105 powerful morning affirmations for a good day

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 Morning affirmations can guide you to a positive start in your day. 

It gives your brains the power to control negative things or thoughts and replace them with positive things

Daily positive affirmations can help transform the way you approach your day. Even a bad day can turn into a great day using affirmations. 

The best thing about using positive statements is that it only takes few minutes every morning to create a positive change in your day.


Morning affirmations should be treated as daily hygiene. Just like how you would brush your teeth every day, you should also practice affirmations as part of your morning routine. 

In this article, we will explore different positive statements that can change negative thoughts into positive thinking. 

Do morning affirmations work?

Morning affirmations work because they reshape the way you approach your day by rewiring your thoughts to a positive outcome. 

Positive self-talk is an important component of Law of Attraction for you to achieve your dream life. 

Dr Carmen Harra agrees. “Affirmations are proven methods of self-improvement because of their ability to rewire our brains.”

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Morning affirmations are particularly beneficial for children as it helps motivates and reshapes their belief by eliminating negative beliefs. Especially, for a child that is facing personal and academic problems. 

Using morning affirmations as part of your child’s daily routine will enable you to reinforce the idea to your child that they are capable of achieving their goals through self-belief.

It will improve their mental health and help them realise their own self-worth. 

This will encourage children to make smart decisions and realize the endless opportunities available to them by having the right mindset. 

It is the best way of achieving inner peace and develop a positive attitude towards any challenges they may face. 

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How do I start morning affirmations?

There are different methods for this. I tend to print out the list of affirmations below and cut them out. 

I place them in a jar, and every day I pick one out. Sometimes I keep them in my wallet as a reminder when my day is not going so well. 

I do the same for my children as well. I create a separate jar for them and they get to pick one for the day. 

The other way to do this is to pick one from the list and say it in front of the mirror. There is nothing more powerful than watching yourself say things that would make you feel instantly better. 

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How many times do I need to repeat affirmations?

There is no rule to this. You can repeat it as many times or as little as you want. 

As long as you say the affirmation with self-belief then you are ready to start your day. 

I tend to say it up to three times. Sometimes repeating a few times can help me understand the affirmation clearly.

It gives me a moment to reflect on those words and how I can act upon them for the rest of the day. 


Here are 105-morning affirmations : 

Morning affirmations for success : 

  1. I can do this
  2. I am good enough
  3. I am talented
  4. I am can do anything as long as I put my head and heart in it
  5. There is nothing I can’t do 

Morning affirmations for abundance :

6. I am loved

7. I am blessed

8. I am special

9.My uniqueness is what makes me special

10. I have people that care about me

11. I am surrounded by joy and hapiness

12. My smile brightens up the world

13. My family and friends need me 

14. I am important

15. What I do and think matters 

16. The world needs me

17. I will spend time with people that care about me

18. My life is like the law of attraction. I only attract positivity

19. I am aligned with my happy inner self

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20. I give out positivity wherever I go

21. I surrounded myself with good people

22. Today is going to be a good day

Affirmation for challenging days:

23.  Challenges make me stronger

24. Today’s challenge is an opportunity for growth

25. I don’t give up when things get difficult

26. Every day is a learning day

27. Failure is part of the journey 

28. There is no such thing as failure, only learning

29. Everyday fails before succeeding. 

30. I choose to focus on the opportunities of today

31. Nothing can break me

32. My failure does not define me, it is what I do after that which matters

33. Everything happens for a reason, even failures

34.  I get up after I fail, and I run even faster towards my goals. 

35. I am not great at the start, but one day I will call myself an expert

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Morning affirmations for being thankful : 

35. Every day is a new start, be grateful for what you can do today

35. I welcome today with open arms and heart

36. Today I will be thankful for everyone that I meet

37. Dear universe thank you for this amazing life

38. Dear universe thank you for this good health and happiness

39. Today I am filled with positive energy

40. Today I choose happiness and peace

41. Positive mind, positive vibes and positive life.

42. Something wonderful will happen today as long as I can open my heart and mind to accept it. 

43. Today I will look for the hidden blessings in my life

Morning affirmations for self-love

44. I am loved exactly the way I am

45. I don’t need to change myself for the world

46. I am enough. I am beautiful

47. My soul is happy and my body is amazing

48. I am unique and that makes me great

49. I am born to be different and that is AWESOME

50. Why fit in when I am born to stand out?

51. I believe in myself

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52. I believe in my potentials

53. One positive thought and I can change the entire day 

54. Today I focus on what makes me feel content

55. I am in control of my feelings and thoughts. No one can dictate that to me

56. I am entitled to my own space and thoughts

57. Every day is a new day, take a deep breath. It’s my chance to start over. 

58. I spread happiness wherever I go. 

59. I am radiant. Divine. My soul is fulfilled

60. I trust in God’s timing

Morning affirmations for kids : 

61. I am strong

62. I am brave and extraordinary

63. I am smart and beautiful

64. I will make today a good day

65. There’s so much to learn today

66. I forgive my mistakes

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67. Today is a fresh start

68. I can be anything I want to be

69. In order to succeed, I must be prepared to fail

70. I am loved and I deserve happiness

71. My life is amazing

72. People love me 

73. It’s ok to NOT know everything

74. It’s ok to ask for help

75. I am creative

76. It’s ok to make mistakes

77. Mistakes are part of learning

78. Growing up involves making mistakes and falling down

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79. I am capable

80. Today is going to be a good day

81. I appreciate the people I meet today

82. Everything will be okay

83. Miracles happen every day

84. I am blessed to be alive and healthy today

85. I am slowly reaching my goals

Powerful morning affirmations : 

86. I am safe

87. I am confident

88. I deserve all the good things

89. I work hard and I can do it 

90. I am talented

91. Nothing can stop me

92. I will not give up

93. I make the right choices

94. Today, I get to shine

95. It’s ok to be me

96. Positive energy runs through me

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98. I am born to be a learner

99. Today, I will do my best

100. I am excited to see what today is going to be like

101. Every day of my life is filled with love.

102. My blessings are bigger than my problems

103. There is no problem that I can’t solve

104. I choose forgiveness than a grudge

105. I am more than my pains

We hope you and your kids enjoy the affirmations above. Use the positive statements above to encourage children to take on new challenges. 

Don’t forget to ask your child which is their favorite morning affirmations and why that affirmation is important for them. It is also a good idea to tell them to create their own affirmations. 

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