What are the different aspects and examples of a persuasive speech?

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Crafting a persuasive speech starts with choosing the right topic. If you are findint it hard to find the best persuasive speech topic for public speaking then we are here to help.

We know that it can be difficult to think of the right type of speech topic that will change the audience’s attitude towards a subject matter.

We hope this article will help you deliver a good persuasive speech.

persuasive speech

In this article, we are going to present what is an effective persuasive speech and what makes a good persuasive speech topic? We have organized it into a variety of topics to make it easier for you.

And, what are the examples of a persuasive speech? Let’s read the article further for the main points.

What is persuasive speech?

A persuasive speech is a type of speech that is given to winning the target audience to believe or do something. 

It is done virtually to anything like voting, recycling, organ donation to make a small change to society for some good reasons.

In this type of persuasive speaking, innocent people engage in the most with emotional appeal and can involve everything from arguing from politics to eating dinner.

It can be anything that is very connected to the audience members and the persuasive speaker must meet the audience’s attention.

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A good speech will effectively convince the listeners of your point of view.

But, the important factor to remember is that you need to be knowledgeable and trustworthy about the particular topic you are discussing.

So, how do you influence the interest of the audience who are strangers? Is it enough to connect with them to make them do something you say? You will learn here.

When using any of the persuasive speeches topics below, make sure you have solid knowledge and factual information about the topic you are speaking about.

Also, make sure to prepare yourself for counter arguments.

The effectiveness of great persuasive speech also depends on factors that are beyond the words.

For example, what the audience thinks and if they are willing to accept a new aspect, the body language of the speaker, and the environment in which the speech is being given can affect the success of a persuasive speech to a great extent.

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How do you start a persuasive speech example?

The opening of your speech decides how long the listeners will tune into your presentation. If it does not catch the audience’s attention, they won’t feel connected.

Below are few ways you can start your speech that would grab the attention of your audience :

  1. Quote: – A relevant opening quote will help setting up the tone for your speech.

  2. What if Scenario: – To draw the audience attention, you must use what-if scenarios. It will make people wonder and invite them to follow your thought process.

  3. Imagine Scenario: – This method is relevant for sensational and controversial topics. And, it put your audience into an extraordinary scenario of visualization.

  4. Asking Questions: – Asking literal questions is also a good idea way to start your speech.

  5. Pause or Silence: – Pausing or silencing for a few seconds will make your audience sit down and concentrate. A pause will bring all the attention that you want.

  6. Statistics: – Using powerful and adapted statistics will resonate with the audience to spread your message across directly.

  7. Powerful Phrase: – Use powerful speech will catch the attention of the audience and keep them guessing what you will say next.
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What makes a good persuasive speech?

The specific purpose of a persuasive speech is to educate and convince the audience about the subject matter. You are trying to sway the listeners to adopt your viewpoint.

The best persuasive speech topics are interesting, have a clear opinion, and are daring. A speaker must speak about something that he knows about.

And, can answer the main arguments and give your opinion further. Here is a list of factors that make a persuasive speech good.

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  1. Familiarity: – You should choose the statement of your topic that you are familiar with. It will make it easier to prepare.

  2. Interest: – It is a good idea to choose a topic that gives you genuine interest. It will be easier and enjoyable to prepare.

  3. Audience Attention: – You should choose the topic about which the audience’s care. They will be interested in hearing one of their favourite topics.

  4. Descriptive: – You should consider choosing a good topic that is more descriptive and allows the audience to visualise the topic.

  5. Relatable and Emotional Topic: – Emotional and Relatable topics are motivators. The audience is most likely to be persuaded by such topics.

  6. Desired Results: – The desired outcome is also an important factor that makes a persuasive essay speech good.  

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Should you introduce yourself in a persuasive speech?

If you are ready to deliver an outstanding speech but not sure about introducing yourself in the starting then our answer as a suggestion is a NO.

You should not start by introducing yourself at least not in a traditional way. There are chances that your audiences already know who you are by any means.

Always remember one last thing that your persuasive speech presentation is about and for your audience not for you.

So, it is suggested to not waste the first important seconds in introducing yourself. It is one of the guaranteed ways to bore your audience.

People want to know what’s in for them. And, they are less interested in knowing you. So, take a deep breath and please do not introduce yourself in the first line of your speech.

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3-minute persuasive speech examples

For many people, public speaking is very intimidating but they can overcome it with the help of so many things.

To connect with your audience, you must know how important it is that your audience acknowledge your speech.

5-minute presentations are common in academics and business. You must participate in such a presentation to have an experience. This experience will certainly help in boosting your confidence.

There is no doubt that people have stage fear but a three-minute speech is not long. And, you can prepare yourself in a way that you can deliver the speech in the best way.

Although, a 3-minute speech is not easy to master because you need to do proper research and prepare the most important points as a case study that can fulfill the motive in 3-minutes. It should be clear, brief, and relevant.

