Shoreline Map: The ultimate guide to Escape from Tarkov game

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The latest shoreline map from the game Escape from Tarkov will give you a lot of things to explore.  

The map  offers numerous opportunities for some fun adventures.

With great loot and plenty of spawning areas, this realistic shooter game will get you hooked for a long time.

This game fits those who love the genres of Shooter, Hardcore, and RPG.

Since it is based on a realistic concept, you have to be cautious while playing the game. There is no HUD relating to Health, Ammo, or Player position.

In this blog, we will guide you as to how you can escape from Tarkov.

Do keep in mind that the raids experience here lasts for more than an hour, hence it requires a great amount of concentration.

What is an Escape from Tarkov game?

The game was first released in 2016. It is a multiplayer shooter game that is set in Northwest Russia.

The game is about a war taking place between two military companies.

The purpose of the game is to loot and and survive the war or escape it.

Warning : The game is for 18 years and older

Shoreline Map is a huge area that is part of the game which is located on the outskirts of Tarakov.  

The map covers large open fields, cliffs, swamps, and a stretch of shoreline.

The west side is occupied with small villages whereas in the middle is the health resort.

For long-range combat, the big area provided in the map is great.

Part of the attraction is water, beaches, radio and radar tower. And based on the map you can figure out which areas you are targeting.  

You will experience multiple players rushing to reach the middle of the map. The aim is to be the first to reach the resort.

Escape from Tarkov Shoreline Map 2021:

For people excited about long and medium-range games, shoreline is extremely suitable for you. The resort is the main area of interest attracting players to loot and battle.

Overall, it is a very interesting game and there are too many things to experience and cover. With numerous open terrains and about 8 to 13 players along with multiple spawns.

Spawn points

Being the largest map in Escape from Tarkov, users get to experience numerous spawns widely spread around. It can be either on left or right, the game pushes the user to the opposite direction of the spawn location.

Point of references

You need to figure your position through references as there is no HUD map location system. The main reference point is hands down the beach location, as it is visible even though you are far from it.

  1. If you are near the shoreline, lighthouse, it means you are basically on the top left corner.
  2. For the top left corner, you will usually notice areas with a lot of run-down buildings
  3. When you notice a radio or radar tower, you are at the bottom right corner of the map. You can see these towers from a pretty decent distance too.
  4. For players who are hooked up to spawning the top parts of the map, the resort is the main point of reference. It is pretty clear to look at the resort from the distance.
  5. When you run into power lines or telephone lines, it will act as a great reference point, leading you to the power station.

Choke points

Not being a small map leads to lesser choke points. Still, a few points happen to have higher SCAV or player concentration

  1. Resorts indeed have multiple visitors due to the large loot option provided
  2. The main way to cross the river is the North River bridge.
  3. South River bridge, being the primary way to cross the river in the southern map portion.

Shoreline stash map

Shoreline key map:

There is an array of shoreline keys like weather station safe key, health resort warehouse safe key, the key to store safe. A gas station and cottage safe key, cottage back entrance, and SMW car key.

With that, there are health resort keys too like utility room key, resort management office key, and room 321 safe key.

The Health resorts:

The resort has 3 parts that is, east side, west wings in the front, and an admin wing in the back. The resort has 2 floors + basement with many rooms locked with security code. But there are a few rooms that are unlocked.

North Wing: Administration Building

Located in the centre of the shoreline map to the north of the power plant. It contains offices, storage room, basement, and even lounges for that matter.

For the basement, you get to experience Scav-only extraction point. You will certainly encounter many players here because it is open constantly which is due to the abundance of loot provided at the health resort.

West Wing:

It contains 3 floors with the first dedicated as office and second and third entirely being apartments.

Apartments are connected through Balconies and are available for loot.  

There are a variety of Blue and Red lab key cards.

East Wing:

It is somewhat similar to the west wing. Here most of the floors are apartments and even the loot table is identical to that of the west wing.

Power station

This is a chokepoint on the map with multiple spawns and PVP battles to enjoy. If you wish to experience a thriller fight, this place is a must to visit.

There are keys spawned here for the locked room which you can find. For the purpose of loot this place has a lot to offer.

According to your gaming style you can choose whether you wish to visit here to take the route by the gas station in the southern part.

Extraction points

You will usually see the extraction points located at the opposite side of the shoreline map, to where the player spawns.

Some of them are always available while there are other extremely important points which is accessible only if you find it first. Experience variable and permanent extraction points like:

West spawned players

It is a road to the custom which is accessible in the southern part of the map. Coastal road in the southern will enable you to land here. Follow the east side and find your exit.

East spawned player

It is basically a wrecked tunnel road. Follow the west road and find the tunnel. Once you find the road, you can find the extraction points too.

Potential Extraction

Boat and rock passages are available for one time extraction only. Rock passage is one of the great spot for extraction.

You have to be fast and quick to find the spot before any other player knows about it.

Scav Boss

Initially, there wasn’t much information about Scav boss, but now you have it all. The boss is usually found in the Janitor strolling around the port or pier area.

You can also find him in locked cottages or the east and west side of the health resort.

Scav boss carries a special janitor bag along with heavily armored guards and his equipment

How to stay alive in Tarkov?

  1. Do not turn down the volume as it is a vital part of your game. Enemies make noise before attacking and telegraphing their moves. To hear the audible signal and play.
  2. When you enter the building, don’t leave your trace by leaving the door open. Keep all doors closed so you don’t leave any loose ends for your opponents to figure out.
  3. Scavs indeed are Al faction in the game, they can be easier targets than any other character.
  4. MBSS backup is cheap but not good for holding many weapons. Consider choosing SCAV for backup over other options.
  5. While playing PMC, ensure your gear and stash it somewhere safe so other players won’t find it.

Where is the marked room in the shoreline?

There are marked spots in the map that resembles cultist circle, marked with symbol or candles.

  1. Custom: The 3rd-floor dorms, noted to be the most valuable ones which need a key to access
  2. On the shoreline, the marked room is on the 3rd floor, which is room 321 in the east one, can be accessed without a key
  3. Woods have a marked circle too, in the northeast of the lumber mill

How many tasks are there in Tarkov?

In this multiplayer first-person shooter video game, currently, there are about 202 quests to handle.


Overall, the shoreline map is a great game to play for medium and long-term battles. Considering the size of the map, you should be able to understand the map well.

For beginners players, it is best to get a thorough understanding of the map. But don’t panic as there are no constant or instant spawn fights that takes place.

Hopefully this guide has given you an understanding of the escape from Tarkov shoreline map game.

With the right use of raiding strategies, you will have a great time playing the game.

Some points may not be your point of interest, and those generally would not be worth the time or money.

If you enjoy playing dangerous games with lots of fighting, risks, this game is hands down meant for you.

As you play, you will understand that several rooms of the resorts are connected, and acquiring one key can help you access different rooms.

 Overall, it is an interesting game that keeps the user hooked in for a longer time.

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