Random Team Generator Tools: Create teams easily & quickly

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Random team generator tools enables you to arrange people into groups or partners.

It is a useful tool when you have a big group of people, such as in the classroom and need to organize them into smaller groups quickly.

Many of these tools are free to use.

The tools also are used when you are having a game night with friends and family and need groups organized equally.

Or it can be used for ice breaker events or team building activities at work.

Let’s go through each one of them.

Random team generator apps & sites:

1. Random Student Generator

This tool will easily group your students into groups.

You can split between 2 to 20 groups.

When using these tools, you will have to key in name of students. Then the tool will automatically divide them into groups.

It will be useful to have all your students name in an excel file, so you can copy and paste it into the tool when you need them divided into groups.

This will save you a lot of time rather than having to key in their name into a tool each time you need to split them.

2. Super teacher tool

This is another random team generator that has the same functionality as the one above.

To use the super teacher tool, you will need to create an account.

I am not a big fan of this tool because there are ads on the site and it feels a little clunky.

However, it is a free tool that will produce the same result.

Super teacher tool has other features as well that allows you to play games with your students like jeopardy online.

It is worth checking them out.

3. Class Dojo – Group Maker

Class Dojo is an app used by many schools that enables parents to get feedback on their children’s performance.

It is free to everyone to use.

One of the most useful tools in this app is the Group Maker feature.

As the name suggest, you can split your classroom into groups of 2 or more.

Don’t forget to check this out :

4. Random team generator by Flipquiz

This is a simple and very easy site to use.

Just key in the names of students or copy and paste it from your excel spread sheet and click the “Return” button.

The names will automatically be divided into groups depending on the number of groups you selected.

It does not require any sign ins and it is free to use.

Random team name generator

Here’s some random team name generator apps for IOS devices:

1. Team Shake

This app cost $1.99 to download. It is a simple and friendly app with high ratings on the app store.

The great thing about this app is that it can be integrated into Zoom online games. All you need to do is enter all the names of the students or players.

Shake the screen and choose the number of groups you need for the game.

The app will divide players into group and you can share with group members via Facebook or email.

You can create up to 65 teams using Team Shake.

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2. Chawazi Finger Chooser

This app is free to download. However, it works for as an interactive game.

This app works perfectly if you are looking to pair people up.

It has fun games integrated into the app. For example “Who will pay the bill?” or “who is in my team?”

Chwazi is a funny and interactive way to randomly select someone from a group of people, or sort teams and pairs. If the question is like “Who will pay the bill” or “Who’s in my team”, Chwazi can help you 🙂

3. Team Maker Lite

If you have a long list of people and do not want to enter their name into an app then this app will solve your problem.

It can generate teams automatically without the need of enterting name.

Instead of entering names, this random team generator tool requires you to line everyone up.

There is also the option to enter people’s names. You can store their name and even rate how good they are.

This is particularly useful for game nights when you are separating good players from the bad ones in order to create a balanced group.

Team maker lite is free to use. There is also the pro version which cost $1.99. Using this version you can email players before hand, send them images of their team members and many more.

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