Netflix warn viewers to stop doing the Birdbox challenge

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Netflix has warned its viewers to stop putting blindfolds while trying to complete a task. The challenge is inspired by the movie Birdbox.

The #birdbox challenge started after a meme challenge based on the characters of the movie went viral.

What is Birdbox?

For those of you who have not seen Birdbox , here’s a quick summary. It is a new horror movie starring Sandra Bullock.

In the movie, Bullock and her two children are forced to wear blindfolds where they navigate through a spooky forest and river. This is to protect themselves from a monster that, if seen, will cause people to kill themselves.

This movie inspired the #birdbox challenge memes, where people take a video of themselves being blindfolded while attempting to complete a task, as depicted in the movie.

The videos are being shared on social media. A viral meme shows a family blindfolded while paddling in their bathtub. Another family was running in their living room while attempting to not hit the wall. There are numerous videos based on this challenge.

Some  videos from Birdbox challenge:

Some of the videos can be dangerous. For instance, a guy puts a hat over his head while driving and another person walking in New York city, blindfolded.

The morning talk show also joined in the challenge

Netflix announced that 45 million people have streamed Bird Box, which sets a new record for the best first-week film on Netflix.

How to make the Birdbox challenge safe for your kids :

While this challenge can be fun, talk to your kids on the dangers of being blindfolded. Here are few tips if they still insist on wanting to do this challenge:

  • Do it in a safe environment
  • Have adult supervision
  • Pick a task that is not dangerous and reckless.
  • Make sure social media settings are private before sharing the video 


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