What is the meaning of PTR in Clubhouse?

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There is plenty of slang that goes around when you use any social media platform. Some of the acronyms can be quite confusing. Each platform will use the same acronym differently. Although Clubhouse is a new social media platform, it is already being bombarded by some acronyms like PTR. In this blog, we will go through the meaning of PTR in Clubhouse and how it is being used.

What is the meaning of PTR in Clubhouse?

PTR basically stands for ‘Pull To Refresh’.

You will see this acronym being used whenever a moderator wants you to pull the screen down to refresh the page.

It is sometimes referred as ‘Pull To Reveal’.

Essentially, it is asking you to refresh the screen. Sometimes not just the moderator but also the speaker will say PTR.

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How do you refresh screen on Clubhouse or do a PTR?

It is easy to refresh your screen on Clubhouse. All you need to do is pull your screen down.

You can do this by using your finger and push the screen downward.

Hold the screen for atleast 5 seconds when you are pulling it downwards.

If you let your fingers go too fast, the page will not refresh.

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How is PTR in Clubhhouse being used by speakers or moderators?

You will notice that there is no way of sharing images in Clubhouse.

Hence, moderators or speakers often keep changing their profile picture if they need to show you an image while doing their talk. Changing profile picture is the only way to add images in Clubhouse.

When you pull your screen down, you will see that the speaker’s profile photo has changed.

Also, you will notice that the room has been updated.

When this happens the speaker might just say PTR. This is an indication for you to refresh your screen. In other words pull your screen down.

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Hopefully you now know the meaning of PTR in Clubhouse and how it is being used by moderators and speakers.

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