What does Poggers mean online and how to use the word?

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The term poggers is used a lot in live streaming platforms like Twitch. Sometimes it is referred as ‘pog’. The word is also often seen in the comment section of live stream videos.

In this blog we will go through what does poggers mean? and how can it be used?

What does poggers mean?

It basically is a type of emoticon used in Twitch which looks like a surprised frog.


It comes from the comic street, Pepe family.

Initially it is used a lot by far right political movements to show an innocent and surprised look towards what the main government is doing.

However, now Poggers is used a lot in Twitch which essentially is used to show excitement.

Instead of typing the word ‘awesome’ or ‘epic’, users would send the poggers emoticon.

Poggers is a strange word that is an internet slang term which shows expression of excitement or a shocked emotion. It is often used in the gaming community. It can also be used to express enthusiasm.

It is a positive term that is used by viewers to support their Twitch player when they have done something exciting while live streaming their game.

It lets the player of the game know that they are doing something great and their audience is enjoying their live stream.

Others words which describe Poggers

  • Amazing
  • Awesome
  • Elegant
  • Wow
  • Captivating
  • Breathtaking
  • Delightful
  • Heavenly
  • Incredible
  • Impressive
  • Fantastic
  • Magnificent
  • Magical
  • Marvelous
  • Wonderful
  • Superb
  • Shocking
  • Spectacular

Is poggers a bad word?

No, it is a positive word that shows excitement.

It is not a bad word and used when other players or viewers are surprised.

It can be easily confused in the real world as a bad word. However, it is not a bad word.

Poggers emote:

Emote basically means showing emotions using images or in a theatrical manner.

Same way it is a form of emote that shows the reaction of surprise and excite using a surprised frog image.

Hence, instead of typing your reactions you can send a poggers emote to show emotions like ‘great’, ‘awesome’, etc.

What is poggers meme?

A meme is basically a video, or images that are humorous in nature and shared online.

The meme uses the image of Pepe the frog and has some funny text attached to it.

There are many different meme out there. It is open to interpretation and depends on how a user uses it.

You can also create your own Poggers meme to show things like ‘unbelievable’ or anything you like.

What is pogchamp?

This means the same thing as poggers, except for it is used to refer to a person.

The player that does something amazing online is called a pogchamp.

For instance: Win the match against the top player in 2021!

Everyone says : POGCHAMP!

The term Pogchamp initially was said by a famous Twitch streamer, Gootecks.

In one of his live streaming he said “Pog Champion” which is now shortened as ‘Pogchamp’.

What is Poggers face?

This is basically the face of the streamer Gootecks.

poggers face

He is the original pogger’s face. It is the face he makes when someone knocks on his camera when he is making a video.

The face is not used very often but essentially it means the same thing, showing a reaction of surprise in a positive way.

What is POG in gaming?

This is something completely different from poggers but often confused as the same thing.

POG stands for ‘Play of the Game’ which is to show the best play in the game.

Often viewers use POG in the comment section of a game when they see something really good happening.

How is Poggers used in Twitch?

Poggers actually cannot be found on Twitch.

In order to use it, you will need to download FrankerFaceZ or BBTV extension.

They are essentially third-party plugins that enable Twitch users to upload their emotes while chatting on Twitch.

Some of the emotes that have been uploaded on Twitch have gone viral, while many others remain to emote used by a small group of people.

You will need to connect FrankerFaceZ to your Twitch account in order to upload your own Poggers. You get up to 25 free custom emotes.

BBTV is similar to FrankerFace Z plugin. You will need to install the plugin and connect it to your Twitch account.

What is MonkaS?

MonkaS is similar emote to Pepe the Frog.

This meme is basically used when players is going through a stressful gaming moment. It is often used to show anxiety.

Who is Gootecks?

The real person behind the scene that made Pepe the frog famous on Twitch is Gootecks.

He is a streamer that first put out the poggers emote.

Gootecks recorded someone who bump into his camera and made a surprise face at that particular scene.

Every since then Pepe the frog became the famous online surprise face.

How to use poggers emoji on Discord?

Besides Twitch, this emote is used on other social media apps including discord.

It is also a famous sticker often used by Whatsapp users.

However, the emoji does not come in your discord app. You will first need to upload the emoji into the app.

Follow the steps below to get the emoji on discord:

  1. Download the poggers emoji and then open Discord app.

2. Click on the menu icon (3 lines) on the left of the screen.

3. Then click on the 3 dots next to your name

4. Click on settings

5. Scroll down till you see the word emoji.

6. Then click on upload emoji.

Now you can use the this emoji when chatting on Discord.

You can see the emoji by clicking on the emoji button on your keyboard.


We hope in this blog we have covered the meaning of poggers and how it can be used.

In summary, instead of typing words like ‘awesome’, ‘shock’, ‘epic’ just send the poggers image and everyone will understand what it means.


Why can’t I find the Poggers emote on Twitch?

This is usually caused because you do not have the BBTV plugin downloaded. Once you download the plugin you will be able to view many emotes.

Can I use Poggers for my own Twitch channel as a personal emote?

You cannot use it for your own personal Twitch chat.

When didPoggers first came out?

In 2017, all Twitch users can see Poggers emote and use it if they have right extension on their browser.

Why do streamers say Poggers?

The term Poggers is used to show excitement or suprise.

Is Poggers the same as POG?

Technically it is the same but has some differences in them. Poggers is based on PogChamp which is based on a video by Gootecks. At this time Gootecks and Mike Ross was playing a video game named Pog, and this is how we get the name PogChamp. Hence, PogChamp refers to people who are expert at the game Pog. However, the word Poggers has nothing to do with Pog game.

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