Rebel Girls Boundless : The Digital Magazine Inspiring Kids

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When I heard about Rebel Girls, I immediately purchased the book even though my toddler is only 2 years old.

Rebel Girls is a collection of 100-bed time stories about the lives of 100 amazing women from the past and present.

The book is illustrated in a very friendly and fun manner. Most pages start with “Once Upon A Time…” A little like a fairy tale stories for kids except for all the stories are REAL.

Besides being bright, colorful and fun the book is inspirational.

My child will eventually grow out of sleeping beauty and cinderella. By that stage, I hope books like Rebel Girls will make her want to dream big.

Rebel Girls Digital Magazine

The magazine is divided into different categories:

  • Pioneers
  • Leaders
  • Warriors
  • Champions
  • Creators

Each section comes with profiles and stories from women around the world.

The best thing about the book and the magazine is the diversity it represents. There is also a podcast and videos to make the whole content come to life.

Rebel Girls Boundless was launched just middle of this year. There are a few stories under each category. But new content is being added consistently.

You can subscribe to their newsletter to get updates. However, I must warn you the only thing that puts me off from their site is the pop-up that keeps coming asking you to subscribe.

But despite that, I still browse through their site even as an adult every now and then when I need inspiration. This site is such a great addition to the book.

Initiatives like Rebel Girls Boundless make the internet fun, safe and inspiring for children.

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Why your kids should read Rebel Girls :

The stories encourage children to think big and follow their dreams. The aim of the stories is to inspire children to not let others dictate their life and their feelings.

With the pressure, children face from social media, school, and others,  books like this can help them believe in themselves and raise their self-confidence.

This book is not targeted for just girls. Even reading aloud to boys can help them understand about equality and the power of women.

What is really nice about Rebel Girls is that it reminds us of the amount of work women put in to gain respect. It is a gentle reminder for children that nothing comes easy in life but everything is achievable with determination.


Talking points to children after each story:

  • Did this story inspire you? Which part especially?
  • Have you heard about this woman before?
  • What obstacle did the woman face to get to her dreams? Would you have done the same thing?

Here is another way I instill positivity at home:

By using the Growth Mindset Activity made especially for children growing up in a tech environment.

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