Pokemon Go News & Trends (Update 2020)

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In this blog, we will keep you updated with the latest Pokemon Go news and trends. 

We will look into its parental control features, the Pokemon Go news festival, and the evolutions coming to Pokemon Go. 

But first I will help you understand what Pokemon Go is all about and the obsession people have with this game. 

What is Pokemon Go :

Pokemon Go News 1 : Festival (July 2020)

Pokemon Go festival is a virtual event that will take place on 25 & 26th July 2020. 

Pokemon Go trainers can participate in the two-day event and paly in a different storyline both days.

To attend the event, attendees need to pay USD$14.99 for a ticket. Tickets can be purchased directly from the official pokemon website.

Pokemon Go News 2: Ban on Pokemon Go on IOS devices (June 2020)

Niantic the founders of Pokemon Go are investigating a report whereby many players are banned from playing the game. 

Players on Reddit posted that they have been banned for 7 days for no reason. Also, it has been found that these are players that haven’t updated to IOS 13. 

It is quite a new issue that is currently being dealt with.

The creators of Pokemon God have suggested players wait until the problem is resolved.

They also advise on the following:

  • Don’t create a second account 
  • Don’t keep submitting tickets
  • Following Niantic on Twitter for the latest update regarding this matter. 

Pokemon Go News 3: Disable Go Battles League (June 2020): 

Niantic is investigating an exploit on the GO Battle League system and has since suspended the league. 

One player has been found to allow other players to generate extra energy from Fast moves during their Charged move animation

Until now it is still unclear how the exploit happens.

Pokemon Go News 4 : Parental control features in this game.  

To protect children online Pokemon Go has introduced a parental control option.

 Using the new feature parents can keep a close eye on their children’s accounts.

Parents will have a special portal where once they are logged in they can manage their child’s privacy settings and limit the personal information they share.

Parents can review and approve permissions before they start playing the game

Given the popularity of Pokemon Go, it is surprising that it took them this long to have better privacy settings. Better late than never.

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Things parents should know about Pokemon Go

  1. Privacy issues have been found in this game, it is best to keep updating to the latest version
  2. Your child’s location and information are tracked and stored.
  3. Personal information such as name, age, and email address is collected
  4. If your child is below 13 years old you must confirm their account.

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Things to discuss with your child before playing Pokemon Go:

Road safety – Discuss about road safety with your child. It is easy to keep looking down at the screen and not watching where you are going while playing this game

Other people’s privacy – Ensure your child know not to enter someone else’s house or compound and to respects the neighbourhood in which they are playing

Your own privacy – Create a separate email account for video games and keep them secure. Do not sign up to any games using social media accounts.

Screen management – Even though Pokemon is an outdoor activity it still does include screen time. Talk with your child about balancing screen time and set limit  to how long they can spend on the game. 

Safety – Talk to your kids about being aware of their surroundings. Let them know that they should not go to places they are not familiar with especially not alone.

Common Sense Media have reviewed Pokemon Go to be appropriate for kids aged 13 and above.

The new parental settings are aimed to enable younger children to play this game.

If possible avoid any activities that include screen time. Encourage children to play outdoors screen-free. 



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