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Here are a few examples of interesting 3-minute persuasive speech outline examples. Let’s check the full list of topics/ideas.

  1. Why adopting pets is good?
  2. Can we buy happiness with money?
  3. How to crack an interview?
  4. Why one should quit smoking?
  5. Why voting is necessary?
  6. Is technology satisfying human expectations?
  7. What can be a good career choice?
  8. Why staying fit is a priority?
  9. What role do good communication skills play in life?
  10. How to improve return on investment.
  11. Why do athletes get paid less than the cricketers?
  12. Why technology has become this important?
  13. Why is it important to have breakfast?
  14. What are the delicious and healthy snacks that are easy to make?
  15. How meditation can heal you?

Short persuasive speech Examples

Now, this is the most interesting part. We have compiled some short and interesting persuasive speech topics broken down by category.

Art and Ethics

  1. Why tattoos are considered unethical?
  2. Do romantic movies present an unrealistic idea of love?
  3. Should offensive language be removed from classic fiction?
  4. How does watching TV shows or movies affecting teenage suicide cases?
  5. Is music therapy a good way over traditional talk therapy?

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College and Vocation

  1. Should college fees be reduced?
  2. Are income-share agreements better than student loans?
  3. Should college-level athletes be paid like national-level athletes?
  4. Are separate girls and boys colleges beneficial or outdated?
  5. Should everyone study to high school or college levels?

Economy and Employment

  1. Is work from home a main goal of companies?
  2. Should the minimum salary be fixed for basic needs?
  3. Should there be a volunteer retirement age?
  4. Is capitalism good or bad for the economic system?
  5. Should everyone receive paid child-care leav


  1. What are the benefits of regular schools?
  2. Are grades accurately shows the level of learning?
  3. Should a metric system be applied for college students?
  4. Should independent learning be an option in high school?
  5. Should students with behavioural changes be integrated into regular schools?

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Environment and Protection

  1. Should hunting be banned?
  2. Should fuel-run vehicles switch to electric vehicles?
  3. Should disposable diapers be made illegal?
  4. How global warming is the biggest threat how would you handle it?
  5. Should animal theme parks and Sea world be closed?

Family and Belief

  1. Why parenting styles are important to discuss?
  2. Should children have the right to privacy from their parents?
  3. What are the ethical issues of belonging to religious community service?
  4. Should cults be protected under freedom of religion?
  5. How does family history impact you in the future?

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Government and International Links

  1. Should the United States have the ability to break away?
  2. Should Puerto Rico be added as a state to the United States?
  3. Should the judges of the Supreme Court have a mandatory retirement age?
  4. Should a country open its borders for innumerable opportunities?
  5. Should the federal government focus on increasing revenue?

Health and Medicine

  1. Should health care facilities be given to everyone for free? 
  2. Should soda be banned from school canteens?
  3. Should tobacco products be banned in the world?
  4. Is a vegan diet better than a meat-based diet?
  5. Would taxing fast food help improve eating home-cooked food?

Politics and the Public

  1. Why voting is obligatory in the first place?
  2. How politicians can appeal to new generations of voters?
  3. Are people with the impending death penalty allowed to vote?
  4. Is it for politicians to receive donations from corporations?
  5. How we can make the state of Illinois a better place?
    Science and Technology

  6. Is animal testing unethical for humanity?
  7. Should organ donation be mandated for all?
  8. Is artificial intelligence a powerful tool?
  9. Should parents be allowed to change the genes of their children?
  10. What should be the specific action for climate change and renewable energy?

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Social Media

  1. What should be the age to join social media channels?
  2. Should colleges be the right place to teach safe social media education?
  3. At what age children be allowed to have a mobile phone?
  4. How should we deal with cyberbullying? 
  5. Are social media influencers harmful to society?

Tips for delivering your persuasive speech

In this section, we will make clear some tips that will make it easy for you in delivering a great speech. Let’s check in detail.

  1. Practice: – All you need is to practice more and more. And, if you are nervous about your speaking then it is suggested that you record yourself and listen to it.

  2. Confident Body Language: – Your body language must be confident with a good posture. Your audience won’t be convinced if you don’t sound confident in your speech .

  3. Do not Read-Off the Script: – It is suggested to not memorise the script word to word. You will sound less authentic and panic if you miss the flow.

  4. Use Facial Expressions: – Use facial expressions while presenting a topic. It will help you build a good connection with the audience.

  5. Concise Speech: – It is good to keep your public speech concise. It will help in keeping the audience engaged.

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This article has explained different perspectives and examples of persuasive speech.

It may be difficult to choose the subject matter but it should be the interesting one and help you connect with the audience.

The topic should be informative, shows recent study, and you must research well before presenting it. It is important to consider your credibility at the end of the day before presenting a topic.

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