70+ Funny & clever pumpkin patch captions for this season

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With the fall season in full swing and Halloween around the corner, pumpkin popularity is rising. Do you plan to take a trip to the pumpkin patch soon? Well then, with these pumpkin patch captions, it should be easier to document your journey and make it memorable.   

The pumpkin patch captions included in this article are of a wide variety, ranging from funny to clever pumpkin patch captions. No matter what kind of pumpkin situation you find yourself in this fall, these pumpkin patch captions have you covered. 

pumpkin patch captions

Funny Pumpkin patch captions

Do you feel like making your followers laugh? Well, these funny pumpkin patch captions will do the trick. They are composed of the best pumpkin puns and fall holiday-themed dad jokes. These funny captions are sure to elicit a chuckle from your followers. 

  1. If I checked my blood type, it would probably be P for Pumpkin 
  2. There’s no such thing as a lousy pumpkin meal
  3. Hating apple cider is an immature trait
  4. Dear gourd, please fill me up with your goodness
  5. I get excited at the pumpkin patch like it’s a candy store
  6. Rocking my oversized sweaters with pride this fall
  7. I bet my favorite fall gourd is way cuter than yours
  8. Do you know what my favorite movie to watch during the fall is? The gourd of the rings
  9. Like Henry David Thoreau, I, too love to sit on Pumpkins
  10. I wish I had thick skin like a pumpkin. I’d be way less sensitive.

Pumpkin patch captions for families 

Families love to get together during the fall holidays. And to capture that unique feeling of family unity on your Instagram posts, this list of pumpkin patch captions will serve you incredibly well. 

  1. I made pumpkin pie for my cutie pies
  2. Smashing pumpkins is an underrated family activity
  3. The perfect pumpkin is the one that brings a family together
  4. Sending good harvest wishes your way from me and my family
  5. I love spending time with my family in the fall
  6. The best thing about the fall holidays are family photos for our Instagram feeds
  7. Fall is the best season for a family get together 
  8. Who else agrees that the best pictures of your family happen during the fall?
  9. In this family, pumpkin pie is our favorite pumpkin dessert
  10. Life’s bounty is a truck full of pumpkins for the whole family
  11. Funny how my kids love fall just as much as Charlie Brown
  12. How do you love our matching fall sweaters?
  13. What are some of your favorite fall family meals?
  14. My kids are my smashing little pumpkins
  15. Everyone in this family loves October
pumpkin patch captions

Dog Pumpkin patch captions

Some dogs love the fall. And they love pumpkin patches too. These pumpkin patch captions show off your dog’s love for their favorite season of the year.  

  1. The cutest pumpkin in this field is my dog
  2. Dog walks during pumpkin season are just magical
  3. My dog loves to get lost in a corn maze
  4. Believe it or not, my dog loves the crisp sunburnt leaves more than me
  5. The best way to entertain your dog during fall is to take it on a walk
  6. Nothing my dog loves more than a pumpkin patch that covers a large area
  7. A dog with a jack-o-lantern head is a terrifying sight
  8. In dog years, fall must last an eternity
  9. No use sweeping the maple leaves during the fall. My dog is just going to scatter them again. 
  10. Outdoor pumpkin patches make surprisingly good dog parks. 

Pumpkin patch captions for friends

These fall Instagram captions will perfectly communicate how much of a blessing it is to get together with your friends and hang out in the autumn. 

  1. Having fall fun with my besties
  2. Sending pumpkin kisses to all my friends
  3. Best friends accompany each other to the pumpkin patch
  4. There’s love and friendship in the crisp air of fall
  5. My friends are the best pick for the patch
  6. There are few feelings better than going down a pumpkin patch road with your best friends
  7. You meet some of the best people in your neighborhood at your local pumpkin patch
  8. Pumpkin picking is one of the best ideas for a platonic date
  9. I and my two best friends are like the three heads of a maple leaf
  10. Hanging out with my friends at apple orchards is one of my favorite things to do in the fall

Good Pumpkin captions

When it comes to great pumpkin Instagram captions, look no further than this list. While it’s not a complete list of great captions, these clever captions and sweet one-liners will achieve a lot for your social media in very little space.  

  1. Only a little time left till the leaves turn golden
  2. Sweater weather turns me into an Instagram fashionista 
  3. Here are some pumpkin patch photos to spice up your social media feed
  4. Fall inspires the poet in me. What are some of your favorite fall quotes? 
  5. Pumpkin patch exploring is one of my favorite activities of the fall season
  6. I love how autumn leaves crunch beneath my feet
  7. Hey, baby. Can I be your hay baby?
  8. Did you know pumpkin seeds are full of valuable nutrients?
  9. Pumpkin patches are some of the best places to meet new people
  10. I love fall becomes it comes in my favorite color
  11. The best pumpkin patches are incredibly scenic
  12. I’m your favorite pumpkin patch princess
  13. Make sure to get plenty of sunshine during the fall. There are dark days ahead
  14. What’s your favorite Ann Drake quote about fall?
  15. My hopes rise during the fall.

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Pumpkin spice captions

If you think the perfect caption for your pumpkin spice Instagram post doesn’t exist, think again. These clever quotes indicate just how much of a joy it is to work with pumpkin spice. 

  1. I tasted a pumpkin spice latte the other day, and I am now enlightened 
  2. The only spice of life is pumpkin spice latte 
  3. That sweet chill of pumpkin spice is utterly unmatched
  4. Petition to change the name from fall to pumpkin spice season
  5. On my latest trip to my local café, a pumpkin spice latte made my day
  6. I change my breakfast order to pumpkin spice lattes are the very first hint of crispness 
  7. We need to build a statue for whoever came up with the concept of pumpkin spice
  8. What are your favorite meals to make with pumpkin spice?
  9. Did you know pumpkin spice doesn’t contain pumpkins at all?
  10. What on Earth were people putting in their pumpkin pie before pumpkin spice was invented?

Halloween pumpkin captions

Here’s a selection of some of the perfect pumpkin patch Instagram captions. This Halloween, make your social media pop by using these to embellish your spooky posts and photos.  

  1. Ah yes! It’s the spooky time of the year
  2. Watching Halloween, one of my favorite movies 
  3. What are you dressing up as on Halloween?
  4. Be Careful not to stay out too late on Halloween. There’s a horseman with a Jack O’Lantern head roaming the streets 
  5. A grinning Halloween pumpkin is way scarier than a frowning one
  6. Do you think Michael Myers loves pumpkin pie?
  7. Do kids love receiving pieces of pumpkin pie on Halloween?
  8. I know I did an excellent job on my Halloween pumpkins because they scare even me sometimes
  9. I hope my Halloween pumpkins don’t keep the trick-or-treaters away
  10. Nobody makes a meaner Halloween pumpkin than me

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Clever pumpkin carving captions

Some fall captions seem like they are trying too hard. But with these excellent pumpkin patch captions, your love for all things fall, mainly carving pumpkins, will be clear as day to all who visit your page and interact with your posts. 

  1. My hidden talent? I’m an excellent pumpkin carver
  2. The only thing I love about fall is carving pumpkins
  3. The fall season is the best time to let those pumpkins have it
  4. Hoping you guys have a jolly gourd time with your pumpkins this fall
  5. Here are some great pumpkin carving photos for you
  6. There’s no better way to spend your time during the fall than to carve pumpkins
  7. After carving a pumpkin, the next thing to do is to reward yourself with some pumpkin spice latte 
  8. Pumpkin carving is a skill that takes years to master
  9. Here’s my pumpkin carving attempt. How did I do?
  10. What are some of your favorite things to carve into a pumpkin besides faces?

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