What is Nearpod code and how to use Nearpod in the classroom?

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The Nearpod code is a code that teachers give to students to join a lesson using the Nearpod app.

Before going into the details on how to obtain a Nearpod code, we will explore what is Nearpod and how it can be used in the classroom

What is a Nearpod code?

Nearpod is a tool that can be used in the classroom to make learning more interactive and dynamic.

When the teacher initiates a lesson, students can join in the lesson on their devices using the Nearpod code provided by their teacher.

Teachers then have control over the slides and presentations in real-time while students can view it from their devices.

There are many free Nearpod lessons that has already been created. They are basically presentation templates that teachers can use.

Teachers can customise the templates by adding images, videos, pdf files and more.

Teachers can also add quizzes, virtual trips, polls and more into the lesson.

Nearpod works with any Chromebooks, mobile devices and any other laptops.

How long does the code last?

The Nearpod code provided by teachers to students can last for one year.

Teachers can also adjust the length of the code manually.

Is Nearpod free to use?

Nearpod is free to use in a classroom up to 40 students or less.

Then teachers have the option to upgrade to a Gold or Platinum feature.

The gold feature allows up to 50 students in a classroom and platinum up to 75 students.

Nearpod pricing

Is Nearpod free for students?

There are a few ways to deliver lessons using this app. Here are some of them:

  1. Student paced
  2. Front of class
  3. Live-participation

All of this is available under the free version.

Students will need the Nearpod code to access any of the lessons.

Teachers will be responsible for generating the Nearpod code and giving it out to students.

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Do students need to create an account?

Students are not required to have an account to access the lessons.

All teachers need to do is share the Nearpod code with the students and they can access the lessons.

How often are slides updated?

Nearpod is very easy to use which makes it one of the favourite teaching tool by teachers and also students.

Everything is done in real-time and teachers can get immediate feedback from the students.

Nearpod is quite regular in adding free templates and slides.

Recently, they have added Digital Citizenship lessons and added game based learning into the app.

How to use Nearpod in the classroom?

There are many ways this can be integrated into the classroom.

There are over 7,000 ready to use lessons in the library section of the app.

The lessons can be used as part of Google slides/presentation.

Children can take quizzes, go on virtual trips and answer open-ended questions among many other things.

Subjects such as maths, science, english and more can be taught using the app.

There are also social emotional activities in the lesson plan.

Nearpod code

Benefits of Nearpod:

1. student engagement

Nearpod enhances engagement in the classroom.

There are over 25 activities that can be used by teachers keep students engaged throughout a lesson. Here are some of them :

  1. Quizzes
  2. Open-ended questions
  3. Pools
  4. Drawing
  5. Virtual trips
  6. 3D objects
  7. and many more

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2. Digital classroom

One of the other benefits of using this is that no paper is required to run a lesson in the classroom.

Everything is being done digitally. Teachers do not have to make copies of worksheets for students.

However, a good internet or wifi connection is needed for Nearpod to work efficiently.

Nearpod also enables teachers to breakdown the classroom into small groups.

3. Immediate feedback

Teachers can get feedback from students instantnly.

You can view the answers your students have given in and provide them with feedback.

This will also give teachers to help students that need extra help while lessons are going on.

If you are running a quiz, you can show students the answers after the quiz immediately.

Students are also able to view their quiz results without having to show it to the rest of the classroom which may cause embarrassment.

Neardpod and Google Classroom

Nearpod introduced an add on for Google slides in 2019.

You can embed your Nearpod activity into Google slides.

You can even share it with other teachers and have them add their own slide to it.

You will need to create an account to set this up. This feature is only available for Gold and Platinum users.

Nearpod Tutorial:

There are plenty of Youtube videos that shows you the different features of the app.


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