How to Play Poker on Discord? Step-by-Step Guide

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Discord began as a chat app for gamers. But it has since grown into so much more than that. Due to constant updates, there are now many games you can play with your friends on Discord. Have you ever wondered how to play poker on Discord? Then this article is for you. Read on to find out. 

This popular communications app has added so many new features within a short time that it is now the go-to destination for certain gaming experiences like poker. 

play poker on discord

How to play poker on Discord?

When Discord was first released, it was meant to facilitate comms between gamers on other platforms. However, with about 150 million daily active users, it has evolved from merely being a social media platform to a gaming platform. 

That being said, how do you play poker on Discord? Keep reading to find out: 

  • First off, join or create a discord server. If there is a pre-existing server you can use, that’s fine. Otherwise, create one. 
  • Next, invite everyone you want to be in the game with you. The game supports up to seven players, so keep that in mind. 
  • Also, keep in mind that you need to be subscribed to Discord Nitro to access this game and others on the activities bot. 
  • Once everyone is in the server, they need to join the same voice channel. 
  • When this is done, one person must click the rocket ship button, or “start an activity” button, below the voice-connected area.
  • From the pop-up menu, select “Poker Night”. From there, you should be good to go. 

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Is there a poker bot on Discord?

Bots are the lifeblood of Discord. They are the one feature that sets Discord apart from most of its other competitors. Many different bots have a wide variety of functions. For example, some could track time zones. While others could set reminders. 

Is there a poker bot on Discord? The answer is yes. Many different bots can facilitate a poker game on Discord. However, unlike the Discord Games lab server, these poker Discord bots do not use advanced graphics. Instead, they facilitate these poker games through the chat function. 

How do you activate poker night Discord?

If you want to activate poker night on your server, you need to ensure you have a variety of things. 

First off, you need to make sure you are a nitro subscriber. Without this, you cannot access the poker night activity feature or any other discord channel games.

Next, you need to make sure to invite people. These people need to be Discord friends with you already. These can be for quick games or extended discord activities. Message people if you are interested in having them join your game.  

Finally, you must ensure you all have access to voice chat. This is a basic, free Discord feature, so there’s no need to worry about getting a server boost. 

If you use a poker bot, the game starts when you input slash commands into the chat. Otherwise, begin a new game by clicking the rocket ship button and scrolling down until you find poker night. 

Can you join other people’s poker game on Discord?

Yes, and there are various ways you can do this. First off, you can join a poker Discord channel. These are communities that are dedicated to hosting Poker nights. The advantage of them is that you can almost always find someone to play with. 

Other than this method, you can create your own server for poker. If you like to play poker on Discord and can find some like-minded friends, then this might be the best option. Unlike with the big Discord channels, you will have total control. 

Finally, you can join other people’s poker games on Discord if you are specifically invited. This may be for a standalone game or for a more regular thing. The person would have to send you an invite link to that end. 

Does Discord poker user real money?

The basic answer is no. Poker on Discord is currently just a game you play for fun. Sometimes, server coins are used as a currency. 

Professional poker players play over Discord more and more often. In such instances, they use credit cards to pay each other. However, this does not mean that players cannot agree between themselves to put real money on the line. 

Discord poker night not working. How to fix?

If Discord poker is not working, it could be for various reasons. In each case, try one of the solutions given before. 

First off, make sure you have an active internet connection. Poker on Discord is an online game, so it requires a decent internet connection to function. Without this, it just won’t work. 

Also make sure your Discord app is up to date. If you are on a different version of Discord than everyone else, your game may not run. So make sure you have the latest version as everybody else. 

You can also try shutting the Discord app down and booting it back up again. Remember, closing the Discord app is insufficient to shut it down as it remains active in the system tray. As such, make sure you disable it fully before opening it again. 

If you are playing with a poker bot and it is not working, try removing it and adding it back. If this doesn’t work, take things a step further and add a whole new poker bot. 

If something other than these fixes works for you, the problem may originate with someone else in the poker community. In that case, have them try any of these fixes. This would likely lead to a resolution of the issue for all players. 

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