Get your kids to unplug from their devices without a fight, restore balance in your home and support your family.

Looking for affordable activities for your kids?

Looking to end power struggles with your children?

Finding ways to support your family financially?

Want to chat with other moms in a safe private space?

Eliminate stress and feel the relief

Do any of this problems sound familiar?

I don’t know how to keep my kids busy

I want to raise a mindful child

I am yelling all the time

My child is getting too much screen time

I need to feel like ME again but I don’t know how

I want to contribute to my family income

I want my child to learn new things

I want to be a better Mum

Everything you need in ONE space

  • Expert parenting support in internet safety, mindful parenting, family income and entrepreneurship
  • Raise a mindful child, end tantrums and power struggle in your home
  • Stop using screen time as your baby sitter
  • Stop feeling helpless and alone as a Mum
  • Get regular internet safety news so you know what is happening in your kid’s digital lives.
  • Cheap DIY screen free activities you can use RIGHT NOW
  • Share recipes, budgets and family holiday planning with other mums
  • Chat to other mums in a private space and start loving yourself again (sex, life and being a mum)
  • No longer worry if someone might see what you post on Facebook parenting groups.
  • Learn how to manage screen time in your home and get the most out of technology
  • We are here to help you if you even want to start your own work from home journey

Take a peek on what you will get when you join

Free Printables & screen Free activities this month

Here are some free printables you can use RIGHT NOW. We regularly share other screen-free activities in our group

Private Community Support

Join other mums and discuss all things from parenting, budgeting, managing family life and more. Get instant answers and chats with other mums in a private and safe space ( No more Facebook groups)

Expert advice

Every 2 weeks we have live chat with experts and authors in the mindful parenting, family finance, internet safety and momprenuer space.

Believe it or not, you are not alone. Raising kids in the digital age is HARD

You can raise mindful children while keeping your sanity in tact.
Whether you are a WORKING or STAY AT HOME MUM, it does not matter.
You can be the mother you have always wanted to be.


Join other Mums and break the stereotype Mum cycle.

Overcome the hardest part of being a Mum

  • Anger & frustration
  • Screen time addiction
  • Family routine
  • Budgeting
  • Emotional Connection
  • Bullying
  • Meal planning & cooking
  • Preteens & teens drama
  • Toddler activities
  • Family income
  • Loneliness
  • Balancing work and family life

The power of a Mum community

They say it takes a village to raise a child. That is TRUE. We all need support and can’t do it alone. Being a mum can be lonely too. Use the support you have here to learn new things or even vent your frustrations, or to ask for help and advice when you need it the most.


You need to be around people you can trust, who truly care, who will listen and support you.