20 best Nancy Drew games of all time

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Any avid Nancy Drew fan who loves being a detective and solving mysteries will claim that there are simply no bad games by her. All the games have a very different feel and experience to it.

With almost 50 games being stretched and circulated around different platforms, it is ideally difficult to sort and choose the best ones.

Below are the most curated and sought after, 20 enjoyable mysterious games to solve.

This list of best Nancy drew games will keep you hooked up, raise the bar of expectations on every level you pass, and keep you entertained too.

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1.Treasure in the royal tower

Nancy drew games

Released: 2001

Price: $9.99

Platform: Windows

One very creepy yet interesting game with extraordinary detective tasks to accomplish.

This is the fastest-selling game that follows a story of an amateur detective to a castle in Wisconsin.

She finds herself stuck in bizarre, paranormal, and creepy occurrences around her.

The player is Nancy who works as a detective solving the mystery behind all the occurrences in the castle.

This game is said to be the universally most loved Nancy drew games of all time. When you will play it, you will realize how it makes you tune into the story line.

Hardest Nancy drew games

2. Curse of Blackmoor Manor

Released: 2004

Platform: Windows

Price: $6.99 – $9.99

While this game is the hardest of all Nancy drew games, you will end up taking notes, learning surprising facts and information regarding occult, alchemy, and heraldry only to solve the mystery in the game.

It is pretty challenging compared to other games, that narrates Drew visiting her friend’s daughter, Linda Penvellyn.

The 14 century English castle experience something mysterious and spooky. Something is hiding behind the curtain that haunts the castle.

You will enjoy solving the puzzle step by step and love the end result.

3. Last Train to Blue Canyon

Nancy drew

Released: 2005

Platform: Windows

Price: $6.99 – $9.99

Don’t you think the name itself gives you chill, plus a very shocking twist and turns awaits for you in this game.

One very interesting and universally loved game. This is one of the best Nancy drew games that features a crossover with the Hardy boys to boot.

It follows a story of a socialite Lori Girard who invites the world’s top talented detectives to solve the mystery of Jake Hurley and the titular train.

Not just that, it becomes more confusing when Girard gets missing herself, left with no choice but Drew to solve these thrilling and suspenseful event occurrences.

It is a very smooth and colourful game that is totally based on adventure. You will feel as if you are in this virtual game.

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4. Ghost of Thornton Hall

Released: 2005

Platform: Windows

Price: $5.99 – $19.99

One very modern and graphic oriented games that still holds the signature charm.

It comes with a slightly in-depth narrative, but manage to be cracked and understood without making it too complex.

The surprising tale depicts a plot where bride-to-be Jesselyn Thornton is missing in the manor off the coast of Georgia, which is abandoned for a long time.

Nancy being recruited by friends solve the disappearance and the game makes you explore ghosts and puzzles pretty well.

It depicts a detailed exploration of marriage, family issues, mental health in a clear and concise manner.

Best Nancy drew games for Mac

5. Sea of Darkness

Released: 2015

Platform: Windows, Mac

Price: $19.99

This game follows a case where the heerlykheid ship disappears with the captain itself named Magnus.

The mystery a player has to unravel is whether the Captain took away and disappeared by choice, or there was something spooky and unreal.

The game focuses majorly on the local festival of Icelandic town and the speaks whether the captain runs away with the most renowned treasure or did he water into the darkness and got lost?

What happened in the night, and where any villains involve? That’s what players unravel in this game

6. Secret of Shadow Ranch

Released: 2004

Platform: Windows

Price: $9.99

One unstoppable game that the player wishes to play without knowing when the end will be.

The secret shadow takes place at a place named Shadow Ranch in Arizona, where weird supernatural events are occurring every now and then.

There are 2 different storylines for players to solve alongside, with unlimited puzzles to keep one hooked into the game.

Players get to unravel the historical mystery of Ranch along with learning survival skills in a very deserted environment.

7. Danger on Deception Island

Released: 2003

Platform: Windows

Price: $6.99

This game depicts a story of a small seaside town, beautifully captured and presented with immersive narratives of a recently orphaned orca whale.

While there are many arguments about this game not be a part of the list, however people who’ve played it know what makes it rank here.

