Teach toddlers to code without a screen

I was browsing for a gift for a 5 year old ?. I wanted the gift to be fun, educational and of course reasonably priced.

Teaching kids coding concepts have become very important. However, being a noncoder myself I find that daunting and also coding toys are so expensive!

I came across Fisher Price Code-a-Pillar Coding Caterpillar. It is a caterpillar that teaches kids the basics of coding which is, sequencing and giving ‘robot’ instructions.

What I like about this toy:

✔️I like how fun and ‘easy’ it is to play. You arrange the different parts of the caterpillar to instruct its movement.

✔️ I saw online that kids build obstacles at home using pillows and boxes and then arrange the caterpillar to go around it. Thus encouraging them to be innovative with the things they have lying around their house.

✔️It is not just coding it teaches but also patience as many times kids will have to redo the movements.

✔️And of course encourages them to not give up until caterpillar reaches its end point.

The issue I see with this toy is :

❌ it requires a big space. I have tried it on hard floor and it works fine but am not sure how it works on a carpet.

❌It says it is appropriate for age 3–6 years old . I am not sure if a 3 year old would really understand the concept of the toy. This depends on each kid.

❌It is a little hard to estimate the distance the caterpillar would go.

❌The music is really loud. There is no way to make it soft unless you mute it.

You can watch the toy in action here :


It is priced at : 32 pound on Amazon. I think for its price it is very reasonable in comparison to other toys in the market.

Any other educational toys you would recommend for toddlers?

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