Maths Calculator Tools For Kids

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Looking for a good maths calculator app or tool for your kids? Check out the options below.

But before exploring this maths calculator tool for your kids let’s see how we can make learning maths fun at home. 

3 ways to make maths fun for kids:

 It can be hard to convince children who are not interested in maths to sit down and spend time on this subject.

Normally children do not like going through numbers and learning concepts as well.

However, using the right maths calculator app, your children can change their minds about maths. 

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1.    Using math calculator tools and making learning fun for children

Your child will love maths if a likable method is used. 

Start by getting hold of a good free website that has tools for different topics/subtopics.

There are plenty of options available online so compare them to pick the one that suits you. Here are some of our favorite maths calculator tools. :

  1. – a maths calculator website with a dedicated category for each subject

Meracalculator has a separate section for each subject which makes it easy to browse through the type of equations your child is looking to solve.

Click the “maths” section and you will notice a list of tools. When you click it, the interface will load and you are good to go.

There are several types of math calculators which can come in handy for learning purposes.

The fraction maths calculator is one of them. Children normally go through this concept when they are in the fourth or fifth grade.

You can give a list of numbers in decimals and tell your kid to determine the fraction for it.

He/she would not want to stop these conversions once they use this tool. Another tool that kids would love is the HCF tool.

You can tell your children to determine the highest common factor for several pairs of numbers. There are ample calculators in this category that can assist your kids with learning.

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2. Scientific Calculator:

This scientific calculator has all of the functions of a hand-held device.

3.Kids’ Calculating Tool:

This tool will tell you exactly how money they will have when saving for a certain period of time.

4. Online Calculator:

This perform basic caculator functions like add, subtract, multiply, or divide.

5.Binary/Decimal Converter Calculator:

This is a more specific maths calculator tool to convert decimal or binary numbers.

6.Square Root Calculator:

This maths calculator app is used exactly like how its name suggests, for calculating square roots. 

7.Number to Roman Numeral Converter:

This tool is suitable for children learning about roman numbers. Use this maths calculator tool to convert numbers to Roman numerals.

8.Long-Division Calculator :

This calculator will solve more complex maths problems and will explain how they derive the answer. It is suitable for older children. 

9.Maths Cat

This is a fun calculator tool for children to know how old they are in days and minutes. It is fun for adults too.

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The correct blend of learning and enjoyment

If you question ten kids about what their favorite subject at school is, very few would pick mathematics.

This is because conventional learning methods are used by teachers.

However, during this tough span when children are forced to stay at home, it is important to pick a method that is lively and does not cause nervousness for them.

Kids of the current generation are quite smart and most of them do not need any guidance to learn educational calculators.

Learning becomes a lot easier by using them. They are very simple to use which is why kids adapt them.

This is a psychological fact about them. It they like something; they try to gather more information and details about how it is used.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a productive and enjoyable method to teach maths to your kids, using these maths calculators tools would surely help you.

Playing and building concepts at the same time

This is the best time to work on the conceptual weaknesses of your kid since schools are closed.

By using good online math calculators, you can accomplish this task in a convenient manner.

As these tools are simple, kids like using them. However, these tools also put another benefit on the table.

When kids use one of the tools time and again with a playful approach, their concepts get built automatically.

Suppose that a kid is using the LCM maths calculator. If he does this several times, the concepts regarding lowest common multiple would be strengthened in his mind.

Hence, he would not face any problems when he has to solve the actual problems at school.

2.    Diagram charts

This option is outdated and does not work that well. Parents have to work hard and prepare charts on the topics they plan to teach.

The second challenge is convincing the kid to take an interest. Most parents struggle with this task.

If you are good at using designing software, you can create charts through automated methods.

If you don’t have any knowledge of using these tools, using manual drawing methods would have to be adopted.

As a parent, you should be prepared to put in a long span for making this method work.

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3.    Topic Videos

There is no doubt that kids like watching videos. You can always use them for learning purposes.

However, a lot depends on the videos selected.  Kids would not listen to normal lectures. Therefore, take your time when you are doing the search work.

Kids like viewing different shapes so geometry is one interactive topic you can look at.

Kids would take interest in videos showing how circles, squares, or triangles look.

Again, make sure that the content has been drafted in an interesting manner. Kids lose interest in things at a rapid pace and this point should be taken care of.

Conclusion : 

Use the right maths calculator tool that is appropriate for your child. You do not want to overwhelm your child with so many concepts at a go.

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