Nintendo Virtual Reality Set fun & strange way to keep kids busy

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What is Nintendo Virtual Reality (VR) set

Nearly a year ago Nintendo launched a Virtual Reality kit targeted to children.  When we think of VR we tend to believe it is socially isolating. But Nintendo designed its VR experience for kids to be “sharable” and can be played with multiple players.


The pros and Cons of Nintendo Labo VR Kit

You need to place a headset in front of your face to play the game. There is no head strap. It encourages kids to play in short time frames as their little arms can get tired from holding the headset.
The VR kit is made from cardboard
Your kids have to meticulously engineer the VR kit themselves. It takes about 20 minutes to assemble it. 
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The idea of the game is to pass the headset around, hence making it a social game.
 Most VR set is rated 12+ because of its bulkiness and can lead to motion sickness but Nintendo VR kit is rated PEGI 7+ (for children aged 7 and above) cause of its lightweight. 
The screen has lo-fi resolution. It does not have the most perfect pictures. 
Nintendo has designed its speaker in a smart way that bounces sound around its googles, hence no headphones required with this kit. 
There are plenty of mini-games that comes with the kit which means you do not need to buy extra toys. 
It can get exhausting holding the VR set after a while. However, Nintendo insists that this VR kit is targeted for younger kids, thus it does not encourage playing for a very long time.
You can also play the games in regular 2D, with a different screen holder that does not connect to virtual reality.

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Additional stuff with the VR set

You can attach additional cardboard toys to your goggles for a more exciting experience ( The blaster, elephant, camera, win pedal). You can read more about it here.

Image credit : Nintendo
Image credit : Nintendo

How much does Nintendo Labo VR set cost?

You can buy the entire VR kit for $79.99.

If you are not sure about spending that much that you can get the VR starter set + Blaster for $39.99

You can always add the expansions later on for $19.99

The VR kit will be available in stores  and online April 12th


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Would I buy the Nintendo VR set for a 7 year old?

I love the playfulness of this set and how sociable the experience is. Also, the price point for the set is very reasonable.

I like the idea that it is made from cardboard and kids have to assemble it themselves. It makes the whole experience a lot more fun.

What is more appealing is that there is no head strap and hence kids won’t be in it for too long but also be able to enjoy the experience of VR games.

This is definitely in my buying list 🙂

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