The latest Instagram challenge: Koala Challange, little bizarre but fun

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Whether its Kiki Challenge or the bird box challenge, it’s getting normal to see new social media challenges taking off every week.

The latest trend on Instagram right now is known as the “Koala Challenge”

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What is the Koala Challenge :

  • It is believed to have started on the beaches of Australia
  • It involves two people- one standing still and another climbs around their body as a koala would do on a tree.


The Koala Challenge on The Morning News


Why the Koala Challenge is fun :

  • If either party touches the ground, they lose the challenge
  • Fitness bloggers, beachgoers and personal trainers have participated in the challenge
  • Almost a challenge to prove how fit a person is.
  • It is not an easy challenge to do as it is very physically demanding
  • Encourages teens or kids to be physically active

This challenge is being done by partners. But you can always have fun with your kids and do this challenge with them.

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How to keep your kid’s safe when doing this challenge :

1. Do this challenge on a soft surface so your kids won’t get hurt in case they fall down. 

2. Do not upload this challenge on social media channels or Youtube without keeping your settings to be private and switching off comments. The recent scandal of Youtube bolstering child exploitation just highlights how your kid’s innocent videos can be time-stamped by predators online.

3. Ask your kid’s consent before sharing the  video online

4. Challenge your children to be physically active and stay fit to succeed at this challenge

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Previous popular social media challenges :

#birdbox challenge: A person is blindfolded and expected to navigate his surroundings. Inspired from the Netflix movie Birdbox. Netflix has discouraged viewers to do this challenge as it can be very dangerous,

#kikichallenge : People dancing to the song “In my Feelings” outside a moving car- Many safety warning against this challenge

#Invisiblechallenge : Family members scare their their kids or younger siblings by believing that they had become invisible. Please do not do this challenge. It can scare kids.

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