With lesser puzzles but a lot of another aspect of infotainment present in the game and displayed to the player, it creates a sort of excitement. For those who love the lowkey seaside games with views, you will simply love playing this one.

8. Shadow at the Water’s Edge

Released: 2010

Platform: Windows, macOS

Price: $6.99 – $19.99

Consider it as a single and scariest game of Nancy drew, where you get to explore bold moves and some chills giving mysteries to solve.

This one of the best Nancy drew games depicts drew and 2 fellow companions George and Bess, going to japan following the events of the previous game in the franchise.

It starts as a cute vacation, turns into the family-run Japanese ryoku quickly getting spooky.

With supernatural events that drive guests crazy, Nancy and her companion are on a mission to crack it. With good location, modern feel, and puzzles this game is the best.

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9. Message In A Haunted Mansion

Nancy Drew games

Released: 2000

Platform: Windows

Price: $9.99

This game is one of the creepiest and most loved games of all in the Nancy Drew game franchise.

Being too simple, realistic yet spooky with plenty of ghosts and paranormal activities circulating around.

The detective knows there are scientific reasons for all of it that occurs in the night and this game solves all the mysteries related to it.

This game is all about solving the secret behind the doors with deciphered codes.

With sketchy characters and very aesthetically pleasing decors, you will become fond of this game.

10. The Final Scene

Released: 2001

Platform: Window

Price: 19.99

This game portrays a story of a high school friend who gets kidnapped in a historic theater.

You will witness Nancy drew plunged into a thrilling race against the time to find her missing friend.

The theatre gets torn down for clues and it needs to be solved in just 3 days. Can Nancy drew unravel the mystery behind the disappearance?

Being one step ahead of the villain is the entire motto of the game and the secret passageway have a thing that makes the game quite thrilling.

Combined with travel and clever hiding spots, cues you will find yourself totally immersed in this game of mystery.

11. Warning at Waverly Academy

Released: 2009

Platform: Windows

Price: $14.99

Another memorable and most interesting game is Warning at Waverly Academy.

This game is going in a way where Nancy is sent to a school to investigate what is the deepest and darkest secret and ongoing happening taking place here.

This game was purely interview focused where the player is required to search and investigate from each student, learn their character, and know them in person.

Along with that, the alias of the ‘Black Cat’, Nancy experience severe threats from someone who would sabotage the class of valedictorians.

Was it a serious threat or a friendly competition? There is no answer to it but some serious mysteries to solve that will speak the whole truth behind it.

12. Ghost dogs of Moon Lake

Released: 2002

Platform: Windows

Price: $9.99

This one of the best Nancy drew games that follow a story of the most wanted and a notorious gangster who used to live earlier by the lakeside cabin which was recently purchased by Nancy’s friend.

As a player, you will have to pick up some extremely cold trails and investigate everything about the gangster. Also, you will unravel whether Ghost legends exist?

The flesh and blood with immense graphics along with the dog’s haunting howls is a thing that adds excitement and spookiness to the game.

You will decipher puzzles, characters, creepy old houses, also interview many suspicious people, dodge into dangerous places solve the legend case of all time.

13. The Creature Of Kapu Cave

Released: 2006

Platform: Windows

Price: $9.99

This one is a legendary game that follows Nancy visiting Hawaii to act as a research assistant to Dr. Quigley Kim.

This game allows the player to enjoy a good quality yet mysterious time in the Island Life.

The role of Nancy and the Hardy Boys will be to unravel the secrets behind the ongoing suspicious activities in Hawaii Island.

You as a player need to solve the top-secret mission of Dr. Kim missing and other deepest darkest secrets causing chaos around.

With unique puzzles, interactive sessions, and teamwork, you will embark upon an endless journey to create amazing memories.

14. The Secret Of The Old Clock

Released: 2005

Platform: Windows

Price: ‎$6.99

This game is charming in its own way to please the player with not just incredible views, but an incredible story as well.

Everything about it is different, a story that goes back in time, in the year 1930, with historical references to the Great Depression, this game is a pure work of Vintage art.

The music, environment, puzzles, characters everything has an extraordinary touch to it. These games take you to the old-time of the town and help you solve a decade-old mystery case.

