my heart

This is a nice song to play for your kids to remind them how much you love them. Regardless if your child is adopted or not the bond of a parent is real and it is strong.

This song is a nice reminder to every child they will always be loved.


21. Music of my heart

This song first came out in the 90’s. It is sang by NSYNC. This is a song that reminds people to always be thankful to the people that have always stood by your side and been with you during the good and bad days.

It reminds children that they are living their life now because of all the people that supported them. “You taught me to run, you taught me to ride, you taught me to fly, your love is the music of my life.”

It is a powerful song to remind every child who has always been on their side and standing by them.


Uplifting songs every child would love:

22. We are the Champions – Queen

This song is sang by Queens. It is a famous song played in almost every sporting event. It is about fighting despite all the obstacles being faced.

“And bad mistakes I’ve made a few I’ve had my share of sand kicked in my face – But I’ve come through”.


23. Where is the love – Black eyes peas

This is about showing love to others and being kind to everyone around you. It has a nice tune that can get kids grooving.

The song also addresses issues like race and being respectful to everyone no matter where they come from.


24. You Gota be – Des ree

This is about reminding everyone that they can be whoever they choose to be. It is about being strong, bold, hard, calm and cool.

It has a very catchy tune and uplifts anyone’s mood instantly.


25. Not afraid – Eminem

This is about being brave with your dreams and belief. To not let anyone pull you down. To have self-confidence and esteem. This song also reminds everyone to find someone that will always be there with them. That everyone needs support.

“We’ll walk this road together, through the storm. Whatever weather, cold or warm”


26. Harder, Better, Faster – Daft Punk

This is an inspiration song that tells everyone to be productive and work harder but better. This is a good song to play for kids when they are nearing exams. It will motivate them to find ways to work smarter.


27. Don’t Worry be Happy – Bobby McFerrin

This is an 80s song that still has a very catchy tune even when listened to now. The song reminds people to never worry and always be happy.


28. Tubthumping – Chumbawumba

Now this is the top of all time life songs. You cannot go wrong with this song. If you are looking for some fun tune to dance with your children then this would be it.

“I get knocked down, But I get up again, You’re never going to keep me down”. 

This song teaches children the importance of persistence and never to let anything hold them back.


29. You’re Beautiful – James Blunt

“But we shared a moment that will last ’til the end.”.  

This is a relaxing song that you can play to remind your children how beautiful and loved they are.


30. Stronger – Kelly Clarkson

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” This song is suitable for older children to get a grip on their life and fight back so they can achieve their goals.


We hope you have enjoyed the life songs above. Let us know which is your favourite and what other songs should be added to this list.

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