Quarantine Journal Prompts For Children

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Writing is not just for school. Writing can help children express their thoughts and feelings. Let your kids write about their feelings during this lockdown. Use the quarantine journal prompts to help them reflect on this moment.

This fun quarantine journal prompts can help fire up their imagination and instill self-awareness.

It is also a good way to start a conversation at home about this whole situation and how everyone is coping mentally.

Here are some creative quarantine journal prompts :

  • What is the best thing about staying at home?
  • The first friend I will hug when this is all over.
  • List down things you miss the most since being stuck at home
  • How will you change your attitude towards school once this is over?
  • What would it be if I could do one thing before the lockdown started?
  • Quarantine has taught me…
  • If I were the leader of my country, how would I do things differently?
  • How would I conduct online classes differently if I were the class teacher?
  • List down things I won’t take for granted anymore.
  • Write about the good things that have happened to the world due to the virus
  • Write about the bad things that have happened to the world due to the virus
  • The first thing I will do once school re-opens
  • If there is one thing you would like to change about school rules, what would it be?
  • What would it be if you could see this moment as an opportunity?
  • Things you are happy you don’t have to do anymore.
  • Write one new skill you learned since the lockdown started
  • A new place you would like to travel to when this is over
  • If you can be a news presenter, how will you change the news delivery about the lockdown?
  • If you could be a Youtube star, what would you talk about in your channel right now?
  • How can you continue helping your family even when the lockdown is over?
  • The first thing I will do once this is all over
  • Things I wanted to do but got canceled……
  • The best thing about staying at home….
  • More creative quarantine journal prompts :

  • How has this changed my life?
  • Creative ways I use to entertain myself at home, besides TV
  • Draw how the world looks different after this pandemic
  • What do you like and dislike about online learning?
  • Do you think online learning should be implemented once a week in school?
  • Things I learn about loneliness during the lockdown
  • Things I will do differently once the lockdown is over?
  • Something I learn about health care workers during the pandemic?
  • Who are the real heroes during the pandemic?
  • How did you help someone during the pandemic?
  • The best/worst ways quarantine has affected my family?
  • TV shows I enjoyed watching when being on lockdown
  • If you can change something about the lockdown, what would it be?
  • If you could choose 2 people to be under lockdown for a month, who would it be?
  • Movies my family watched together during the lockdown
  • If you were the leader of your country, how would you change the delivery of the daily news update?

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  1. My 5th grader needs to work on adding details to his writing assignments and I was looking for something to work on with him outside of his school work. This will be perfect! Thank you!


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