15. The Shattered Medallion

nancy drew games

Released: 2014

Platform: Windows, Mac

Price: ‎$19.99

This game is all about eccentric Sonny Joon, who seems to have been one step ahead of Nancy Drew.

All this starts with the offer received to her to compete in a New Zealand, hit TV reality contest, Pacific Run.

Sonny is the one running the show but it gets spiralled way too much and out of control.

With clever puzzles, heavy gameplay, cheating, mishaps, and competition, there is something that needs to be cracked and managed.

Win the game and unravel the truth behind everything suspicious.

Latest scary Nancy drew games

16. Midnight In Salem

Released: 2019

Platform: Windows, Mac

Price: ‎$19.99

Of course, we can’t forget Nancy, the newest, fresh, and modern case, Midnight in Salem. It left an impression that players who have played it wish to go through the entire game again.

The game has a newer version of Nancy’s voice, 3d affects you can’t ignore, and a new era with graphics, story, mixed with a touch of her old and gold games.

This is a scary game with suspect, supernatural powers, and ghosts where adventure awaits and Nancy drew has to unravel the mystery.

There is no way you will be bored playing the game because it has something different to experience than the rest of her games.

Longest Nancy drew games

17. Secrets Can Kill, The Remastered Edition

Released: 2010

Platform: Windows, Mac

Price: ‎$6.99

A massive game that came out in 2 sets of CDs, a game worth remembering and playing that will indulge you into reliving the series again and again.

The nostalgia and thrill that begins to be experienced within the high school, after a murder occurred are all you can capture while enjoying this game.

You get to explore the rich environments, suspects, puzzles, and mini-games that will you to different levels.

The storyline comes with a lot of twists, many risks circulating around the high school walls.

18. The Silent Spy

Released: 2013

Platform: Windows, Mac

Price: ‎$19.97.

This game depicts the story of Agent Kate Drew who left home to neutralize a biochemical weapon in Scotland. 

As the assignment was a huge success, things turned ugly when Kate died in a car accident. Nancy couldn’t believe something like this can happen. The plots, twists, and exposure of truth will reveal something big and dirty by Nancy.

This is the most personal case for her where is embarks upon an adventure, learns a lot and about her mother that will spiral her final days.

You will also see Nancy’s childhood memories that will be triggered by the death of Kate Drew as the mystery unfolds.

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19. The White Wolf Of Icicle Creek

Released:  2007

Platform: Windows

Price:  ‎$9.99

Embark upon a trail to the hidden and secret stories to the Canadian Rockies only to make a solid investigation of the Icicle Creek Lodge.

The owner of the Lodge, Chantal has asked Nancy to uncover the culprit behind some very bizarre and strange incidents that occurred.

There were accidents, murders, suspicious disappearance involving police, wolf howls, and strange noises at a distance.

Everything is connected and Nancy embarks upon the adventure, sets her foot on the premise, and begins to reveal the secrets behind the trouble.

With rolling snow and dangerous wolves, this game will keep you completely hooked up.

20. Labyrinth of Lies

Released:  2014

Platform: Windows, Mac

Price:  ‎$19.99

Last, but not least, a game where the player is hired by a museum curator to assist through the most anticipated and much-awaited event of the year.

It is when the artifacts of the museum, some genuinely important and precious ones are mysteriously disappearing.

With no clue of who is behind the stealing, that too with full security and tight control, Nancy had to find the real story. Is it an unseen Villain, or someone trustworthy who isn’t worth the trust anymore?

Uncover the truth behind the disappearance of artifacts, learn about Greek exhibits in the World of Ancient Greece. Of course, the Hardy boys are there to accompany you with this case.

The Bottom Line

Though you have amazing choices to pick from, each of the games has a new, interesting and adventurous side to it.

All the games are indeed a must try especially if you are a fan of mystery, murder, horror, and twists that will keep you indulge in the game long enough.

This is our favourite list for the best Nancy drew games of all that you should explore, dive into, and enjoy.

There is a plethora of learning, understanding new and interesting subjects, going through gorgeous places, enjoying the best graphics, and a lot more fun. Decode codes, puzzles, and become a master from an amateur.

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